The Calm During the Storm

09-25-19_10-01-47 PM

Hello, magicless muggles. My name is Cristabel Cohen and I’m a witch. I come from a long line of spellcasters – Watcher knows how many generations that is.

09-25-19_10-18-25 PM

I grew up in a family of “good” spellcasters. I was different. See, I don’t want to perform magic for the good of the Realm. I want to take it over and bind everyone to my will! I also don’t want to continue the family line. In fact, my whole family disappeared one evening – don’t ask me how, I wouldn’t know.

09-25-19_10-02-53 PM

I really can’t stand kids – their constant nagging, needing to take care of them, cleaning up after them, all of that nonsense. My younger, goody-two-shoes sister nearly annoyed me to death. Now, she’s dead – thank Watcher. I like cats, though, for obvious reasons. I have a black cat named Jinx, who is my familiar. He often finds things out in the world to help me with my alchemy.

09-25-19_10-02-40 PM

I recently moved away from my hometown of Willow Creek to live in the seemingly quiet town of Glimmerbrook, but we all know a bunch of spellcasters live here and there’s even a not-so-secret portal to the Magic Realm that I might have to destroy some day. I barely have anything, but managed to get a claustrophobically small house with the bare essentials. I got a job as a gardener, which will hopefully earn me some Simoleons, so I can upgrade this dump.

09-25-19_10-21-11 PM

It’s pouring on my first day here and I’m already soaking wet. For whatever reason, I thought it was a good idea to practice my magic in a thunderstorm and got struck by lightning. How incredibly foolish of me!

09-25-19_10-25-54 PM

Ah, well. Guess I’ll go take a nap and wait for the storm to blow over. Tomorrow is another day and I have lots to do.

Author’s Notes: Thank you for reading. I have decided to start another legacy challenge with a witch as the founder. @Pinmat135, another SimLit writer, came up with the idea of a legacy challenge with the founder and all the heirs needing to have the “Hates Children” trait, which sparked this story.

I decided that Cristabel will adopt children and whoever she likes the most will become the “heir” and be part of her “coven”. The spares will work like slaves around the house. I hope I can make her immortal before she kicks the bucket (and all the heirs) and I don’t know if there’s actually a way to take the Magic Realm over, though I’ve heard that you can make your own Sages through cheats, so I might try that after she becomes a really powerful spellcaster. If that fails, I’ll just constantly kill the Sages and pretend she reigns over the Realm. This idea brought out my dark side!