Day 1, Part 1: Meeting the Contestants

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Hello and welcome to The Geeky Bachelor! I’m your anonynous host and I’ll be filling in on everything that goes down around here! On this show, our bachelor, Divan Lampright, will meet 7 beautiful ladies and end up engaged with one of them. Who will that be? Only time will tell!

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Today, Divan will meet the ladies and is already standing on the front porch, awaiting their arrival. We are here in the beautiful mansion in the glamorous city of Del Sol Valley, where our bachelor and the ladies will stay during the first week. Let’s have a tour of the mansion! We won’t get to every room of the house, though.

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The front porch of the house includes a relaxation area, where you can choose to swim, medidate or just lay back on the lounge chair, listening to your favourite tunes.

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When you enter the house, you’ll see a dining area, with enough seats at the table for everyone. There’s also knight statues, guarding the house and symbolyzing the future of the winning contestant with our bachelor.

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Next to the dining area is a living area, where you can watch TV, play video games or sing some karaoke! Here, the Christmas trees are up all year ’round!

09-12-19_10-18-24 AM09-12-19_10-18-01 AM09-12-19_10-18-44 AM

Across from the dining area, is the kitchen, where the butler will whip up delicious meals each day. You’re welcome to help yourself to coffee, tea, ice-cream, popcorn or anything that tickles your fancy!

09-12-19_10-21-28 AM

At the right of the dining area, there’s workout room for ladies who like working out and staying in shape!

09-12-19_10-20-43 AM

There’s also a sauna room if you’d like things to get a little steamy…

09-12-19_10-30-04 AM09-12-19_10-30-38 AM

There’s also a hobby room if you’d like to play a game of chess or carve a wooden gift for the bachelor. You can also play some instruments or get your geek on with Blickblock!

09-13-19_4-28-36 PM

At the back of the house is a romantic spot where you can sit back with the bachelor, while having a stunning view of the city.

09-13-19_4-30-11 PM

On the second floor patio, you can cook something on the barbecue grill, play Don’t Wake the Llama!, watch a little TV or blow some bubbles!

09-12-19_10-26-09 AM

You can also order your favourite drink at the bar!

09-12-19_10-23-56 AM09-12-19_10-24-15 AM

Here’s the Geek Room, where you can play video games on the PC, mix your own tracks or play some arcade games!

09-12-19_10-22-49 AM

There’s also a party room, where you can boogie with the bachelor or even be the DJ if you want!

09-12-19_10-08-13 AM09-12-19_10-13-18 AM

Each third day, the lady with the highest relationship with our bachelor will stay in her own room, fit for a queen. She can watch or play something on the HD TV, play PC games or even write a love letter to the bachelor! For the next three days, she will also be dressed by celebrity stylist, Izzy Fabulous!

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She also has her own balcony, where she can receive a facial, footrub or handrub while sipping on an ice cold drink! She can even do some painting or receive a deep tissue massage!

09-29-19_1-57-45 PM09-29-19_1-57-23 PM

She also has her own bathroom with the most expensive plumbing, which is literally made out of gold! She can even watch TV while taking a bath!

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Let’s head down to the basement, where the ladies will be staying most of the time. In the area between the rooms is a hot tub and some lounge chairs for ladies to just chillax and have fun.

09-09-19_11-11-00 AM

Here is the room where the first four ladies will be staying. There’s a TV in the room, a Lin-Z smart speaker and some closets. Ladies, unfortunately, you’ll have to share closet space with each other!

09-09-19_1-17-32 PM09-09-19_1-18-47 PM

Here’s the other room, where the last three ladies will be staying. It includes the same amenities as the other room, but it looks a little different and there’s a few mirrors to help ladies get ready each day.

09-12-19_12-56-22 PM09-12-19_12-56-43 PM

There are two bathrooms that have to be shared between the ladies, which include a toilet, bathtub/shower, basin, washing machine and tumble dryer. The butler will do the laundry, but you’re welcome to do it yourself if you prefer to do so.

09-12-19_1-15-18 PM

There’s also a doggie room, where the ladies’ furry companions can rest, play and eat all day long! There’s also a vet station in the case of an emergency.

09-12-19_10-31-11 AM09-12-19_10-31-49 AM

On the top floor is the bachelor’s private quarters. He has his own room with a double bed for sweet dreams of the ladies and even a gaming mat!

