Day 7, Part 2: The Second Rose Ceremony


Hello and welcome back to The Geeky Bachelor! Tonight we are here with Divan and the ladies for the very last time in Del Sol Valley, where the second rose ceremony is taking place. Look at those tense-looking faces!


Everyone seems anxious tonight, except Nancy – it seems like she enjoys seeing the others sweat a little! Even Mildred isn’t looking so sure of herself!


“I just hate these things,” Divan says. “Why? Just why do I have to be the one who breaks someone’s heart?”


“Nikki,” he calls. “Nikki, will you please accept this rose?”

“I will,” Nikki replies. “Thank you.”


“Trish,” Divan calls. “Trish, will you please accept this rose?”

“Absolutely!” Trish replies. “Thank you.”


“Lila,” Divan calls. “Lila, will you please accept this rose?”

“Yes,” Lila replies. “Thanks, babe.”


“Mildred,” Divan calls. “Mildred, will you please accept this rose?”

“Why wouldn’t I?” Mildred replies. “Thanks, darling!”

The last rose remains.


“Nancy,” Divan calls. “Nancy, will you please accept this rose?”

“Of course!” Nancy replies. “Thank you.”


Divan calls Gemma and hugs her goodbye.


“So this is it, then?” Gemma asks.

“Unfortunately, yes,” Divan replies. “Our relationship isn’t what it was once and it breaks my heart to break yours.”


Gemma begins to cry. “I’m so, so sorry,” Divan says and tries to console her. “I know it’s a cheezy thing to say, but it’s not you – it’s me. You are absolutely wonderful and you are going to meet the perfect guy for you. It’s just not me. And on the bright side, you can finally spend more time with Pixel and take her to a vet clinic – there was no time in our hectic schedule for that!”


Goodbye, Gemma! Leaving the mansion like the gorgeous champ you are! We will miss you and wish you all the best with your journey to find love!


Aww…Pixel is heartbroken to be leaving D.J. behind. Even Izzy seems really upset, as he escorts Pixel out of the mansion.

That was it, folks! Tune in tomorrow, where the ladies will be somewhere a little more…tropical.

Author’s Notes Thanks for reading. It’s one of those times again, unfortunately. I thought it’d be Gemma in the end, but it didn’t happen that way. Now all the geeky girls are gone! Luckily, Divan managed to cheer Gemma up before she left the mansion. Poor Pixel!

What do you think? Did Divan make the right choices? Will you miss Gemma as much as I will? Leave your thoughts in the comments.