Day 5, Part 1: Home, But Not Alone

09-29-19_2-36-55 PM

Hello and welcome back to The Geeky Bachelor! Yesterday Divan chose six lucky ladies to stay and unfortunately Jessica and her dog, Alaska, were sent home.

Today, Divan and the ladies will stay at the mansion and get ready for a party tonight with a special dress code.

09-29-19_2-37-10 PM

Marshmallow is still seeking attention from Trish.

09-29-19_2-38-23 PM

While Pixel heads over to Gemma in order to wake her up. These poor pups – they aren’t getting much time with their owners, are they?

09-29-19_2-38-48 PM

Fifi is drinking out of the toilet! Bad girl! The ladies have a point – Mildred might have to look into training for this naughty doggie!

09-29-19_2-39-31 PM

Cairo is sleeping on the couch, which seems really comfortable for a dog of her size!

09-29-19_2-40-38 PM

D.J. is barking – we’re just not sure whether he’s barking at the wall, the other dogs or the ladies trying to sleep in their beds.

09-29-19_2-42-03 PM

“I’m still sad about last night,” Nancy says after getting up. “I can’t get the sight of Lila kissing Divan like that out of my head.”

09-30-19_2-23-45 PM

“Ugh…Pixel!” Gemma shouts. “Why’d you have to wake me up this early?”

09-30-19_2-24-11 PM

Poor Nancy is crying it out in bed while Fifi watches.

09-30-19_2-30-58 PM

It looks like Fifi is flirting with D.J. here! They look so cute in their outfits – almost like they’re on their own little date or something!

09-30-19_2-31-24 PM

Pixel doesn’t like the music blasting on the stereo. Why’s it still on in the first place?

09-30-19_2-32-43 PM

Cairo and Daisy are playing with each other. So adorable!

09-30-19_2-34-57 PM

“Guess it’s time to get ready and wipe away my sorrows,” Nancy sighs.

09-30-19_2-41-18 PM

After getting ready, she fills the dogs’ food bowls. Fifi was busy emptying them all! Thanks, Nancy!

09-30-19_2-43-11 PM

Gemma seems really happy so early in the morning. We wonder why…

09-30-19_2-43-27 PM

Could this guy be the reason? We’d hope so! Divan just woke up. “I’m just happy to be spending time with all the ladies again,” he says. “Yesterday was fun and everything, but after a while it gets tiring. At least here, I’m close to bed!”

09-30-19_2-45-07 PM

Speaking of beds, Nikki just woke up. “This bedroom is wonderful,” she says. “But I’m a little lonely up here being away from the other girls and I miss Jess. So bummed she had to go home.”

09-30-19_2-49-33 PM

Nancy got the inspiration to do some painting. I’m excited to see the end result!

09-30-19_2-51-29 PM

“I need a toilet ASAP!” Divan shouts, trying to hold it in while heading to the nearest bathroom.

09-30-19_2-53-09 PM

Nancy’s painting is beautiful! But it looks a little gloomy with that structure looking so isolated in the middle of the ocean. Are you trying to tell us something, Nancy?

09-30-19_2-54-33 PM

Even though the butler’s busy preparing this morning’s meal, the ladies are snacking on popcorn while they wait.

“I’m so hungry!” Lila shouts. “A girl’s gotta eat, you know!”

09-30-19_2-55-05 PM

Nikki’s bathroom is so fancy! Heck, even I’m jealous of her!

09-30-19_2-56-33 PM

A lucky girl indeed…

09-30-19_2-58-28 PM

“I’m certain that the butler’s “breakfast” won’t fill me up for the rest of the day,” Mildred says. “I’ll have to eat some popcorn, so I don’t starve to death!”

09-30-19_3-05-00 PM

While everyone’s sitting down for breakfast, a special guest stops by. Anyone recognise him?

09-30-19_3-06-45 PM

“Hello, ladies,” the pink-haired man greets. “For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Izzy Fabulous – the most well known stylist in Del Sol Valley! It’s my job to make sure one lucky lady looks absolutely fabulous for every three consecutive days!”

09-30-19_3-07-37 PM

“Today, that lucky lady is Nikki!” Divan shouts.

“Nikki, girl, that outfit is cute…don’t get me wrong,” Izzy says while eating his food. “But I have something else in mind for tonight.”

09-30-19_3-14-14 PM

“You look really cute,” Divan compliments Trish.

“Thanks!” Trish replies. “I had to change to a little less clothing – it’s like a hundred degrees outside!”

