Day 3, Part 3: Solo Date With Nancy

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Hello and welcome back to The Geeky Bachelor! We are here with Divan and Nancy at Plumbob Pictures Museum, where their date is taking place.

“Hello, my masterpiece,” Divan greets Nancy.

“Hello, Mr. Picasso,” Nancy greets back.

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“That’s kinda crazy, because when I graduated primary school, my teachers dubbed me Mr. Picasso due to my artistic abilities,” Divan says.

“Wow, I didn’t know…that is crazy!” Nancy replies.

“Will you excuse me for a moment?” Divan asks. “I need to use the bathroom.”

“No problem,” Nancy answers.

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While Divan relieves his bladder, Nancy views some art sculptures next to the window. “When I look at these sculptures, I see two individual pieces connected together to create unity,” Nancy notes. “I hope that’s the case with me and Divan one day…”

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“I’m back!” Divan shouts upon his return. “Did you miss me?”

“I actually did!” Nancy replies. “Come here, you!”

They embrace each other.

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“It’s be a shame to let such a masterpiece leave this museum,” Divan says. “The least I could do, if offer you a rose. Do you accept?”

09-24-19_8-26-42 PM

“Absolutely,” Nancy replies. “It smells heavenly!”

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“Give me your phone, so I can add my number to your contact list,” Divan says before Nancy hands her phone over. “I need someone to talk to when I feel the emptiness of being alone in that big bed up in my room…”

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They’re having their first kiss!

09-24-19_8-29-22 PM

“You are so beautiful,” Divan says whike holding Nancy’s hands. “If I could have this view every day of my life, I’d be the luckiest guy in the world!”

09-24-19_8-30-21 PM

“What do you say?” Divan asks. “Do you want that, too? Will you be mine?”

09-24-19_8-31-53 PM

“Um…” Nancy hesitates.

09-24-19_8-32-11 PM

“I’d love that!” she shouts.

“Really?” Divan asks. “This is wonderful!”

09-24-19_8-33-34 PM

“You’re wonderful,” Nancy says.

09-24-19_8-34-12 PM

They sit back down again. “When did you realize that creating art is your talent?” Nancy asks.

09-24-19_8-36-34 PM

“I guess I always had that gift,” Divan answers. “I read on my nursery school report that I was a shy boy, who drew pictures that were remarkably good for my age. In Grade 1, I received a certificate for my drawing abilities and other kids always asked me to draw something for them.”

09-24-19_8-37-07 PM

“I have an idea,” Nancy says. “Meet me in a while in the atrium, where we could do something we’ll both enjoy…”

09-24-19_8-37-48 PM

“What do you mean?” Divan asks.

“Just come with me and you’ll see!” Nancy laughs.

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“Okay, but before we do that, here’s a thousand kisses for you – for every thousand seconds I’m not with you,” Divan says and blows them to Nancy, which she proceeds to catch.

“Aww…thank you,” Nancy replies.

09-24-19_8-41-11 PM

“Look at those sculptures,” Nancy tells Divan, before he stands up. “What do you see?”

“I see two pieces put together to create one masterpiece,” Divan says.

“My thoughts exactly!” Nancy exclaims.

09-24-19_8-42-48 PM

They then head to the atrium, where an easel stands ready for a willing artist.

“Should we do this now?” Divan asks. “Shall I make you my masterpiece?”

“Let’s start small,” Nancy suggests. “And let me be the artist…”

09-24-19_8-45-51 PM

Divan stands back and watches Nancy paint. “Such finesse!” he exclaims. “Maybe you’re actually Leonardo da Vinci and I’m Mona Lisa!”

They both laugh.

09-24-19_8-46-35 PM

“This is quite neat, actually,” Divan remarks. “It’s a simple painting, showcasing two individuals sharing something they both enjoy. Kinda like us right now!”

09-24-19_8-49-31 PM

“That was fun!” Nancy shouts after the date. “Hey, that lady in the painting almost looks like me! The man doesn’t look like Divan at all, but their personalities seem the same – Divan’s such a sweetheart!”

That was it, folks! Join us after the break, where Divan will go on his next date with Mildred! That should be interesting…

Author’s Notes: Thanks for reading. As a creative soul, I really enjoyed this date. The parts about Divan’s childhood was based on my childhood. The chemistry between Divan and Nancy was so amazing – they both kept having whims to woohoo with each other! Divan whimmed to offer Nancy a rose, kiss her and ask her to go steady! Nancy whimmed to create a flirty painting. They seem like a good match, if you ask me!

What are your thoughts? Do you think they’re right for each other? What did you think about the date?