09-12-19_10-32-41 AM

He has his own living area, where he can watch TV, play video games or listen to music.

09-13-19_4-30-29 PM

He also has his own balcony, where he can paint the ladies or just sit back and relax with a cold, refreshing drink. A lot of decisions will be made here.

09-13-19_4-32-54 PM

Speaking of decisions, here is the area where rose ceremonies will take place every third day. The question remains, who will receive the final rose?

09-20-19_8-01-58 PM

Look at this handsome little fella! This is Divan’s pet and partner in crime, D.J.

09-20-19_8-29-40 PM

“I’m so excited to meet everyone!” Divan exclaims. “I hope they like me and hopefully I can connect with them! It’s crazy to think I’m meeting my future wife right here and now!”

09-20-19_8-28-12 PM

The first lady to arrive at the mansion is Jessica Johnson, a computer programmer from Willow Creek and her dog, Alaska. Jessica claims that she loves her dog more than anything, except for Blickblock! Are these two dog-loving geeks meant to be? Let’s find out!

09-20-19_8-32-06 PM

“Do I hear someone behind me?” Divan asks as she sits on a lounge chair, awaiting the first lady.

09-20-19_8-34-52 PM

“Uh…hi, there,” Jessica greets shyly.

“Hello, I’m Divan,” Divan greets. What is your name, cutie?”

“Er…thanks,” Jessica replies. “Oh, right…I’m Jessica. Nice to meet you, Divan.”

“Nice to meet you, too,” Divan says. “Tell me, Jessica, where are you from?”

09-20-19_8-35-45 PM

“I grew up in a now abandoned warehouse in the Arts Quarter of San Myshuno, but I currently live in Willow Creek,” Jessica replies.

“The Arts Quarter, huh?” Divan asks. “I love art! You must have learnt a lot from all the different cultures there by observing their art, of course.”

“Oh, yes!” Jessica replies. “In fact, I’ve prepared a little song for you, if you’d like to hear it.”

“Please!” Divan replies.

09-20-19_8-37-25 PM

Jessica starts singing a ballad from a different language.

“That was beautiful,” Divan compliments.

“Thanks,” Jessica replies. “It’s a Japanese love song called My True Love.”

09-20-19_8-37-43 PM

Divan takes out a party horn and blows it. “That’s my signal to get this party started!” he shouts. “We’ll speak soon, gorgeous.”

09-20-19_8-42-54 PM

“Wow…he actually likes me!” Jessica says as she walks away. “And he complimented my singing – that makes me feel so confident!”

09-20-19_8-52-24 PM

The next lady to meet our bachelor is Nikki Valentine, an entertainer from Del Sol Valley. Nikki, like Divan, loves dogs and had a pink poodle named Fifi once. Will she capture the heart of Divan and his pup, D.J.?

09-20-19_8-56-30 PM

“Hello, handsome,” Nikki greets. “I’m Nikki Valentine – you probably heard about me. I’m quite famous around here.”

“Hello, Nikki,” Divan greets. “I have heard about you – I’m a huge fan! Will you be my Valentine?”

09-20-19_8-57-21 PM

Nikki chuckles. “Good one! I will be your Valentine, forever if you want,” she replies. “But first, you have to win my heart!” she teases and walks away.

09-20-19_8-58-07 PM

“Nothing wrong with playing a little hard to get,” she says as she heads inside.

09-20-19_9-16-49 PM

“Wow, I can’t believe a woman that beautiful and famous is interested in me,” Divan says confidently.

09-20-19_9-16-35 PM

“I hope my strategy works,” Nikki says. “I feel quite confident about it, actually.”

09-20-19_9-15-28 PM

The third lady to meet our bachelor is Gemma Smiley, a webtoon writer from San Myshuno, and her dog, Pixel.

“You know, I actually feel ready for this!” Gemma says. “I’m just going to work my magic and hopefully it works!”

09-20-19_9-18-13 PM

Divan being the classic geek that he is, headed inside to have a look at the gaming mat. Gemma struts in confidently and smiles.

09-20-19_9-23-43 PM

“You look…breathtaking,” he compliments. “I love that dress!”

“Thank you,” Gemma replies. “I had a feeling pink was the colour to wear today and I guess I was right – we match!”

09-20-19_9-23-22 PM

“The colour of love,” Divan replies. “So where does a stunning lady such as yourself come from?” Divan asks.

