Day 1, Part 2: Breaking the Ice

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Good day and welcome back to The Geeky Bachelor! Before the break, our bachelor, Divan, met all the ladies and got to know them a bit. He seemed to get along better with three of the ladies: Gemma, Nancy and Trish, but will things be different later today or in the next few days? Let’s find out!

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While Divan met Trish, Lila played the guitar a little. She says she might write a song for our bachelor! I can’t wait to hear it!

09-21-19_11-45-20 AM

Trish seems to be smitten with Nancy’s pup, Daisy. “Aw…aren’t you just the cutest little thing?!” she exclaims.

09-21-19_11-51-15 AM

The ladies all gathered together in the living room to get to know each other and the bachelor. For the first few minutes, everyone sat in silence, not really knowing what to say. The ladies eyed each other, scoping out the competition.

09-21-19_11-53-25 AM

“So, Mildred,” Divan begins. “What exactly is your issue with video games?”

“Well, I think they’re a waste of time,” Mildred answers. “While young Sims sit in their rooms, completely isolated from the world and mindlessly playing that rubbish, they could be in a library, actually learning something that’ll help them later in life and perhaps meet intellectual Sims, making some friends.”

09-21-19_11-53-54 AM

“True,” Lila comments. “But there’s a lot to learn from video games as well. There are some life simulation games, for example, that could teach kids real-life responsibilities, like doing household chores, going to work and baying the bills.”

“Oh, please,” Mildred replies. “They’re far too busy playing those games and ignoring the real world to think about things like “responsibilities”. My brother, for example, would often make up excuses not to do chores so he could sit in his room playing games all day while I have to everything. That’s why the world is the way it is today – full of unemployed Sims with low IQ’s, living in their mothers’ basements at the age of 40.”

09-21-19_11-54-28 AM

“Mildred, please watch your mouth,” Trish warns after she walks over to Mildred. “You are insulting our bachelor.”

“Right,” Mildred replies. “I apologize, Divan. That’s just my opinion, based on what I’ve observed from most Sims. It wasn’t directed at you.”

“No, worries,” Divan says. “I understand and partly agree with what you’ve said.”

09-21-19_11-56-06 AM

“Whose dog is this?!” Nancy asks angrily. “She’s going to break that console!”

09-21-19_11-57-10 AM

“Yes!” Lila agrees. “Could the owner of that dog please keep her under control?!”

“Utterly ridiculous!” Nikki remarks.

“Could all of you kindly shut your pieholes?!” Mildred yells. “She’s just sniffing the thing and who cares if it breaks? It’s total garbage anyway!”

09-21-19_11-58-11 AM

“I apologize,” Mildred says quickly. “I didn’t mean to lose my temper like that. I just meant to say that my Fifi is an absolute angel and would never break something. See there? The proof is in the pudding!”

09-21-19_12-00-10 PM

“I don’t know about all of you, but I’m starving,” Lila says.

“Me too,” Mildred agrees. “How long can it take for a butler to prepare a meal for a few Sims?”

“Maybe she needs a hand or two,” Gemma says. “Come, Jessica. Let’s go ask her if she needs some help.”

“Sure,” Jessica agrees reluctantly.

09-21-19_12-05-02 PM

While Gemma and Jessica leave to help the butler with the food, Nikki and Trish take a bathroom break. “Why is everyone leaving?” Divan asks, but gets no answer.

“I don’t think we had the chance to introduce ourselves,” Nancy says to Lila. “I’m Nancy. I like your dress, by the way! Where did you get it, if I may ask?”

“Hey, there,” Lila greets. “I’m Lila and thank you for the compliment. Let’s just say I know a good friend who helped me pick out some of my outfits. She also hand-made some of my dresses!”

09-21-19_12-25-25 AM

Gemma and Jessica help the butler by chopping up some tomatoes. Gemma seems to be quite skilled in the kitchen!

09-21-19_12-07-36 PM

The food is finally ready and some of the ladies are already sitting at the dining table. “Yum!” Lila shouts. “Vegetable Chili…I like spicy food!”

09-21-19_12-10-05 PM

Gemma and Trish decided to pick up everyone’s dishes and put them in the sink. “Thank you, Gemma and Trish,” Divan says. “You girls are really helpful today, though it’s not necessary at all.”

09-21-19_12-10-34 PM

“Hoo!” Mildred shouts, while Jessica prepares to sit down. “This is a little too hot for my taste! I prefer more traditional American dishes.”

