Day 7, Part 1: Goodbye, Del Sol Valley

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Hello and welcome back to The Geeky Bachelor! On the last episode, we saw Divan go on dates with Trish and Gemma. Today, our ladies will spend their last day in Del Sol Valley and pack their bags for the next destination!

Mildred decided to go for an evening swim the night before the last day. D.J. enjoys observing her.

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Lila watches some TV outside. “It’ll be so funny to see myself on TV – it’ll be awesome, but it’s still crazy how this is all a show!”

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“I didn’t know Divan is a weatherman,” Izzy comments while watching the weather broadcast on TV, noticing that the weatherman looks a lot like Divan.


Trish also went for an evening swim after her date. “I needed to cool off a bit,” Trish says. “Things got really steamy during that date!”


Mildred and Lila then browse the web for properties – hey ladies, you won’t be moving into an actual house if one of you wins in the end!


Nancy dances like there’s no tomorrow – hey, it’s her last day in Del Sol Valley! You do you, girl!


Gemma, the dance machine, also dances the night away. Can I join the party?


Even Cairo goes for a swim – everyone’s either swimming or dancing it seems!


Poor Marshmallow and Pixel are just waiting for someone to fill the food bowl.


“I’ll miss the place,” Mildred says. “So many great memories!”


Nikki joined the club and is also dancing now! I just wonder why they’re all dancing on their own…


“Guess it’s time for bed now!” Trish says as she heads to her room. “That date is unforgettable…”


Fifi is looking nervous…what did you do, Fifi?


The next morning Mildred is telling the butler how the breakfast should be made. “Make it snappy!” Mildred shouts. “I’m starving!”


The ladies then sit down for breakfast. “This tastes like nothing,” Nancy says, as Mildred heads to the bathroom.


“So, this is goodbye then,” Nikki says as she has one last view of the city. “The bright lights…paparazzi…the glitz and the glamour…fame and fortune – I’m kissing all of that goodbye if I end up winning.


Are you scared of going home tonight, Mildred?

“Who? Me?” Mildred asks. “Honey, I’m not going anywhere!”


Trish has a quick nap before the rose ceremony tonight.


Fifi just made a mess and is sleeping in it.

“Ugh…I should just throw this dog away with the trash…” the butler mumbles.


Are you aware that Fifi is misbehaving, Mildred?

“My Fifi is an absolute angel,” Mildred replies. “She’d never put a paw wrong!”


“Are you ready to leave the city?” Divan asks Nikki.

“I guess so,” Nikki smiles. “You’re worth it!”


Lila plays some BlickBlock before getting ready. Pixel seems to love all the pixels floating up in the air…

Author’s Notes Thanks for reading. The ladies seemed to know it was their last day in Del Sol Valley – they all swam, danced and had a blast on their last night and day. Mildred and Fifi cracked me up with their behaviour! 

Do you think this is the last time Nikki will see Del Sol Valley? Who do you think will go home at the rose ceremony later in the evening? Leave your thoughts in the comments.