“I come from the city – San Myshuno, that is,” she replies. “I’m what you consider a certified geek – I love anime, mangas and k-dramas! I’m currently writing a webtoon for fun, but I hope to be a 3D animator some day.”

09-20-19_9-21-50 PM

“What about you?” she asks.

“Well, I grew up in Newcrest, actually,” Divan replies. “But I wanted a new start – away from the high expectations of my family and all the pressure. I want to design a video game one day and build my own legacy. That is the only journey I don’t want to endure alone.”

“Wow…looks like we have a lot in common!” Gemma exclaims. “I think we’d make the perfect team!”

09-20-19_9-25-06 PM

“I completely agree!” Divan replies. “I know it’s soon, but I can already envision us together. That’s why I’m offering you the first impression rose. Will you accept?”

“Of course I will!” Gemma excitedly replies as she takes the rose. “I feel like I’m the luckiest girl in the world right now!”

09-20-19_9-25-36 PM

“Thank you for the rose,” Gemma says. “I can’t wait to sink my claws into you. Rawr!”

09-20-19_9-29-18 PM

“You might have a new mommy soon, boy!” Divan says when D.J. runs to him later. “Are you excited?”

09-20-19_9-28-33 PM

“Woah…I can’t believe that just happened,” Gemma says. “I’ve never been this forward with anyone before, but I’m glad it went so well!”

09-20-19_10-14-29 PM

The fourth lady to meet our bachelor is Lila Kaplan, an aspiring musician from Brindleton Bay and her dog, Cairo. She dreams of being discovered by a big recording label and becoming famous for her music. Lila hopes to find someone to support and appreciate her. Will Divan be that someone?

09-20-19_10-15-49 PM

“Hello,” Divan greets. I’m Divan and you are stunning!”

“Hi and thank you,” Lila replies. “My name is Lila and I’m from Brindleton Bay. I hope to become a famous musician one day.”

09-20-19_10-17-09 PM

“Oh, really?” Divan asks. “I’d like to sing something for you and you have to tell me what you think, but be honest.”

09-20-19_10-17-44 PM

Divan serenades Lila with Pretty Woman.

09-20-19_10-18-28 PM

“Wow! That was quite good, actually!” Lila exclaims and claps her hands. “Your pitch could use some work, but I’d be happy to help you with that. Otherwise, it was really lovely.”

09-20-19_10-19-29 PM

09-20-19_10-18-59 PM

Divan practices his singing with Lila’s help and actually hits a high note. “See, that’s already so much better!” Lila says.

09-20-19_10-23-41 PM

Suddenly, they’re interrupted by Nikki. “Yes, Nikki? Is something wrong?” Divan asks.

09-20-19_10-23-02 PM

“I’d just like to apologize about earlier,” Nikki says. “I left without us getting to know each other a little better. I hope that didn’t ruin my chances.”

“Of course not,” Divan replies. “There’s plenty of time to chat. Ladies, if you’d please excuse me – I need to use the bathroom.”

09-20-19_10-25-42 PM

“Lemme give you some friendly advice,” Lila says to Nikki when Divan’s away. “Girl, it’s considered rude to interrupt someone’s conversation. You’re not only wasting my time, but you’re also making yourself look bad.”

“Or, I’m diverting his attention and getting him to notice me,” Nikki replies.

09-20-19_10-27-39 PM

“Ladies, ladies…please, don’t argue this soon already!” Divan cries when he returns. “We’ll all talk more later – it’s still early days.”

“Of course,” Lila replies. “No hard feelings, Nikki – just remember what I said.”

09-20-19_10-49-32 PM

The next lady to meet our bachelor is Nancy Elliot, an artist from Willow Creek, and her pup, Daisy. Being a hopeless romantic but never really finding anyone she clicks with, she dreams of finding the one and having a wonderful life with them. Maybe Nancy will steal the heart of the geeky bachelor, who knows?

09-20-19_10-52-52 PM

“Hello,” Divan and Nancy greet simultaneously, waving at each other, as the other two ladies leave.

“Please, tell me about yourself,” Divan says.

09-20-19_10-53-24 PM

“Okay,” Nancy replies. “My name is Nancy and I love everything to do with art. I feel it is a great way to express my feelings and creativity. I hope that some day I become known for my paintings, maybe others will see the beauty in the art work like I do.”

