Day 2, Part 1: Group Date at Ward Park

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Hello everyone and welcome back to The Geeky Bachelor! In the previous episode, our bachelor, Divan, met all the ladies and got to know them a little better. Some ladies hit it off better with him than others and some ladies didn’t quite see eye to eye. One of our ladies, Jessica, also got sick from last evening’s meal. How will things go today? Let’s find out!

Jessica threw up in the bathroom and felt a little better afterwards, so she went back to bed.

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Divan is getting ready for his group date with all the ladies in a few hours from now!

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Nikki got up early to get ready for the date. “I’m excited to see where the date will take place!” she exclaims. “I have a feeling that today will be a great day!”

09-23-19_8-14-51 PM

The second lady to get up is Lila. “I didn’t get much sleep yesterday, if you know what I mean,” she says. “I’m excited to get out of the house and explore the city, though!”

09-23-19_8-15-03 PM

The next lady to get up is Nancy. “Group date today, huh?” she asks rhetorically. “I’m not looking forward to spend the day with all the other girls, but I’m excited to get to know Divan. I’m also looking forward to seeing the city – the architecture here is so fascinating!”

09-23-19_8-15-18 PM

Mildred got up next. “Ah, a brand new day and another chance to prove to Divan how great I am!” she exclaims.

09-23-19_8-17-45 PM

Nancy decided to play some video games before getting ready for the day. “Now…what family should I create?” she asks. “Ooh…maybe I’ll create me, Divan and our kids!”

09-23-19_8-20-23 PM

The next lady to get up is Trish. “I’m so excited for the date!” she shouts. “I wonder what we’ll be doing!”

09-23-19_8-22-12 PM

Mildred, wearing a beauty mask, is browsing the web for tips on how to improve her chances with the bachelor. “These are some really handy tips I can definitely use!” she exclaims.

09-23-19_8-23-23 PM

Gemma finally got up as well. “Yay…group date!” she yells sarcastically. “At least I already have a rose, so I can just enjoy myself today.”

09-23-19_8-25-20 PM

“What’s that on your face?” Trish asks Nancy. “Oh, this is a seaweed mask!” Nancy answers. ”I just hope I have enough time to scrub it off before the date!”

09-23-19_8-37-53 PM

A few hours later, Divan and the ladies arrive at Ward Park for the group date. Gemma decided to slip off and play a game of chess with the local gardener. “Ha – I won!” she shouts. The gardener hangs his head in shame as a suited man watches them.

09-23-19_8-38-20 PM

“So girls, we’re here!” Nancy exclaims. “Isn’t the scenery just breathtakingly beautiful here?”

“Oh, most definitely,” Mildred replies. “Although I have my eye on something, I mean, someone else…”

09-23-19_8-38-47 PM

“This grill isn’t the only hot thing out here!” Divan shouts while making hot dogs. “The ladies all look beautiful…even in their everyday clothes!”

09-23-19_8-39-24 PM

While the other ladies chat about typical girl stuff, Jessica stares into the distance, wondering how she’ll stand out amongst all these gorgeous women.

09-23-19_8-45-16 PM

So, ladies…what do think of the hot dogs?” Divan asks Mildred and Nikki.

09-23-19_8-42-56 PM

Mildred and Nikki throw their fists in the air, shouting “We want more!”

09-23-19_8-45-52 PM

“You can tell Divan knows his way behind the grill!” Jessica tells Trish and Lila. “These hot dogs are delicious!”

09-23-19_8-46-11 PM

“Everything about these hot dogs is perfect,” Nancy tells Gemma. “The sight…the smells…the taste!”

09-23-19_8-48-53 PM

Divan decided to join Gemma at the swings after finishing lunch. “I used to love swinging as a child,” he tells her. “I always wanted to see how high I could go!”

09-23-19_8-50-48 PM

Later, he joins Mildred with a game of chess. “I heard that you really enjoy music,” he tells her. “Wanna hear a song?”

09-23-19_8-51-44 PM

“Um…depends on the song and your singing ability,” Mildred replies and scratches her head, hoping it’s not a modern pop song and being a little frustrated that he wants to sing in the middle of their game.

