Party At My Place

08-26-19_4-22-22 PM

“I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 22…”

Hello and welcome to Mr. Divan Lampright’s birthday, bachelor & farewell party! Yes, you heard that right. I’m your anonymous host for the evening and I’ll be filling you in on everything that goes down at the party of the year!

08-26-19_4-23-41 PM

The party is taking place at the beautiful Circular Hill Mansion in the bustling city of Del Sol Valley. The house has been generously given to us for the evening!

08-29-19_12-20-26 PM

If you need to take a break from the loud music and big crowd later in the evening (or avoid it completely), have a seat under the lovely circular gazebo and unwind with some cold, refreshing lemonade.

08-29-19_12-22-02 PM

You can also take a seat on the patio next to the kitchen and have a breathtaking view of the city. Or, take a dip in the hot tub down below!

08-29-19_12-24-24 PM

If you’re a huge movie fan, you can grab some popcorn and view the latest blockbuster film on the fullscreen, HD movie screen in the private cinema across from the party room! There’s also a gaming console for geeks who’d like to play video games instead – the host, a fellow geek, would love to join you!

08-26-19_4-25-58 PM

Before you enter the party room (semi-separated from the house), have your picture taken at the photo studio outside – you can pose with a friend or maybe the birthday boy (though he is a little camera shy)!

08-26-19_4-25-17 PM

The bouncer will ensure that only the Sims on the guest list get to enter and that the only “funny business” at the party will be the flower necklace around his neck…

08-27-19_5-05-57 PM

If you’re feeling generous, add a present to the (already huge) gift pile next to the door when you enter. Then, have a seat at one of the tables or one of the lounge chairs in the corner.

08-27-19_4-48-46 PM

…Or, sit at the bar and order your favourite drink! Fill your plate with delicious food from the buffet tables or coat some strawberries with chocolate from the Fountain of Mirth! Make sure that tummy (as well as your drinking glass) stays full! Save room for dessert, though…our caterers make a mean cake!

08-27-19_4-56-29 PM

You can also blow some bubbles at the bubble bar, sing some karaoke or play an instrument at the performer’s space to show off your talent!

08-27-19_11-39-30 AM

Our caterer, Cathy Tea, came in early to start preparing the food for the evening. She is taking a peek at the party room before finishing up in the kitchen.

“Oh, my! This punch seems a little bland…. something tart!” Cathy shouts. “Something with a little Vitamin C! Something that just might be mildly hallucinogenic for some individuals…”

08-27-19_11-40-57 AM

What’s that? Do I spy with my little eye Cathy adding a secret ingredient to the Fountain of Mirth? What could it be?

“Don’t worry,” Cathy says. “It’s just iced hibiscus tea! Though everything I said about it is true…”

09-02-19_7-40-24 PM

Later in the kitchen, Cathy seems to have finished the beautiful black and white birthday cake for Divan and is now adding the finishing touches.

“Black, white. Swirls, symmetry. Six candles, one for every four-year epoch,” Cathy explains. “I think this cake is perfect for our creative, talented, symmetry-loving birthday boy. Or, should I say, young man.”

09-02-19_8-10-03 PM

He Lends from the Bartenders Union, is mixing fresh iced tea for our guests. Holly and Merry Bright are also here to lend Cathy a helping hand and have prepared all the delicious food you see on the buffet tables.

09-02-19_8-14-44 PM

Things are heating up in the kitchen, as Cathy starts chopping up onions for the Pasta Primavera.

“Onions! Garlic! Can’t have enough!” Cathy shouts. “Chop in a minute! Chop in a second! Chop it up, chop-chop! Onions! Garlic! Can’t have enough!”

09-02-19_8-19-28 PM

Speaking of things heating up, Dani Swallows, our main bartender for the evening, wows us by swallowing fire and breathing it out again! Guess we know where their name comes from now!

09-02-19_8-21-41 PM

“Hi, Holly,” Divan greets as he hugs Holly. “So glad you could come and I appreciate you helping Cathy out tonight. I remember last time we saw each other, I was still a student at Hollidaysburg! Your cakes and pastries are legendary there, so I’m excited to taste your cooking tonight!”

09-02-19_8-22-18 PM

Looks like the guests are starting to arrive! Shadami Brewer seems to be first one to arrive and short on her heels is Doctor Charles Jeong-Espinosa! He seems really excited to be here!

