Day 3, Part 1: Solo Date With Gemma

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Hello and thanks for tuning in to The Geeky Bachelor! Yesterday our bachelor, Divan, went on a group date with the ladies, had his first kiss with Nikki and nearly broke Jessica’s heart.

Today, he will go on multiple solo dates with the ladies – each time at different locations. Our bachelor just woke up to get ready for his first date with Gemma in Newcrest.

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“Good morning and welcome, sir,” the host greeted Divan when he arrived at the restaurant where the date is taking place. “Your table is right this way.”

Divan follows him to their table and sits down, waiting for Gemma to arrive.

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“You look great,” Divan compliments Gemma when he sees her.

“Thanks,” Gemma replies. “You look very handsome in that suit as well!”

“Thanks,” Divan says as he pulls out Gemma’s chair for her to sit.

“Such a gentleman,” Gemma compliments.

“What do you feel like ordering?” Divan asks as he looks at the menu after sitting back down.

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“I’m not sure,” Gemma replies. “Let’s ask the waitress what she suggests.”

“Okay!” Divan shouts.

“We should probably have breakfast, since it’s our first meal of the day, though,” Gemma says.

“True,” Divan replies. “Is it just me or is it hot in here?”

09-24-19_7-33-31 PM

“Well, it’s probably hot under that suit,” Gemma says. “I wouldn’t mind if you took it off…”

Divan’s cheeks turn blood red.

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Just then, they are interrupted by the waitress. “Hello, my name is Olive and I’ll be serving you this fine morning,” she greets.

“Hello,” Divan greets back. “We want something on the breakfast menu, but we’re unsure of what exactly we want. Can you recommend something?”

09-24-19_7-34-28 PM

“Sure!” the waitress responds. “I recommend the Grand Breakfast, or maybe an omelette. Absolutely devine!”

“Okay,” Divan replies. “We’ll have the Grand Breakfast. I want my eggs sunny side up, slightly hard on the outside and soft on the inside, but not runny. And you, Gemma?”

“Uh…the same as you, thanks,” she answers.

09-24-19_7-34-45 PM

“That dress is so revealing,” Divan remarks. “I hope you can’t read minds – I might get in trouble…”

“Ow, my back!” the elderly waitress shouts.

09-24-19_7-34-55 PM

“What if we’re thinking the same thing?” Gemma asks.

“You naughty thing,” Divan teases.

09-24-19_7-36-03 PM

“Shouldn’t you be giving the chef our order?” Divan asks the waitress.

She seems likes she’s in a whole different world.

09-24-19_7-37-10 PM

“I don’t think she hears us,” Divan shrugs. “Must be her age.”

The waitress takes out her cellphone, doing Watcher knows what, as if she has nothing better to do.

09-24-19_7-37-52 PM

“This is so ridiculous,” Divan laughs. “I don’t know if she’s being this way on purpose or if she was paid by the producers to add more drama!”

09-24-19_7-38-09 PM

“Should we just call another waiter?” Gemma asks.

“I don’t know,” Divan answers. “My next date is in a few minutes!”

09-24-19_7-39-29 PM

The waitress finally snapped out of it, but it was too late. It was time for Divan and Gemma to say their goodbyes.

“Well, this was so utterly ridiculous, that I sorta had fun,” Divan says.

“I wanted to burst out in laughter!” Gemma shouts.

“The service is absolutely terrible here, but at least the company is wonderful,” Divan remarks.

“Right back at ya,” Gemma replies with a wink.

09-24-19_7-42-58 PM

Well, that didn’t exactly go as planned, but it was semi-successful – they both seemed to enjoy each other’s company, which is all that matters at the end of the day. And Gemma even seems to have a spring in her step!

Tune in after the break, where Divan will go on his next date with Lila!

Author’s Notes: Thanks for reading. I had Divan and Gemma go on a date at a restaurant, which is from Lilsimsie’s Simsie Save (where 99% of the lots in this save are from). I forgot the name, though. The waitress, who is actually Olive Specter from The Sims 2, just stood at one place the entire time, not doing anything after taking their order. The restaurant glitched out, which happens again in another date at a different restaurant (slight spoiler).

Divan and Gemma were really flirty, though, and loved being in each other’s presence. They continually autonomously flirted with each other, even with Olive there. I hope you enjoyed.