Day 4, Part 1: Solo Date With Mildred

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Hello and welcome back to The Geeky Bachelor! We didn’t realize that it’s already the next morning – time sure flies when you’re having fun! Our schedule got mixed up a bit, but we still have time for one last date before the rose ceremony this evening.

We are here at The Breakfast Club in Newcrest, where Divan and Mildred’s date is taking place.

“Hello, darling!” Mildred greets.

“Hello, Mildred,” Divan greets. “You look lovely today.”

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“Why, thank you,” Mildred replies. “You look rather handsome too – even though I prefer you in a suit and tie.”

“Thank you, sweetheart,” Divan responds.

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“Looks like this place is quite busy this morning,” Divan says, while they wait to speak to the host.

“Yes,” Mildred says. “That’s often the case with restaurants – I prefer homemeade cooking, made by me of course.”

09-24-19_10-14-46 PM

“Oh, dear…I didn’t mean to imply I didn’t appreciate you bringing me here,” she says quickly and bites her fist.

“Don’t worry,” Divan assures. “I know what you meant.”

09-24-19_10-16-34 PM

“So, how was your day?” Mildred asks. What did you and all the other ladies do? Where did you go? Who did you kiss?”

“I don’t wish to talk about the other ladies during our time together,” Divan answers.

09-24-19_10-17-04 PM

“Oh, no…I didn’t mean to come off as jealous,” Mildred says and hides her face. “I was just curious, honestly!”

“Uh…I think I’ll go check on our table now,” Divan says awkwardly.

09-24-19_10-19-11 PM

“Hi there,” Divan greets the host. “Any word on our table yet? We’ve been waiting for ages…”

“Good morning, sir,” the host greets. “My apologies. You and your mother can follow me to your table now.”

“She’s not my mother!” Divan shouts. “She’s my date! Ugh, forget it…just show me to our table.”

09-24-19_10-20-02 PM

“Hmm…I know breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but I feel like breaking the rules today,” Mildred says while looking at the menu.

“What would you like?” Divan asks.

“I feel like a veggie burger and good ‘ole orange juice!” Mildred shouts.

09-24-19_10-21-08 PM

“Good morning,” the waitress greets. “My name is Eva and I’ll be your waitress. Do you know what you’d like to order?”

“Yes,” Divan answers. “Two veggie burgers and orange juices, please.”

“Sure, I’ll bring your meals shortly,” the waitress says.

09-24-19_10-22-09 PM

“What have you been up to all day?” Divan asks.

“Well, you didn’t answer me when I asked, so now I won’t answer you,” Mildred replies.

09-24-19_10-22-53 PM

“Just kidding,” she says. “I’ve been lounging in the pool, listening to the tapes I brought from home and reading a bit.”

09-24-19_10-24-53 PM

“That sounds fun,” Divan replies, while the waitress brings their food.

“It would’ve been more fun with you around, but yes – it was quite enjoyable,” Mildred says.

09-24-19_10-26-02 PM

“Here’s your meal,” the waitress says as she puts it down on the table.

“Thanks,” Divan says and immediately begins munching on his burger.

“You seem hungry,” Mildred notes.

“Yep,” Divan replies. “I haven’t eaten anything yesterday.”

09-24-19_10-27-08 PM

They both take a sip of orange juice.

09-24-19_10-27-57 PM

“You should’ve come home after your last date,” Mildred says. “I would’ve prepared a feast for you and you’d still be full now. Nothing beats my cooking!”

09-24-19_10-28-48 PM

“I believe you,” Divan says and takes another huge bite of his burger.

09-24-19_10-29-32 PM

“Surprisingly, I finished first!” Mildred shouts as the waitress arrives to take her empty plate. “Guess you aren’t that hungry, after all…”

09-24-19_10-29-55 PM

“I’m starving, actually,” Divan replies. “I just eat really slowly.”

“Oh,” Mildred says. “It’s the first time I’ve heard a man say that.”

09-24-19_10-30-30 PM

“Well, I’m not your typical man!” Divan exclaims.

“You sure aren’t!” Mildred flirts.

09-24-19_10-31-36 PM

“And I’m not your typical gal, either!” Mildred says and poses seductively after Divan finishes his food.

09-24-19_10-32-13 PM

“So, what do you say?” Mildred asks and takes Divan hands. “Shall we, an atypical man and atypical woman, leave all of this behind and spend the rest of our lives together? I’ll raise our kids in your absence and wait longingly for you to return from work. We’d have intelligent conversations and make sweet love while the children are asleep…”

09-24-19_10-33-15 PM

“No!” Divan shouts. “It’s way too soon to be thinking of such things! I still need to figure out if you’re the right woman for me – nothing is certain yet!”

09-24-19_10-33-40 PM

“I…I’m s…sorry,” Mildred says, unable to hide her shame.

“I need to go home and rest now,” Divan says. “It’s been an exhausting few hours for me. If you’ll excuse me…”

09-24-19_10-34-10 PM

He’s not kidding! It looks like he’s going to pass out at any moment now! That was an awkward date, but at least he’s leaving with a smile! That surely means it wasn’t that bad, right?

When we return after the break, we’ll see a short glimpse of the ladies back at the mansion, before they head to the first rose ceremony. Stay tuned!

Author’s Notes: Well, that was awkward. There were some great moments during the date, but Mildred kept saying the wrong things, with Divan being totally fed up at the end of the date! It was interesting (and fun) to see how they are alone, though. 

What are your thoughts? Is there any hope for Mildred and Divan? Who do you think will go home after the rose ceremony?