09-02-19_8-22-31 PM

“So, you’re busy filming The Bachelor & Bachelorette: Sulani Style?” Divan asks Holly.

“Yes, things are quite interesting!” Holly replies. “You can already see who connects the most the bachelor and bachelorette and don’t even get me started on all the drama!”

“Well, guess I’ll be seeing you really soon again, as I’m the next bachelor after Levi!” Divan exclaims. “I hope I meet my special someone!”

“That’s so exciting!” Holly says. “You deserve someone special – you’re a great guy.”

09-02-19_8-24-05 PM

“Hey, Divan!” Holly calls. “Wanna hear a joke?”

“Sure,” Divan replies.

“Why are bachelors skinny and married guys fat?” Holly asks.

“Don’t know,” Divan answers.

“Bachelors go to the fridge, don’t see anything they like, and go to bed. Married guys go to bed, don’t see anything they like, and go to the fridge,” Holly jokes.

Divan laughs hysterically.

09-02-19_8-25-42 PM

Dani is now performing tricks with the nectar bottles, stacking them on top of each other without letting anything fall! Say, is that Salty Llama for me?

09-02-19_8-26-28 PM

More guests are arriving. From front to back, we can see Laura McGinnis, Mr. Constantine Bocker, Cherish Sparks and Lizzie Green making their way to the party!

09-02-19_8-28-48 PM

Why so mad, Mr. Bocker?

“I don’t like people,” he grumpily says. “I haven’t even left the house in months! I shouldn’t have come!”

09-02-19_8-32-30 PM

Cherish coats a strawberry with chocolate as Mr. Bocker watches her.

“She’s a fine looking gal…wouldn’t mind tasting those strawberry lips,” he thinks to himself.

09-02-19_8-32-42 PM

Shadami joins Holly at one of the tables and introduces herself. “Hey,” she greets. “I’m Shadami Brewer. Nice to meet you.”

“Hi,” Holly greets back. “My name is Holly Bright. The turquoise-haired girl standing over there like a statue is my twin sister, Merry. Nice to meet you, too.”

“I like your hair,” Shadami compliments. “Is that your natural hair colour?” she asks.

“Oh, thanks and yes,” Holly answers. “I like your hair, too. Looks like you’re rocking a DJ Melody-inspired look!” she says cheerfully.

09-02-19_8-33-33 PM

“Hey, Merry!” Holly calls. “Take a seat, will you?”

09-02-19_8-33-55 PM

“She’s not listening,” Holly smirks. Am I imagining things or do I spy Grayson Polaski glowing green like Holly’s hair? Mr. Bocker takes in all the aromas before he takes a bite of his almond macaroons.

09-02-19_8-34-06 PM

“Hey, there,” a cute, short-haired girl greets Dani. “I’m Averie. Could I get a Sweet & Spicy, please?”

“Sure thing,” Dani says and mixes her drink.

09-02-19_8-35-07 PM

What’s this? Laura grabs a plate of the Pasta Primavera from the fridge. It must have lured her all the way to the kitchen since the moment she arrived. Can’t blame her – it looks amazing!

09-02-19_8-37-40 PM

Our caterer, Cathy, enters the party room carrying the birthday cake, smiling to everyone she sees.

“What’s not to smile about?” Cathy thinks. “Looks like the party is going swimmingly! Everything Divan deserves! Friends, acquaintances, new friends, good conversation….”

09-02-19_8-39-10 PM

“Hey, everyone!” Divan calls. “This cake isn’t going to eat itself and it can only be eaten when the candles are blown!”

“I hope they like the cake,” Cathy says. “Do you think they get the significance of the layers and the swirls, Divan?”

“I think most of them just want to taste it, though some might pay closer attention to the details,” Divan replies. “I absolutely love the thought you put into everything, though, and it’s exactly what I wanted – plus more!”

09-02-19_8-40-18 PM

He stands up and thinks of a wish before blowing the candles. “Mmm…what to wish for…what to wish for…” he mumbles.

09-02-19_8-41-00 PM

As Cathy walks behind him, it suddenly hits him. “Oh, I know!” he shouts and silently makes his wish. Charlie’s wife, Jo, starts singing Happy Birthday from the top of her lungs as the rest of the guests look into Divan’s direction.

