Day 8, Part 1: A Shocking Twist


Hello and welcome to The Geeky Bachelor! We are here at the beautiful island of Sulani, where the ladies are staying this week.


Lila decides to stick a note and write on the board.


Fifi seems to have run away, which really upset Mildred. She’s placing ads on the web, asking other Sims to help find her.


“Some tea might help everyone relax,” Lila says as she brews some tea. “We sure need it!”


“This is a terrible start to this week,” Divan says. “Saying goodbye to someone, losing Fifi and the girls getting jealous over me!”


Trish has been chosen as the lucky lady to have her own room for the next three days! She seems really happy.


But in reality, she’s shattered. Losing a friend, seeing someone else’s dog get lost and having to deal with her boyfriend dating five other women is enough to make anyone cry.


Nancy chooses to distract herself with BlickBlock instead.


“Hey, Mildred,” Trish greets. “I’m really sorry about your dog. If you want, I could take Marshmallow for a walk and look for her.”

“Oh, thank you Trish,” Mildred replies. “You are too kind.”


A bit later, Divan joins Mildred on a bench. “Mind if I join you?” he asks.

“Not at all,” Mildred answers.


“I’m so sorry that Fifi went missing,” he says. “I promise to do everything I can to help you find her.”

“Thank you, sweetheart,” Mildred replies.


Lila’s note reads: “In every change, in every falling leaf there is some pain, some beauty. And that’s the way new leaves grow.”


“I’m so sorry that I haven’t paid much attention to you,” Divan says and embraces Mildred. “I’ve been a real jerk at times.”


“So this is what it feels like to have your heart ripped out of your chest,” Lila says as she notices Divan being close with Mildred.


“Come, Marshmallow!” Trish calls. “Let’s look for Fifi, shall we?”


As Trish and Marshmallow go looking for Fifi, Nancy decides to go snorkelling.


“You’re the one for me!” Mildred shouts.

“Aww,” Divan replies. There’s a moment of silence between them. “What am I doing?” he asks. “I know exactly what I want – who I want, I mean!”


“Guess I’ll go pack my things now,” Lila says and heads to her room. “Maybe this isn’t meant to be.”


He runs to Lila and kisses her passionately.


“It’s you!” Divan says to Lila. “It’s always been you!”

“I hoped you’d come around and realize that someday!” Lila replies.


Are you thinking what I’m thinking?


“Hello,” Divan calls the producers. “There’s been a change of plans – get the camera crew at Sand Simoleon Beach. I have something else in mind for today…”

Author’s Notes: Thanks for reading. If you’re shocked and confused, I am too. I’ll explain more in the next post, but you can probably guess what happened here on your own.

What do you think Divan is planning? Are you surprised or did you see this coming? Leave your thoughts in the comments.