09-21-19_12-10-57 PM

“What do you think of the food, Jessica?” Divan asks.

“I’m not sure – it’s very hot,” Jessica replies. “I just hope there’s not something in it that I’m allergic to.”

Marshmallow also wants a bite, but Divan thinks the food might be a little too hot for her.

09-21-19_12-11-35 PM

Trish decided to put the dishes down in the living room instead of taking them to the kitchen.

“Meh,” she says. “Divan already noticed that I’m willing to help and it is the butler’s work to clean up after all…”

09-21-19_12-12-20 PM

“Let me take that for you,” Gemma offers and takes Lila’s bowl.

“Thanks, girlfriend,” Lila replies.

09-21-19_12-12-46 PM09-21-19_12-16-13 PM

It’s getting quite late, so Nikki and Lila went to bed.

09-21-19_12-17-12 PM

“Oh, no…I’m starting to feel a little sick,” Jessica says after finishing her meal. “Hopefully I feel better in a while…”

09-21-19_12-17-48 PM

The butler came outside to pick up the dishes Gemma apparently left here, but if you ask me, she’s just looking for an excuse to spy on Trish and Divan.

“Hey, there,” Trish says when Divan joins her outside. “Beautiful evening, isn’t it?”

“Absolutely,” Divan replies. “Almost as beautiful as you.” Trish blushes.

09-21-19_12-19-05 PM

“Look at how many stars there are in the sky tonight!” Trish exclaims.

“They’re shining really bright, too,” Divan says. “Just like you – you’re a star!”

09-21-19_12-19-35 PM

This is one nosey butler! Before heading inside, these two lovebirds just stare into each other’s eyes for a few moments.

09-21-19_12-26-59 AM

“This is such a lovely mansion,” Nancy says while watching some TV outside. “I really like these dog sculptures as well!”

09-21-19_12-20-24 PM

She eventually grew tired and also went to bed.

09-21-19_12-20-43 PM

Lila however, can’t seem to sleep and is constantly thinking about Divan.

09-21-19_12-21-03 PM

“I had a really naughty dream,” she says. “I need some fresh air!”

09-21-19_12-21-30 PM

“What?” Mildred asks when she’s caught red-handed playing video games. “This is purely for educational purposes!”

09-21-19_12-22-23 PM

Trish saw some childhood photos of Mildred that she stuck to the board in the kitchen. “Mildred looked so cute as a child!” she exclaims.

09-21-19_12-24-01 PM

“I have so much energy right now!” Lila shouts in the workout room. “I feel like I could run a marathon!”

09-21-19_12-24-50 PM

Divan has a naughty dream of his own, smiling in his sleep.

09-21-19_12-26-34 PM

“Why did Gemma dye your fur like that?” Mildred asks Pixel. “I also dyed my Fifi’s hair pink, but it looks beautiful! This just looks…tacky.”

09-21-19_12-27-25 AM

After criticizing Pixel’s fur, Mildred watches some TV in the workout room with Cairo snoozing next to her. It’s already morning! “I like the TV,” she says. “But that girl has no fashion sense and the colours are all too bright! I personally prefer classical black and white films from back in the 40’s.”

09-21-19_12-28-28 PM

She finally decided to go to sleep, even though the group date is in a few hours! I have no idea how she’s going to get through the day…

09-21-19_12-29-28 PM

Daisy passed out next to the piano, while Pixel and Cairo surround her. They know about the doggy room, right?

09-21-19_12-30-03 PM

D.J. chows on some of the food in the kitchen.

09-21-19_12-30-53 PM

“I think I’m ready to back to sleep now,” Lila says as she climbs into bed.

09-21-19_12-32-03 PM

I don’t know what these two are talking about, but it looks like Alaska is offended by something Fifi said.

09-21-19_12-35-34 PM

Trish also finally went to bed. Where are these ladies getting all their energy from?”

09-21-19_12-35-53 PM

“Yup, something was definitely wrong with that chili,” Jessica complains. “I’m about to throw up!”

Author’s Notes: Thank you for reading. This is the second part of the first day, where everyone got to know each other a little better.

The ladies’ actions were so hilarious in-game and I’m already loving all of them! The dogs are so adorable as well. Poor Jessica really did get nautious after eating, but it’s mostly because of the Slice of Life mod. Tell me your thoughts in the comment section below. Do you have a favourite already? Anyone you don’t like?