“I think I know what he wished,” Cathy hums, “certain bachelor-something-coming-up, lalala, not saying a word!”

09-02-19_8-41-36 PM

“Happy birthday, Divan!” He shouts and throws some confetti. Mr. Bocker and Averie stand up from the bar, taking their drinks with them.

09-02-19_8-42-01 PM

Jo laughs as Divan struggles to blow out the candles and Cathy smiles from the corner.

“Did you see that stack of presents?” Cathy asks. “This is one birthday to remember!”

“The most I’ve ever received!” Divan replies and tries to blow the candles again.

09-02-19_8-42-26 PM

Everyone starts cheering Divan on and make a lot of noise.

09-02-19_8-43-06 PM

Cathy throws some confetti while Shadami starts singing loudly with her plate of food still in her hand.

“Keep blowing, Divan!” Cathy encourages. “Honest! I didn’t use trick candles! Cross my heart!”

Divan laughs and continues to attempt blowing the candles out.

09-02-19_8-59-06 PM

Merry starts blowing a party horn and yells “Divan! Blow like this!!!”

09-02-19_8-59-21 PM

Grayson blows even harder and yells “No, blow like this!!!” Charlie and Lizzie throw their fists in the air and scream “Go, Divan!”

09-02-19_9-00-01 PM

Averie steals the spotlight with her off-tune singing and Mr. Bocker even does a little dance!

09-02-19_9-00-47 PM

Charlie shoots lots of confetti from a confetti cannon, while Lizzie tries to catch some.

09-02-19_9-03-02 PM

The candles are finally blown and everyone starts settling down, taking slices of the birthday cake. Unfortunately, there’s not enough for everyone, so some guests just stand around awkwardly.

09-02-19_9-03-33 PM

Lizzie, Averie, He and Grayson were some of the lucky few who managed to get a slice of cake.

09-02-19_9-03-53 PM

Luka Fyres, Grayson’s boyfriend, bursts in with a plate of Pasta Primavera he grabbed from the kitchen.

“This must be the best cake I’ve ever tasted!” Grayson exclaims.

“Couldn’t agree more,” Lizzie replies.

09-02-19_9-04-38 PM

Divan, Merry and Mr. Bocker taunt Cathy and Holly by eating cake in front of them. Holly and Cathy just smile awkwardly and try to look away.

09-02-19_9-05-26 PM

“Hey, beautiful,” Mr. Bocker compliments Dani. “Could I please get your signature? Pretty please?”

“Sure, handsome,” Dani replies and hands it to him.

09-02-19_9-05-52 PM

“Oh, this is the best day of my life!” Mr. Bocker screams and holds Dani’s signature close to his heart. “I will cherish this moment for the rest of my days!”

09-02-19_9-06-21 PM

“Say, for a chocolate fountain, you sure look red!” Mr. Bocker says to the fountain. “Are you sure you’re not actually a blood fountain?”

09-02-19_9-06-28 PM

“Why are you so quiet?” Laura asks Jo as she passes her. “Oh, I don’t know,” Jo replies. “Guess I just had an off day.” He can be seen carrying a huge pile of dishes to the kitchen. The butler mysteriously disappeared.

“Where did you get that from?” Grayson asks Luka and points to his plate. “Oh, from the kitchen,” Luka replies. “I saw some Sims taking it from the fridge and I just couldn’t help myself!”

09-02-19_9-09-48 PM

Divan, Lizzie, Shadami, Cherish and Charlie start dancing to DJ Melody’s mix. Mr. Bocker and Averie seem to have left their drinks right on the dance floor.

09-02-19_9-10-41 PM

Soon, more guests head to the dance floor. Laura changed clothes and put on a red dress to get all eyes on her.

09-02-19_9-13-57 PM

Holly starts moving her hips while everyone watches and even Dani busts some moves!

09-02-19_9-14-09 PM

Look at Dani the Dance Machine go!

09-02-19_9-14-28 PM

“So, are you glad you came to the party?” Grayson asks Luka. “Absolutely, babe,” Luka replies. “I enjoyed the food the most!”

“Me, too,” Grayson says. “I wonder what my mom is up to, though.”

