Week 1, Day 1


So, this is the house all the Sims will be staying in. It’s a weird, modern build that I created, but I tried to keep the inside a little more warm and homey. The room with the many single beds is where everyone will initially be staying in and the grand, luxurious room and en-suite is for the Head of Household (HOH), once they win competitions. I probably should’ve placed two bathrooms, like the blue one, so Sims don’t constantly walk in on each other, but it’s too late for that now! I placed easels on the outside and wanted Painting to be the first skill they will be competing in,  but after I realized that Sims will only autonomously paint after I’ve directed them to start with their first painting, I decided that Charisma will be the first skill. Painting is for the second week.


I made all the Sims get into the house after taking pictures for the memory wall and locked the front door.


I will change the filter of a Sim’s photo to black & white if they get eliminated.


Each of them were seated in the living room.


They all observed their surroundings and some of them looked like they gave each other the side eye, before I turned autonomy on.


The throne-like chairs Corbin and Macie are sitting on is where the HOH and POV Sim (Sim with the second highest skill after competitions) will be sitting during evictions at the end of each week.


Realizing they don’t have any computers, TVs or stereos, they all got out their phones and started browsing the web.

Macie broke the ice by introducing herself to Josef and they got to know each other.


Macie: “Hey, I’m Macie. I just LOVE your outfit, hair and beard!”

Josef: “You’re not too bad yourself…if you ever need company, I’m your guy.”


Kara and Corbin then began talking and soon everyone chatted up a storm.


Chad showed off his fitness abilities by doing push ups, while Julianna and Kara watched him. Kara seemed to like what she saw.


Micah: “Wow, it looks like every personality is represented in this house! It reminds me of the book I‘m currently reading, where a bunch of Sims from different walks of life are all trapped inside a haunted house and need to put their differences aside to escape together. Do you like books, Fletcher?”

Fletcher: “Nah, I’m more of a TV guy. Books are way too much work to read and they all get turned into TV series or movies anyway.”


Julianna: “What are your thoughts on this house? I’m certainly going to enjoy living here! I wonder what the Head of Household’s room looks like…


Micah headed to the bedroom to see where she’ll be staying for the next couple of weeks and started browsing “How to share a roof with Sims who are less intellectually gifted than you for 7 weeks”.


Josef and Julianna started debating over whether quality or quantity is better. Fletcher got tired from hearing everyone talking.


Chad and Macie headed to the kitchen and started whipping up meals for themselves.

02-23-19_10-58-46 PM

Macie broke a nail while cutting the tomatoes.


Corbin looked at his reflection in the bathroom mirror and wondered whether these other Sims could keep up with this much coolness.

02-23-19_11-00-43 PM

Julianna attempted some push ups, but gave up after two. Micah waited impatiently to use the bathroom.

02-23-19_11-01-05 PM

More Sims gathered in the kitchen and either grabbed meals from the fridge or cooked them themselves.


Kara: “What did the garden salad say to the grilled cheese sandwich? You’re so CHEEEEZZZYYYY!!!”


Julianna couldn’t deal with the dishes laying everywhere and carried them all to the dishwasher.


Kara hid under the covers after walking in on someone who was using the toilet.

Corbin and Micah geeked out while discussing their shared love of technology.


Corbin: “Technology is everything, am I right?! I don’t know how I’m going to survive these next few weeks without all my gadgets!”

Micah: “Absolutely! I’m already missing my games. Could you…please stop stepping on my toes?”

When it started getting late, Macie wondered whether she would be a little warmer with someone like Fletcher in bed when winter comes.


Macie: “Aren’t you just a grizzly, cuddly bear?”


Kara was exhausted from all the jokes she’s been telling the whole day and was the first to go to bed.


Julianna was pleased with the clean kitchen and thanked Josef for helping out.


Chad was good at working out, but even he could only do so many push ups before eventually passing out, so he went to bed.


Corbin also headed to bed, hoping he’ll see all the comforts of home in his dreams.


It looks like Micah is pinching Fletcher’s arm, but in reality she’s just really into the game she’s playing on her phone and Fletcher is waiting for his microwave meal to heat up. Julianna searched for tips to increase her chances of winning Sim Brother. She wondered whether she could actually buy this house and could already see the improvements she’d make to it.


Josef chose to take a nap on the sofa in the living room instead of sleeping in the bedroom. He liked being surrounded by that lovely framed picture of the contestants on the wall and the large windows still allowed him to experience nature in a way. The bedroom was a little too claustrophobic for his taste and this room felt warmer and more welcoming.

Julianna enthused about the huge library in her parents’ house and told Micah how she prefers books above the low quality shows on TV.


Julianna: “Books will always be superior over TV, right? All these shows are so terribly mediocre and this one is only good because I’M in it!”


Macie: “I just love the way you gobble up that meal. I can see you like eating things…”


Everyone went to bed, except Josef and Julianna. They stayed up all night talking about their shared interests and how they both put perfection into everything they do in their daily lives.


Julianna: “I know it’s soon and I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I really admire you, Josef…”