“Oh, really?” Divan asks. “I love art, too. I’ve always been good at sketching, or so others tell me, though I’ve only painted a few times.”

09-20-19_10-54-23 PM

“Wanna hear some interesting facts about the Mona Lisa?” he asks.

“I’d love to,” Nancy says.

“If you look closely at the subject’s left elbow, you might notice the damage done by Ugo Ungaza Villegas, a Bolivian who chucked a rock at the portrait in 1956,” Divan begins. “A few months before, another art attacker pitched acid at the painting, which hit the lower section. These attacks inspired the bulletproof glass, which in 2009 successfully rebuffed a ceramic mug hurled by an enraged Russian woman who’d been denied French citizenship.”

09-20-19_10-57-40 PM

“Wow, that’s horrible!” Nancy says in shock.

“Back in 1852, an artist named Luc Maspero supposedly threw himself from the fourth floor of a Parisian hotel, leaving a suicide note that read: “For years I have grappled desperately with her smile. I prefer to die.” And in 1910, one enamored fan came before her solely to shoot himself as he looked upon her,” Divan continues.

09-20-19_10-58-49 PM

“Oh, my!” Nancy gasps. “That’s unbelievable!”

“Well, I hope to find my Mona Lisa,” Divan says. “It could be you – I’d capture your beauty in a painting and you’d be my masterpiece…”

09-20-19_11-03-07 PM

“Oh, my Watcher…my heart just skipped a beat,” Nancy says. “No one has ever complimented me like that before.”

“You’re most welcome,” Divan replies. “See you later, beautiful.”

09-20-19_11-03-56 PM

“Thank you,” Nancy says. “I actually needed a minute to breathe!”

09-20-19_11-21-24 PM

The sixth lady to meet our bachelor is Mildred Cupterberg, a librarian from Windenburg and her poodle, Fifi. Mildred is passionate about all sorts of literature. She is also a romantic at heart that hopes to find a soul mate and have children, a few pets and a house in suburbia with a white picket fence, though she wants to make sure her kids are passionate about books instead of video games, like her game designer estranged half-brother. Will she be a good match for our bachelor or will Divan’s geekiness be a turn off?

09-20-19_11-26-19 PM

“Hello,” Mildred greets and waves at Divan. “My name is Mildred and I’m a librarian from Windenburg.”

“Hi, Mildred,” Divan greets and waves back. “You look really elegant today.”

09-20-19_11-26-52 PM

“Thank you,” Mildred replies. “Do you say that to all the women here?”

“Well, you all look stunning,” Divan says nervously. “But there’s something different about you – I just can’t put my finger on it.”

“See, my favourite fashion styles, music and movies are relics from my great-grandmother’s generation in the 1940’s,” Mildred explains. “Some people think I’m a middle-aged woman or even call me a “grandma”, but in reality I just really like that era more.”

09-20-19_11-27-22 PM

“It is a pretty great era,” Divan says. “You certainly don’t look middle-aged, just like a classic beauty.”

09-20-19_11-30-31 PM

“Why, thank you,” Mildred replies. “Tell me, Divan, are you going to keep playing video games forever or will you eventually grow out of it?”

“Uh…well, I really enjoy playing video games,” Divan replies. “But it’s not the only thing I enjoy – I love reading as well!”

“Oh, good,” Mildred replies. “I was afraid your whole life revolves around video games or something. I actually wrote my half-brother off, because I can’t stand hearing his constant blabbing about the video games he designs for a living.”

“Well…uh…I plan to do exactly the same thing,” Divan says awkwardly. “But I’d still make time for my family and although it’ll take up most of my time, I’d still find time to do other things.”

09-20-19_11-28-59 PM

“Oh,” Mildred says, sounding a little disappointed. “And tell me, would you allow our, I mean your children, follow in your footsteps or would you rather have them be more passionate about literature?”

09-20-19_11-28-30 PM

“Well, I’d let them do whatever they want,” Divan replies. “Of course, I want them to be well-educated and enjoy reading, but if they have other interests, I’d totally be fine with it.”

“I guess we’ll figure it out if and when we get there,” Mildred says. “It’s probably time for you to meet the next woman, so I’ll leave you be.”

“I guess so,” Divan replies. “Thank you, Mildred. It was nice to meet you.”