09-02-19_9-14-59 PM

Jasper, Charlie and Jo’s son, who took a break from creating memes on Divan’s computer, headed to the party room to take his dad’s empty plate to the dishwasher.

“This will show Father Winter! I’m gonna get showered with gifts this year! Oh, that just gave me an idea for my next meme!” Jasper thinks to himself.

09-02-19_9-15-29 PM

Jo looks on proudly and thinks “This is definitely getting posted on Jumping Jasper!

09-02-19_9-18-25 PM

Time for the birthday boy to open his gifts! Divan picks up a small blue box with white stars from the gift pile.

09-02-19_9-18-46 PM

A bright flash of light comes out of the box as he opens it. Charlie and Jo gave Divan a plumbob-shaped light. “A practical gift I can use everyday,” Divan remarks. “Thank you, Charlie and Jo!”

09-02-19_9-20-08 PM

Divan pulls a face as he picks up the next gift box. “This almost smells like fish and bleach,” Divan says, disgusted.

09-02-19_9-20-19 PM

He opens the box and a letter reads:

Dear Divan

I was too busy to attend your party – being a world-famous celebrity and all. I hope you’re not mad. Here’s a wolf eel and some champagne – I thought you’d like it!

Don’t let the eel hurt you and make sure everyone gets a glass of champagne!

Lana Thorn

Divan is furious. This is absolutely NOT champagne and why would someone give him an eel?

“Well, at least we noticed it’s not champagne,” Holly sighs.

“Could’ve been a whole lot worse,” Charlie remarks. “If any of us consumed enough of Lana’s “champagne”, they’d be left with a damaged stomach and esophagus. To deal with that, you may have to undergo two surgical procedures known as an esophagectomy and colon interposition, ” he explains.

“During these, the stomach and part of the esophagus are removed and replaced with your small intestine, so you will be able to digest food. Since you’d lack a stomach for the rest of your life, you couldn’t swallow solid foods anymore. Instead, they’d have to be ground up or liquefied first to make it easier on your remaining digestive tract.”

“Very insightful, Charlie. Are you a doctor?” Divan asks.

“Yes,” Charlie replies. “One of the best known doctors, as a matter of fact. Luckily I’m here if someone might have needed medical attention.”

09-02-19_9-20-39 PM

Divan can’t get over this, though. “Ugh…that Lana Thorn! I always thought she was a horrible, despicable, poor excuse for a Sim and today she just proved it! I’m just glad she didn’t come tonight – even I have my limits, before totally losing it.”

09-02-19_9-21-00 PM

“I think I know how to cheer you up, young man,” Mr. Bocker says. “I have an old dresser I don’t need anymore and I’m giving it to you. It should be delivered to you in a few days.”

“Thank you so much, Mr. Bocker,” Divan says. “That actually does cheer me up. Soon, I’ll live on my own with barely any furniture whatsoever, so this was really thoughtful of you.”

“My pleasure,” Mr. Bocker says. “Are you hiding from me, Dani?” he asks.

“No, silly,” Dani replies. “I just happened to stand over here.”

09-02-19_9-22-15 PM

Divan received several other gifts, including a signed copy of Lizzie’s latest book, a book of recipes from the Bright sisters, an Ode to Jazz 2: “Goldentips” painting from Cherish and another hand-made painting from Laura. He also found Jasper’s gift on his computer later – a poorly MS-painted picture of Divan inserted in a party-appropriate meme.

Suddenly Divan’s phone rings. “Hello?” Divan answers. “Hello, son”, his mom greets. “We hope you’re enjoying your party.”

“Thank you, Mom,” Divan says. “I had a blast, despite the fact that someone tried to murder me and everyone here.”

09-02-19_9-22-35 PM

“You wanna fight me?” Mr. Bocker challenges Dani.

09-02-19_9-23-02 PM

“Fine, I’ll stop bothering you,” he sighs when Dani doesn’t reply.

09-02-19_9-25-12 PM

Everyone starts saying their goodbyes after Divan finished speaking to his mom over the phone.

“Goodbye, everyone!” Divan says and waves his hand. “I really appreciate each and every one of you for attending my party and thank you for all the fantastic gifts! I’d also like to give a special thanks to our caterers and dear friends of mine; Cathy, Holly and Merry, for all the amazing meals they’ve prepared today! Thank you to the spectacular Bartender’s Union for mixing our drinks for the evening! I really hope you all had a great time and hopefully you’ll leave here with some fond, everlasting memories!”