09-23-19_8-52-25 PM

When a moon hits your eye, like a big pizza pie, that’s amore!” Divan sings. Mildred smiles and tries not to laugh, while Nancy watches on, amused.

09-23-19_8-53-19 PM

Trish chats to the local gardener. “Oh boy, this fellow is attractive…in a handsome older guy kinda way,” she thinks to herself.

09-23-19_8-55-54 PM

She joins Divan at the swings afterwards, hoping to get that gardener out of her head. She listens to Divan’s story about his childhood days, but she can’t help fantasizing about the gardener.

09-23-19_8-56-19 PM

Mildred and Jessica ponder their next moves while playing chess. “My bet is on Mildred,” Gemma says. “I mean, she’s a librarian who’s surrounded by chess players every day!”

09-23-19_8-57-02 PM

“Checkmate!” Mildred yells. “What?!” Jessica shouts. “How’s this even possible?!”

“I knew it!” Gemma shouts.

09-23-19_8-58-50 PM

“So, could you tell me more about this park, Nikki?” Divan asks.

09-23-19_8-59-18 PM

“Sure!” Nikki replies. “This is Ward Park, named after the famous actress, Judith Ward. Lots of tourists come here every day, hoping to catch a glimpse of her.”

09-23-19_9-00-20 PM

“You sure know your history, girl!” Divan shouts and points at Nikki. “What can I say?” Nikki responds. “I’m a Del Sol Valley girl! Well, for the time being!”

“I really admire how you earned your way to the top through hard work and perseverance,” Divan says. “I find it really attractive, actually.”

09-23-19_9-00-33 PM

“Aw…you’re so sweet,” Nikki replies and places her hands on her chest.

09-23-19_9-01-06 PM

Nikki then tells Divan about the pink poodle she had once, who was named Fifi – just like Mildred’s. “My life was so empty after I had to part ways with her,” Nikki says. “That’s so heart-breaking,” Divan replies in shock.

“But as I headed to the animal shelter, I saw a flyer for The Geeky Bachelor,” she says. “I read the bachelor likes dogs, too, and figured maybe there’s place for both a dog and a guy in my life.”

09-23-19_9-01-38 PM

“Another reason why I like you – you have such a big heart!” Divan says and blows her a kiss.

09-23-19_9-02-52 PM

We’re back with the other ladies for a minute, where Jessica lost another chess game and is trying to figure out why she keeps losing today. “I never lose!” she says. “Maybe my head’s just not in the game…”

09-23-19_9-03-16 PM

Divan takes his chance and places his arm around Nikki.

“Mind if I stretch my arms a little?” he asks.

09-23-19_9-03-31 PM

They cuddle romantically and stare into each other’s eyes.

“I’ve never noticed how blue your eyes are,” he says. “It’s like I’m staring into the depths of the ocean…”

09-23-19_9-04-26 PM

“Come with me to the fountains,” he says. “There’s something I’d like to show you.”

09-23-19_9-11-52 PM

They proceed to walk to the fountains. “What did you want to show me?” Nikki asks when they get there. Divan then grabs Nikki and kisses her passionately. “This,” he says.

“I’d also like to ask you something,” he says. “Will you like, officially be my girlfriend?”

09-23-19_9-13-07 PM

“Yes! YES!!!” Nikki shouts and jumps up and down like a giddy school girl.

09-23-19_9-15-45 PM

As the sun sets, they share one last kiss on a bench somewhere else. They look so in love already!

09-23-19_9-17-36 PM

“This was a great, but exhausting day,” Divan yawns as Nikki heads back to the mansion.

09-23-19_9-17-55 PM

He then falls on the floor right then and there. Uh…can someone help me wake him up?

Author’s Notes: Thank you for reading. I decided to send my Simself and the girls to the park for their first group date. Everything here happened either autonomously or according to their whims. I didn’t expect Nikki and Divan to hit it off this quickly, but they are absolutely adorable together. It was so funny when Divan passed out at the end of the date! He seemed to forget about everyone else while being with Nikki. Trish was also really attracted to the gardener, which was funny as well. She got an “Attractive Sim” moodlet and became flirty instantly. What are your thoughts? Are Divan and Nikki moving too quickly with their relationship? Is Trish more attracted to the gardener than Divan? What about all the other ladies?