09-21-19_12-12-19 AM

The seventh and final lady to meet our bachelor is Trish McGregor from Brindleton Bay, who is currently unemployed, and her dog, Marshmallow. Trish was adopted into her family and doesn’t know her birth parents, but her mother loves her more than anything in the world. Fingers crossed she wins the heart of the bachelor and has her own kids one day. As for a job, Trish is happy pretty much anywhere she is. When she eventually has kids she thinks she may get a part time job or take up writing while she looks after her kids. Will Divan fit into that picture?

“Hello, there,” Trish greets. “I’m Trish and I’m from Brindleton Bay.”

09-21-19_12-17-57 AM

“Hello, Trish,” Divan greets. “That’s great that you’re from Brindleton Bay, because I plan to move there after this!”

“Oh, wonderful!” Trish exclaims. “So, what made you decide to enter The Bachelor?”

“Well, I never had luck with women before,” Divan answers. “I was too shy and awkward to admit to my crushes that I liked them.”

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Trish says. “I hope you have better luck this time!”

09-21-19_12-18-39 AM

“Thank you,” Divan replies. “You look absolutely amazing in that dress, by the way. I almost want to say you look the best out of all the ladies today!”

“Oh, wow,” Trish says. “Thank you. You look great as well! So, I hear you want to start your own family?”

“Thanks and yes,” Divan replies. “I never thought I’d want to, but I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately. What are your thoughts on children?”

09-21-19_12-17-21 AM

“I really want to have children of my own,” Trish replies. “I never knew my birth parents, but my adopted mother really loves me and I couldn’t ask for a better parent. I want to be the best parent I can be as well – if I have to stay at home and take care of the kids while my husband works, I’ll do it! If I need to work to support them, I’ll do it! I’ll do anything I need to do, as long as it’s in their best interest.”

“Those are some really admirable qualities, Trish,” Divan compliments. “Let’s head inside, shall we?” he asks and takes her by the arm.

09-21-19_12-20-41 AM09-21-19_12-21-03 AM

Once they’re inside, Trish offers her personal number to Divan and kisses his phone screen after adding her number to his contact list. When she hands his phone back, he kisses the screen as well.

09-21-19_12-28-09 AM

“Wow, what a great guy,” Trish says once Divan leaves to meet all the ladies in the living room. “I think he’d be a wonderful father and I really hope he’s the one for me!”

Author’s Notes: Thank you for reading. I have decided to start a Bachelor style challenge, with my Simself as the bachelor. I will mostly be following Urban Sims’ official rules for The Sims 4’s Bachelor Challenge, that can be found here: TS4: Bachelor/Bachelorette Rules

Each third day, the lady with the lowest relationship will be asked to leave the house and the last remaining lady and her dog will move to Brindleton Bay with my Simself and his dog, where they’ll start a legacy.

During the meet and greet, I had the ladies introduce themselves to the bachelor, but I didn’t initiate any social interactions after that, except when they were whimming about something. For example, when Divan met Gemma, he already wanted to “go steady with someone”, but I couldn’t do that yet, so I had him give her a rose instead to secure her place. He whimmed to give a bold compliment to someone while talking to Nancy, so I had him do that. He also autonomously complimented Trish and she whimmed to go steady with someone, so I had her give him her number.

After meeting all the ladies, Divan is romantically interested in Gemma, Nancy and Trish. He seemed to have a better connection with those three ladies, but we’ll see what happens in the next few days!


The contestants and their dogs were submitted by the following wonderful Simmers:

* @nerdfashion – Jessica Johnson & Alaska
* @SoulGal7 – Nikki Valentine
* @pammiechick – Gemma Smiley & Pixel
* @Becka28 – Lila Kaplan & Cairo
* @kittymeow – Nancy Elliot & Daisy
* @VanPelt81 – Mildred Cupterberg & Fifi
* @Irishsong – Trish McGregor & Marshmallow

The Bachelor Mansion was originally created by Simsterior, which you can download from the Gallery. It’s a beautiful house and it’s almost like it was made for this challenge. I just changed a few things to suit my tastes, particularly the ladies’ bedrooms which were originally set up like prison cells – with a small bed, fridge, toilet and shower in each “cell”. I couldn’t do that to them, so I completely renovated it and added a hot tub between the rooms for fun. I also created a room for the doggies, complete with a vet station, in case they get sick.

The facts about the Mona Lisa that Divan tells to Nancy can be found here:

14 Things You Didn’t Know About the Mona Lisa | Mental Floss