09-02-19_9-26-28 PM

The guests start leaving in an orderly fashion, with Laura at the front and Mr. Bocker at the back.

09-02-19_9-27-10 PM

09-02-19_9-28-06 PM

“This was such an epic party,” Meagan Polaski, Grayson’s mother, says. “I hope we catch each other again some time!”

09-02-19_9-29-20 PM

Mr. Bocker returned, not quite ready to leave yet.

“Goodbye, Dani,” he says sadly. “It was so lovely to finally meet you.”

09-02-19_9-30-16 PM

“Who says this is goodbye?” Dani asks. “Who knows? I might be right around the corner!”

09-02-19_9-31-34 PM

“You guys are so cute together!” Shadami exclaims. “I hope you two meet up some time.”

“You really think so?” Dani asks.

“Totally!” Shadami replies.

09-02-19_9-31-43 PM

“I think fate has brought us here, Dani,” Mr. Bocker says. “While there are many fish in the sea, you’re the only one for me.”

“Aw…you are just the sweetest!” Dani compliments.

09-02-19_9-32-23 PM

“I don’t regret coming here now,” Mr. Bocker thinks. “Maybe I won’t die alone, after all.”

09-02-19_9-33-22 PM

“That old man may be crazy,” Shadami says to Dani. “But you’d be crazy not to give him a chance.”

“Well, that went well, I think,” Cathy muttered to herself. “Cake–check. Pasta primavera–check. Specially infused herbal-tea-punch–check. Avoiding poisonous non-champagne? Check! Possible romances with unlikely suspects? Check. Birthday wishes coming true? Probably yes. Check. Good party all around!”

09-02-19_9-34-00 PM

“Now this, I call a party,” Shadami thinks as she leaves the mansion. “I’m glad I left the girls with Daddy tonight!”

That was it, folks! Thank you to everyone who came tonight and we hope it was one for the books!

Before we go, here’s some hidden footage of the night before the party we managed to capture:

09-03-19_12-04-48 AM

The night before the party, Lana Thorn bribed the bouncer of Circular Hill Mansion to sneak her “gift” – a wolf eel and a champagne bottle filled with bleach, into the party room and add it to the gift pile.

“Hey, Tattoos!” she called. “Hello, Miss Thorne,” the bouncer greeted. “Are you here to see Mr. Lampright? I’m afraid he’s asleep.”

“No, you dimwit,” Lana replied. “I am here to offer you a lot of Simoleons in exchange for a favour.”

“I see,” the bouncer said. “So how much are we talking?”

“1K,” Lana answered and handed the money to the bouncer. “You are going to sneak a champagne bottle and wolf eel into the party. The twist is that the champagne bottle is filled with bleach. I’m going to kill all those wannabes at the party.”

09-03-19_12-05-12 AM

“That can be arranged,” the bouncer replies. “Thank you,” she said and dropped a note on the floor.

“DON’T DROP MY PRECIOUS, HARD-EARNED MONEY, YOU WORTHLESS IDIOT!!!” Lana yelled. “I might just have to force you put that eel in your ugly mouth while you swallow that bleach instead…”

“No, please…I…I’m sorry,” the bouncer said and nervously picked up the fallen note.

“And if you were smart, which you are obviously not, you would disappear after sneaking in my gift,” Lana said. “Driver!” she called. “Hand that nerd’s present to the bouncer.”

The cab driver handed the gift to the bouncer as Lana walked to the back of the house.

09-03-19_12-22-31 AM

“Ah…would you look at that view? Nearly as beautiful as I am,” Lana thought to herself. “I don’t feel like hanging out with a bunch of nobodies for an entire evening. They are not worth being in my presence and they could steal my limelight! In a few days, they will all be in their graves and forgotten. I OWN this city and soon the whole world will know that…”

Author’s Notes: Thank you for reading. I held a party in The Sims 4 to celebrate both my birthday and The Sims 4’s 5th anniversary! I invited everyone on The Sims forums and several awesome people sent their Sims over!

