Day 2, Part 2: A Starry Night

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Hello and welcome back to The Geeky Bachelor! Before the break, we saw Divan and the ladies go on a group date at Ward Park and Divan and Nikki really hitting it off, even having their first kiss!

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Divan felt bad about not getting a chance to talk to Jessica, so he asked her to stargaze. “It’s a beautiful, starry night, isn’t it?” Divan asks Jessica.

“Absolutely breathtaking,” Jessica replies. Nikki, why are you still standing there? Give them some alone time!

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“Hey, look!” Jessica shouts. “I haven’t noticed those two stars before!”

“And it seems like they’re connected,” Divan replies. “A couple of stars!”

They both laugh.

09-23-19_9-31-17 PM

Just as Jessica prepares to say goodnight to Divan, Nikki steals the moment to kiss Divan goodnight. Jess! You look so sad…does someone need a hug?

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Mildred, Gemma and Nancy all take a moment to view the fountain and gather their thoughts. No one really knows where things stand with them and Divan.

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“Hey there, Fifi,” Gemma greets Fifi after heading back inside. “Our outfits kinda match today and well, your fur compliments my outfit as well!”

09-23-19_9-33-28 PM

“Ah…the grammar police is in the house!” Mildred shouts, while correcting other Sims’ grammar on the BookWorm forums.

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“You okay?” Nancy asks Jessica.

“Not really,” Jessica replies. “But I will be…once I get real alone time with Divan.”

09-23-19_9-34-15 PM

Nikki is about to pee her pants and Divan passed out again on his way to his bed. Poor guy…can’t we just get some guys to carry him? We don’t want him to fall down the stairs!

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D.J. also tries to cheer Jessica up. “Who’s a good boy?” Jessica asks. “You are!”

09-23-19_9-37-05 PM

“So, how are you girls getting along with my Marshmallow?” Trish asks Fifi and Cairo. “Well, I hope!”

09-23-19_9-37-34 PM

“I hope Divan dreams of me tonight,” Mildred says as she climbs into bed. “Tomorrow we have our first solo date and even I can’t put my excitement into words!”

09-23-19_9-37-50 PM

Lila seems like she’s having sweet dreams, or so we hope! Lila…you vixen, you!

09-23-19_9-39-23 PM

“Finally, I can get some rest in a comfortable bed!” Divan says as he finally gets in bed. “It’s a nice break from the concrete and tiled floors!”

09-23-19_9-39-52 PM

“I’m going to bed with a broken heart,” Jessica says. “But hopefully things change around tomorrow – I just need the other girls out of the picture for a while.”

09-23-19_9-40-35 PM

All the other girls are sleeping soundly. Nancy…

09-23-19_9-42-31 PM


09-23-19_9-43-10 PM

And Gemma…wait, Gemma?! Why are you still up? “I needed to get my geek on!” Gemma answers while playing Blickblock on the gaming mat.

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“Where is Marshmallow, by the way?” Trish asks. “I miss my baby…”

09-23-19_9-46-27 PM

Found her! Marshmallow is next to Mildred’s bed chasing her tail while Pixel looks on!

09-23-19_9-47-13 PM

“Guess I need some sleep, huh?” Trish asks as she heads to bed. Yes girl, you do indeed!

09-23-19_9-48-06 PM

Gemma is finally going to sleep as well.

09-23-19_9-48-33 PM

…or not! “I just have so much energy!” Gemma exclaims. “I can’t stop the feeling!”

09-23-19_9-49-40 PM

While most of the ladies are getting their beauty sleep, Marshmallow is howling the night away. What’s wrong, girl? You miss Trish?

That’s it, folks! Tune in tomorrow when Divan goes on solo dates with some of the ladies!

Author’s Notes: Thanks for watching…er reading! Divan whimmed to stargaze with Jessica, so I had them do that when they got home from the park. Nikki autonomously grabbed Divan and kissed him right there in front of Jessica! I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry! Poor Jessica seemed like her heart was absolutely crushed by her crush! Most of the ladies autonomously headed to bed, except for Gemma, who played video games and Trish, who chatted to the dogs. Marshmallow howled the entire evening for some reason. I thought she was just missing Trish. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!