Rules & Houseguests

Hey, everyone! So, I started a challenge in The Sims 4 based on the Big Brother reality TV show. Basically, how it works is that I throw 8 Sims in one house, turn autonomy to full and watch mayhem unfold! I’m not allowed to control them in any way and I may only let them drink orange juice or tea when they become sick and I may direct them to start with the skill-related challenges. I’m not even allowed to save them from death!

Each week, I have to place a skill-related object in the house and at the end of the week, I have to check the skill progress on each Sim. The Sim with the highest skill, becomes Head of Household (HOH).  This Sim gets his/her own master bedroom that includes the grandest furniture and a personal bathroom. The Sim with the second highest skill, has the Power of Veto (POV). Both these Sims are safe from elimination. The HOH nominates two Sims for eviction – both of which have the lowest relationship with the HOH.

The POV Sim removes a nominee from eviction that has a higher relationship with him/her than the other nominee. The HOH then replaces the nominee with a higher relationship with the POV Sim with someone who has the third lowest relationship with them. This Sim may not be the POV Sim.  Then, each Sim votes for the Sim they want evicted. They vote for the Sim they have the lowest relationship with of the two nominees. The Sim with the most votes has to leave the house immediately and is eliminated from the competition.

If there is a tie, the HOH breaks it by choosing the Sim with the lowest relationship with them of the two. The same rules follow for the rest of the challenge, except the current HOH is not allowed to compete in the next challenge. They are automatically safe from eviction, until they get replaced by a new HOH. When they are replaced, they are allowed to compete again and may face eviction. When there are only four Sims left in the competition, there will be no POV Sim and the one Sim who isn’t nominated will decide who gets evicted. In the final three, the HOH decides who to evict.

In the final two, all of the evicted Sims will return to the house and will decide who wins by voting for the Sim they have the highest relationship with. If there’s a tie, I get to decide the winner. I will base my final vote on who has the most and highest overall skills, or perhaps the one who has the highest relationships. Maybe I’ll let my readers vote!

Meet the contestants:

Fletcher Barbosa


Age: Young Adult

Gender: Male

Traits: Glutton, Lazy & Slob

Aspiration: Master Chef


Corbin Causey


Age: Young Adult

Gender: Male

Traits: Creative, Dance Machine & Music Lover

Aspiration: Musical Genius


Micah Fitzpatrick


Age: Young Adult

Gender: Female

Traits: Bookworm, Geek & Genius

Aspiration: Renaissance Sim


Josef Heard

02-23-19_7-51-09 PM

Age: Young Adult

Gender: Male

Traits: Art Lover, Loves Outdoors & Perfectionist

Aspiration: Outdoor Enthusiast


Chad Conley

02-23-19_7-52-16 PM

Age: Young Adult

Gender: Male

Traits: Active, Bro & Self-Assured

Aspiration: Bodybuilder


Julianna Michaud

02-23-19_7-53-17 PM

Age: Young Adult

Gender: Female

Traits: Materialistic, Snob & Squeamish

Aspiration: Mansion Baron


Macie Weston

02-23-19_7-54-43 PM

Age: Young Adult

Gender: Female

Traits: Noncommittal, Outgoing & Romantic

Aspiration: Serial Romantic


Kara Beck

02-23-19_7-54-00 PM

Age: Young Adult

Gender: Female

Traits: Clumsy, Cheerful & Goofball

Aspiration: Friend of the World


When I made these Sims, I mostly kept their appearances and based their personalities from what they were wearing and how they looked like. For example, Julianna was wearing a lot of jewellery, so I made her a snob. Kara was wearing mismatched colourful clothes, so I made her a goofball. Josef reminded me of a gnome/hipster/hippie, so I made him an art and outdoors lover. I wanted them to be as diverse as possible!

This is going to be really interesting…