Day 6, Part 1: Solo Date With Gemma

09-30-19_6-27-34 PM

Hello and welcome to The Geeky Bachelor! On the last episode, we saw Divan and the ladies throwing a black & white bash at the mansion, which ended in total disaster.

Today, Divan will go on solo dates with some of the ladies. We are here at The Old Salt House, an old house in San Myshuno that’s recently been converted into a seafood restaurant, where Divan and Gemma’s date takes place.

“Hello,” Divan greets the hostess. “A table for two please.”

“Right this way sir,” the hostess replies.

09-30-19_6-32-49 PM

“Hello Gemma,” Divan greets. “You can order whatever you like for us. Surprise me.”

09-30-19_6-33-58 PM

“Hi there,” Gemma greets the waiter. “Could both of us have some grilled salmon and glasses of lemonade, please?”

“Sure thing,” the waiter replies.

09-30-19_6-34-41 PM

“You look like a real gem today!” Divan compliments.

“Aw, thank you,” Gemma replies. “You don’t look too bad yourself!”

09-30-19_6-36-09 PM

“Nice place, isn’t it?” Divan asks.

09-30-19_6-36-44 PM

“It’s beautiful and so cosy!” Gemma replies.

09-30-19_7-08-58 PM

“How are you feeling today?” Divan asks. “With everything that happened yesterday…”

“Much better,” Gemma replies. “We’re here now and that’s all that matters.”

09-30-19_7-09-38 PM

“Lila is really unpredictable at times,” Divan says. “Every time she kisses me in front of you other girls, I don’t see it coming and I just want to scream “Stop it, Lila! This is really inappropriate!”

09-30-19_7-10-08 PM

They are interrupted by the waiter who arrives with their meal.

“Bon appetite,” the waiter says.

09-30-19_7-10-54 PM

“This looks amazing!” Divan says.

“It really does!” Gemma agrees.

09-30-19_7-16-58 PM

“Anyway, I couldn’t tell her that, because I didn’t want to hurt her feelings, which ended up hurting all you other girls’ feelings. It’s not what I wanted at all.”

Gemma just listens in silence.

09-30-19_7-17-37 PM

“This smells absolutely devine, doesn’t it?” Divan asks and smells the food.

“It does,” Gemma replies.

09-30-19_7-18-23 PM

“Are you guys okay?” the waiter asks.

“Yes, thanks,” Divan answers.

“Glad to hear that,” the waiter replies and leaves.

09-30-19_7-19-10 PM

“This lemonade goes really well with the meal,” Gemma says.

“It does,” Divan agrees. “Though it’s a little cold on my teeth.”

09-30-19_7-19-37 PM

“I might need to use the bathroom soon,” Divan says. “Stomach full, bladder empty – that’s how it goes with me and my fast metabolism!”

“No problem,” Gemma smiles.

09-30-19_7-20-24 PM

They finish their meal in complete silence.

09-30-19_7-21-40 PM

Then, waiters arrive to take their dishes and Divan leaves to use the bathroom.

Gemma smiles, pleased with how the date went.

09-30-19_7-22-27 PM

She proceeds to post on Simstagram, which reads: “Best. Date. Ever.”

09-30-19_7-24-02 PM

Divan returns and asks Gemma if she’s ready to leave.

“I am,” she replies. “This was great – I wish every day could be like this…”

That was it, folks! Tune in after the break to see how Divan’s next date with Trish goes!

Author’s Notes: Thanks for reading. This date went surprisingly well, even though they didn’t have much time to talk things out. We’ll just have to wait and see if the date made up for the previous day’s troubles.

What do you think? Did the date go well enough to fix things with Gemma or is their relationship doomed to fail?