09-30-19_3-15-22 PM

Lila plays some Blickblock. Maybe she’s trying to level up her gaming skill to impress the bachelor?

09-30-19_3-23-04 PM

Gemma’s also getting her geek on, playing the PC version of Blickblock. Everyone’s just having fun today!

09-30-19_3-24-31 PM

“You look even cuter in that swimsuit,” Divan says to Trish as she joins him in the fountain pool.

09-30-19_3-25-32 PM

They stare into each other’s eyes while Gemma dances behind them.

09-30-19_3-25-47 PM

“So, where’d you like to go on our date tomorrow?” Divan asks.

“Maybe the Stargazer Lounge in San Myshuno,” Trish replies. “I hear it has a really romantic vibe and being Asian, I’ve been meaning to go to San Myshuno to get back to my roots and see where I really come from.”

09-30-19_3-28-14 PM

“Hey, sexy,” Lila greets Divan and kisses him on the cheek. “I’ve been thinking about you all night and and have been missing you since our date.”

09-30-19_3-28-52 PM

Nancy seems to have cheered up – I’m so happy to see that!

09-30-19_3-29-17 PM

“I think I get why Mildred likes these shows so much,” Trish says while watching an old TV show in the living room. “They’re surprisingly entertaining!”

09-30-19_3-29-41 PM

Lila seems really pleased with herself after greeting Divan. Gemma, however, seems furious.

09-30-19_3-30-04 PM

“I can’t believe you keep letting her do that in front of everyone!” Gemma says and starts to cry.

09-30-19_3-31-57 PM

“This is how it feels!” she shouts and slaps Divan in the face multiple times. “Like a big slap in the face!”

09-30-19_3-32-53 PM

Divan then goes to Nancy to try get his mind off what just happened. “Hey, cutie. I hope your day’s been better than mine…”

09-30-19_3-35-46 PM

He later goes to Nikki who just went to the bathroom. An awkward place to be intimate, but who are we to judge?

09-30-19_3-37-58 PM

Poor Gemma is crying in her bedroom. My heart breaks to see her like this…

09-30-19_3-39-19 PM

At least Divan and Nancy seem to be having fun watching the clouds outside.

09-30-19_3-42-33 PM

Nancy is having a nap on the bedroom couch – probably getting her beauty sleep before the party.

09-30-19_3-47-45 PM

“Hello, my love,” Mildred greets Divan. “I’ve been missing you!”

“Hi, Mildred,” Divan greets awkwardly.

09-30-19_3-49-49 PM

“Can I get a kiss?” Mildred asks.

“Not now!” Divan shouts. “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I really need to get ready for tonight. I suggest you do the same.”

09-30-19_3-51-55 PM

“I like your style and how you stay true to yourself – I really do,” Izzy tells Mildred. “But what if I changed your look for just one night? The bachelor wouldn’t be able to keep his eyes and hands off you and all the other girls would envy you…”

“Never!” Mildred answers. “I won’t change for anyone – not even the bachelor!”

09-30-19_3-52-13 PM

Nikki’s also playing some Blickblock. It seems like the gaming bug has bit everyone last night!

09-30-19_3-52-41 PM

Gemma seems heartbroken. I wonder how’s she going to fare tonight – she doesn’t seem like she’s in the mood for a party, especially with Divan and the other ladies around.

09-30-19_3-53-08 PM

Lila’s also napping before the party. I hope these girls are planning to get ready soon! The party’s about to begin!

09-30-19_3-53-50 PM

“I can already envision me and Divan getting married,” Nancy says. “Him in his wedding suit, waiting anxiously for me to walk down the aisle in my wedding dress…it’ll be a dream come true!”

09-30-19_3-54-22 PM

“Guess it’s time to get ready for the party,” Divan sighs. “Each day’s just getting harder and harder…”

09-30-19_3-57-22 PM

Nikki seems like the only one who’s really excited for the party! Get to to your room, Nikki! It’s time to get ready!

Author’s Notes: Thanks for reading. A lot happened here: some good things, some awkward things and some really terrible things. I didn’t expect Gemma to react the way she did after Lila flirted with Divan. Their relationship took a huge hit after she slapped him – I’m not sure whether they can fix things before the next rose ceremony. Divan seems so disinterested in Mildred for some reason, but it could also be because of the incident with Gemma. She always catches him at the wrong time! Nancy on the other hand, is already whimming to get married to Divan.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments. Is Divan and Gemma’s relationship irreparable at this point or will they be able to go back the way they were before the rose ceremony? Will there ever be a moment that’s not awkward between Mildred and Divan? Are the other ladies better suited for him perhaps?