A special thank you to Cathy Tea, who wrote her SimSelf’s lines for this story (and for the generous compliments)! Also, thank you to Dolly Llama, who gave some insight into her characters’ behaviour during the party.

At first, I played a test save and the party was a total disaster. Kitchen counters were moved to the family inventory because of some mod I had, so Cathy couldn’t make meals and uncussessfully tried to cook the whole night long. The party room couldn’t be accessed, because a wall blocked Sims from entering. The bar in the party room was placed wrong, so the mixologists couldn’t tend it. DJ Melody and the butler disappeared (the butler disappeared the second time as well, but He Lends autonomously took over his role), etc. The funny thing is that Melody disappeared right after He became flirty and was attracted to her.

The second attempt went great! The party earned a gold medal and everyone had a great time! I apologize if your Sims only appeared in a few shots, because I had trouble keeping up with everyone. Here are some points worth mentioning:

* Meagan showed up near the end and can only be seen a few times – I believe she ate the Pasta Primavera Cathy made, while watching cooking shows in the living room.
* I had Cassie Francis tend the bar in the cinema and forgot to take a screenshot – nobody went to the cinema, so I regret sending her there and not to the party room. She did show up at the end, but just stood around smiling.
* Jasper, Charlie and Jo’s son, was seen once carrying a plate to the kitchen as his mom proudly looked on – I believe he took one of his parent’s empty plates and the rest of the time, he was on the laptop in the kitchen.
* Lana didn’t actually show up to the party (though I made sure I invited her), so I totally made up her parts based on what Gordy said she would do. I felt too bad not to include her. It probably worked out better this way, because in the first playthrough, she was on her best behaviour – just sitting down and eating her food, which didn’t really fit her character.
* Charlie and Jo seemed to avoid each other the whole evening, although in the first playthrough, Charlie kissed Jo’s cheek, so I don’t think there are relationship problems – maybe they just wanted to get to know everyone else? Dolly did mention that they have a complicated relaionship with Charlie often leaving the house unannounced to go fishing in Forgotten Grotto. Charlie didn’t seem like a loner here, though – he was the life of the party! Jo seemed more like the loner here and mostly sat on her own.
* Constantine Bocker – Oh, I love this Sim! He arrived at the party angry and instantly fell in love with Dani when he saw them! He actually went back to the party just to talk to them and left with a big smile on his goofy face! That warmed my heart. After 70 years, he may have just found his soulmate!
* My SimSelf really got along with Holly and became good friends with her at the end of the party. It was actually Lizzie who called him, even though she was standing right there in the room. I decided it would make more sense for his mom to be the caller.
* Everyone loved Cathy’s cake and some even disappeared to the kitchen to grab the Pasta Primavera she made for the party goals from the fridge (I didn’t think they’d need to eat it, as there was a lot of food on the buffet tables)!


The lot I used was Circular Hill Mansion created by legendary builder, KateEmerald from the Gallery. I just made a few modifications to make it more usable and fun for the party.

Thank you to the following Simmers for submitting their wonderful Sims, some of whom appear in their SimLit:

@Pinmat135 – Meagan Polaski, Grayson Polaski & Luka Fyres. These Sims don’t appear in another story, but check out Pinmat135’s SimLit blog here: Pinmat135’s SimStories
@TheAemaSimming – Laura McGinnis & Averie Ryan, from McGinnis Legacy
@AdamsEve1231 – Lizzie Green, Holly Bright & Merry Bright, from Livin’ A Simmin’ Life, Home For the Holidays and Bachelor & Bachelorette: Sulani Style
@Gordy – Lana Thorn, from The Worst, Most Despicable Sim to Have Ever Lived, Ever 
@Elenadewy – Constantine Bocker
@VanPelt81 – Cassie Francis, He Lends & Dani Swallows
@Shadami – Shadami Brewer, from SimSelves On An Adventure
@CathyTea – Cathy Tea, from Spectrum
@SoulGal7 – Cherish Sparks, who doesn’t appear in another story, but check out SoulGal’s blog: Stories from the Soul|Sims 4 Challenges by SoulGal7
@Dollyllama108 – Charles, Josephine & Jasper Jeong-Espinosa, from Catastrophe Theory

Charlie’s explanation of the effects from consuming bleach, can be found here:
Here’s What Would Happen if You Swallowed Bleach