Day 8, Part 2: The Final Rose


Hello and welcome back to The Geeky Bachelor! Before the break, Divan seemed to have chosen Lila as the lady he wants to be with! Does she feel the same way? Let’s find out!

“Hello, gorgeous,” Divan greets. “Before we dive in head first, let’s just lie down for a while.”


They lie down and hold each other while looking at the sky.


“See those two clouds?” Divan asks. “I’ve seen them several times before – they always seem to be connected to each other, as if both of them form one big cloud. I want us to be like those two clouds.”

“Me too,” Lila agrees.


“I’m FREE!!!” Teulia, the butler yells as she runs into the ocean. “Free at last!”


“I love you, Lila,” Divan says and hugs her. “Unconditionally and unrelentingly.”


“I just hope you feel the same way about me…”


“Now this…this is PARADISE!” Teulia exclaims while relaxing on a floatee.


“Will you marry me, Lila Kaplan?” Divan asks and bends down on one knee. “Let’s start a legacy together.”


“Yes!” Lila answers and he puts a diamond ring on her finger. “Yes a million times and more! This ring is so beautiful, my love – it must have cost a fortune!”

“A queen like you deserves the best!” Divan shouts. “And I’ll be your king!”


She jumps into his arms and he gently swings her from left to right.


“One last question,” Divan says. “Will you accept this final rose?”

“Absolutely!” Lila laughs.


“Well Cairo, looks like it’s you, me, Lila and D.J. together forever,” Divan says. “We’re a family now!”


They stand under the wedding arch. “Never in a thousand years, would I have guessed that you’d be the one for me and that I’d meet the love of my life on a reality show,” Divan says. “But that’s how it happened and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”


They exchange rings. “This is such a nice ring!” Divan says as he looks at his new wedding ring. “I never wore rings before!”


They seal their elopement with a kiss and confetti gets thrown on them from a helicopter above.


“Forever?” Lila asks and embraces Divan.

“Forever,” Divan replies.

There you have it folks! Divan and Lila are married now! We’ve been told that Trish and Marshmallow found Fifi on their walk, which made Mildred really happy.  Apparently, Nikki took Fifi on a walk along the shores, as she was really missing her deceased pink poodle who was also named Fifi. We had to let all the other ladies know what happened with Divan and Lila and ask them to pack their belongings – some were sad, some were furious and everyone was shocked, or flabbergasted, as Mildred put it.

But love wins – love always wins! Congratulations to Divan and Lila – here’s to the start of a beautiful love story!

Author’s NotesI’m just as surprised as you are at what happened here…I didn’t see it coming at all! I had so many plans – I planned to have a group date at the beach, have some romantic one-on-one dates on the beautiful island of Sulani (maybe even a spa day!), etc. I wanted the last three ladies to go to Selvadorada! But nope, Divan made up his mind. 

A part of me thought that something like this might happen, but I didn’t think it would be this soon and that he’d choose Lila. They are so incredibly different, but maybe their differences complete them. I’ve noticed that in real life, I can’t date someone who is exactly like or too similar to me either. I personally wanted him to be with Gemma in the end, then when she was eliminated, I wanted him to be with Trish or Nikki! This goes to show that what you have in mind for your Sim(s), may not be what they want at all!

The funny thing is that they didn’t have such a high relationship when he decided to marry her. He was SOULMATES with Trish and Lila was the third lowest relationship! Immediately after arriving at Sulani, he whimmed to get to know Mildred, then he whimmed to embrace Mildred, then he whimmed to GET MARRIED TO LILA! You gotta love how it happened, though: Mildred made him realize who he truly wanted to be with!

Thank you to everyone who’s been a part of this one, whether you submitted one of the lovely ladies for the challenge or just followed along! Guess I’ll start the legacy challenge now!