Monthly Simlit Short Story Challenge – July 2019 Submissions & Vote

Hey, everyone! Please read all the stories submitted for the Monthly SimLit Short Story Challenge and vote according to the instructions! Please vote for my story if it falls under your top 3 stories of the month. Thanks!


It is time to read and cast your votes.

You pick the challenge winners!

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Some very heartwarming stories in here this month! 

I loved seeing all the different takes on magic.


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Read the stories and then be sure to vote  (at the vote link) for your 3 choices in the Veterans category and 3 choices in the Novice category.

Please let your support base know about this … inform your twitter, FB Groups, pages, Instagram, Reddit, and Tumblr. 

All of the participants have worked hard so please be kind and read all of them.  

Let’s make this a blessing for all who submitted.  

Voting closes 7 August at midnight PST …

I will publish the winners on August 8th ❤ 

Good luck to all!

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July 2019 Simlit Short Story Challenge Submissions:


It’s Magic


Up to 800 max


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