Day 5, Part 2: Black & White Bash

09-30-19_4-01-12 PM

Hello everyone and welcome back to The Geeky Bachelor! Before the break, Divan and the ladies were seen hanging out at the mansion and Gemma getting jealous about seeing Lila and Divan being intimate, slapping Divan in the face several times.

We’re here at the mansion, where a black and white bash will take place this evening. For those who don’t know what it entails, all the guests basically dress in black, white or a combination of black and white and enjoy classical music – something Mildred would definitely enjoy!

Divan just got dressed in a black suit jacket and white shirt and pants, looking classicaly handsome.

09-30-19_4-01-26 PM

Izzy is rocking a black suit with a white polo neck sweater underneath. What’s wrong with Pixel’s paws and nose? I don’t think they’re supposed to glow like that and I’m sure Izzy’s thinking the same thing…

09-30-19_4-01-34 PM

Nancy put on a white dress with black straps, black stockings and white heels. Looking good, Nancy!

09-30-19_4-02-16 PM

Trish looks stunning in a little black number with matching black stockings and heels.

09-30-19_4-02-39 PM

Mildred looks elegant in a black and white shoulder dress with white stockings and black heels.

09-30-19_4-03-12 PM

Gemma looks pretty in a black dress, white stockings and black heels.

09-30-19_4-03-31 PM

Lila looks gorgeous in a little black dress with matching stockings and heels.

09-30-19_4-04-16 PM

Trish decided to get down to some classical tunes while waiting for the pianist to arrive. Nikki joins her while waiting for Izzy.

09-30-19_4-04-46 PM

“Uh, you’re a celebrity stylist, right?” Nikki asks Izzy.

“I think I’ve made that obvious several times,” Izzy replies.

“Then why is another lady wearing the exact same dress as me?” Nikki asks angrily. “Look at Trish here – she probably looks the best tonight with her unique outfit! Maybe I should ask her to be my stylist next time.”

09-30-19_4-09-14 PM

Divan, Izzy and the ladies all gather around in the living room, checking each other out.

09-30-19_4-11-26 PM

“Well, first of all, all of you ladies look absolutely beautiful,” Divan begins.

09-30-19_4-13-35 PM

“Tonight there will be no loud music, gaming, watching TV or using cellphones – we will listen to classical music, have a formal dinner and have intelligent conversations.”

09-30-19_4-14-29 PM

“I know your wardrobe choices were limited and that some of you look very similiar, but don’t fret – everyone looks absolutely stunning in their own way.”

09-30-19_4-15-33 PM

“Well, I for one am absolutely delighted to be a guest at this bash, which includes some of my most favourite activities!” Mildred exclaims. Trish and Nikki smile at each other, as if they’re thinking the same thing.

09-30-19_4-21-25 PM

Some of the guests leave to use the bathrooms, while the rest stay seated and talk. “We all know I’m the best looking lady tonight,” Lila says. “But you girls look good, too!”

Gemma tries to hide her pain, sitting next to the Sim she currently hates.

09-30-19_4-27-05 PM

“Isn’t the point of sitting at the dining table to have dinner?” Mildred asks later. “We’ve been sitting here for hours and the special caterer hasn’t even arrived yet!”

09-30-19_4-29-08 PM

“Patience, Mildred,” Divan answers. “I’m sure he’s on his way!”

“Well, excuse me for wanting to live!” Mildred says sarcastically.

09-30-19_4-29-30 PM

Trish and Nancy leave to watch the pianist perform. There’s just something so timeless about classical music and it always sounds beautiful.

09-30-19_4-35-03 PM

The caterer finally arrives to whip up the meal. I wonder what it is…

09-30-19_4-35-54 PM

“I’m done,” Gemma sighs and heads to bed. “Worst. Day. Of. My. Life.”

09-30-19_4-36-34 PM

Everyone else is getting really tired, too.

09-30-19_4-37-00 PM

“This is preposterous!” Mildred shouts. “Totally unacceptable!”

09-30-19_4-38-46 PM

“Where’s a bed when you need one?!” a drowsy Trish asks.

09-30-19_4-39-59 PM

Looks like everyone called it a night and went to bed.

09-30-19_4-40-25 PM

Poor Gemma…we hope she feels better tomorrow and that her date with Divan goes well!

09-30-19_4-41-15 PM

“This bash was an epic fail,” Divan says as he climbs into bed. “Oh well, I tried…”

09-30-19_4-47-36 PM

Lila can’t go to bed with an empty stomach, so she grabs some leftover sandwiches from the fridge.

09-30-19_5-52-47 PM

The dogs all gather together by the door like they’re plotting something…

That was it, folks! Tune in tomorrow to see Divan go on solo dates with the ladies. These dates will be a make-or-break for some of the relationships…

Author’s Notes: Thanks for reading. As you probably noticed, this wasn’t exactly the party of the year. The caterer and pianist took forever to arrive and the butler couldn’t make the specific meals required for the party goals. Eventually, everyone got tired and autonomously went to bed. It was quite amusing, though.

What are your thoughts? Who wore it best? Is Izzy not as fabulous as he claims to be? What did you think about the party? Let me know in the comments!