Day 3, Part 2: Solo Date With Lila

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Hello and welcome back to The Geeky Bachelor! Before the break, Divan went on a date with Gemma that wasn’t the best, but at least they enjoyed each other’s company.

We are here at Orchid A Go Go with Divan and Lila, where their date is taking place.

“Hey, beautiful,” Divan greets Lila when she sits at their table.

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“Hey, handsome,” Lila replies with a smile.

“I heard that you really enjoy music, so I brought you here for our date,” Divan says. “What do you think?”

“It’s awesome!” Lila answers. “I might have to serenade you as my way of saying thanks.”

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“Can we stand up for a sec?” Divan asks.

“Sure,” Lila replies, confused.

“There’s something about you that really intrigues me,” Divan says. “I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I want to offer you a rose. Will you accept?”

“Of course!” Lila answers.

09-24-19_7-51-33 PM

“I’d also like to ask you something,” Divan says shyly.

“Yes?” Lila asks.

“Will you be my second official girlfriend?” Divan asks.

“Uh…this is a little too soon, don’t you think?” Lila asks.

09-24-19_7-52-01 PM

“I’m such an idiot!” Divan shouts and covers his forehead.

09-24-19_7-52-42 PM

“Look, honey…I like you, but you need to show me that you’re deserving of all of this greatness,” Lila says and points to herself.

09-24-19_7-54-20 PM

“So, what kind of music do you prefer?” Lila enquires.

“I actually enjoy all kinds of music,” Divan replies. “Pop, rock, country, classical, hip-hop, rap, R&B, metal – you name it!”

09-24-19_7-54-42 PM

“Me too!” Lila shouts.

“We’re both music lovers!” Divan exclaims. “Will you excuse me for a sec? The producers insisted on me wearing a beauty mask, because even though I’m not your usual bachelor, I still need to look good.”

09-24-19_7-56-13 PM

Divan gets the mask on and returns later. “You look kinda hot with that mask!” Lila shouts. “I like a man who’s in touch with his feminine side and one who takes care of himself.”

“You’re making me blush!” Divan shouts.

09-24-19_7-59-25 PM

“And these muscles?” Lila asks and flexes her arm. “You like a woman who works out?”

09-24-19_8-00-42 PM

“Absolutely, but have you seen these babies?” Divan asks and flexes his muscles playfully.

“Woah…impressive!” Lila remarks.

09-24-19_8-01-41 PM

“Look, I know I’m not your ideal man,” Divan says after they stand up. “I’m not active, I don’t have a lot of money and I’m not perfect. But if you take me as I am, I will give you everything you deserve and more.”

09-24-19_8-01-50 PM

He kisses her hands.

09-24-19_8-02-40 PM

“You’re a real catch, do you know that?” Divan asks.

09-24-19_8-02-51 PM

“You’re one too,” Lila replies and forms a claw. “I just wanna eat you up…”

“I wanna eat you up!” Divan teases back.

09-24-19_8-03-19 PM

They embrace each other.

09-24-19_8-04-14 PM

…And have their first kiss!

“That was sweet,” Lila says. “But wash that mask off quickly and meet me at the back, where I’ll teach you how to kiss a girl properly…”

09-24-19_8-05-40 PM

He returns and kisses Lila “properly” on a sofa at the back of the lounge.

09-24-19_8-06-57 PM

They both seem pleased after that steamy make out session.

09-24-19_8-07-37 PM

“So, I’ve been thinking…maybe you do deserve me – all of me. You can be my official boyfriend or whatever you wanna be, baby.”

09-24-19_8-07-49 PM

“YES!!!” Divan shouts and jumps into the air in excitement.

09-24-19_8-08-08 PM

“You’re my bae now!” Lila giggles.

09-24-19_8-10-20 PM

“What about that song?” Divan asks.

“Oh that…you can sit on one of those chairs next to the piano and microphone and I’ll mesmerize you, baby…”

09-24-19_8-10-52 PM

“I’m sure you sound amazing!” Divan exclaims.

09-24-19_8-13-59 PM

Lila then heads to the microphone, ready to sing her song. She picks it up and wows everyone at the lounge with her singing.

09-24-19_8-14-35 PM

“She has such a sweet, seductive voice,” Divan says. “I can listen to her all day long!”

“I wrote that song for a certain geeky guy, who happens to be my boyfriend,” Lila says and bows. “It was a pleasure to perform for all of y’all tonight.”

09-24-19_8-15-13 PM

“That went well!” Lila says and leaves the lounge, proud of herself. Divan sits in his chair, confused about why she’s leaving without saying goodbye.

That was it, folks! Tune in after the break to see Divan go on his next date with Nancy!

Author’s Notes: Thanks for reading. I decided to send Divan and Lila to the lounge for their date, since Lila likes music and wants to be a musician. The date didn’t start off on a good note, but literally ended on a high one! Lila seemed to play a little hard-to-get and there were some awkward moments in the beginning, but after talking (and smooching) for a while, she whimmed to ask Divan to go steady and that happened! That mask randomly appeared on Divan’s face, because of the Slice of Life mod in case you were wondering. Eventually I figured out how to remove it. It was quite funny, though.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments. Is Lila a good match for Divan or are they too different? What did you think of the date?