This is Family

Vet Participant nov 2019

My name is Ashton and this is my family. It’s Thanksgiving and we’re all gathered here at the dining table of my grandparents’ house.

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Grandma Betty is an excellent cook and the glue that keeps this family together. She prepared every meal on this table, just like she does at every other Thanksgiving, Christmas dinner and other family gatherings. She’s also a really good person, often preparing meals for the less fortunate and helping those in need.

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Grampa Joe passed away earlier this year due to health complications. He was a smoker, you see, and eventually lung cancer took the best of him. He was such a goofball and loved playing with his grandkids. I miss him every day, but I still feel his presence during times like these.

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Aunt Ashley is considered by some to be the black sheep of the family. She was always rebellious and became pregnant at the age of 13. Her then boyfriend left her to raise their child all on her own. She later suffered from depression and also became an alcoholic. She almost lost everything, but with the help of therapy and support from family, she rose above it all and has been sober and depression-free for a few months now.

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Her daughter, my cousin Grace, has been staying with Grandma and Grampa for most of her life. She often wonders what her life would’ve been like with her father in it, but she’s made peace with the fact that she may never meet him.

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Uncle Sam knew he was romantically interested in guys ever since he was a young boy. When he came out, Grampa was a little disappointed at first, but eventually learned to accept that part of him. Grandma says she always knew and didn’t mind at all – as long as he was happy, she was too. He’s now happily married to a guy named Dave and they have two young children who were conceived through a surrogate mother, twin siblings Lenny and Jenny. They are such wonderful parents and just really kind people in general.

Mom and Dad have been together since high school. Mom was the cheerleader and Dad was the football captain. Such a cliché, I know. They got married after graduating college and tried to have a baby soon after. They were both really attractive and everyone always said they’d have beautiful babies. Unfortunately, Mom was told that she would never be able to have a child of her own.

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That’s when they looked into adopting and found me at the orphanage, when I was barely a month old. Mom says she immediately felt a connection with me and knew I was hers the moment she laid her eyes on me.

I never felt like I didn’t belong in the family. Yes, I look different from everyone else, but family is so much more than just your blood relatives and I’m reminded of that every day. I’m eternally thankful to have been taken in by such a loving and accepting group of people and can’t put into words what they all mean to me.

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Soon I’ll be heading off to college to start a new chapter in my life, but home is where the heart is and mine will always be right here.

Author’s Notes:  Happy belated Thanksgiving to the folks in America! I have decided to participate in the Monthly SimLit Short Story Challenge this month, organized by LisaBee, EA Game Changer for The Sims 4 and fellow SimLit writer. The theme for this month is “Family” and it was required that the story should be written in first person (though my entries always are). I decided to enter as a Veteran this month, since it’s my first blogaversary and I was one of the winners in the Novice category a few times now. 

It was such a mission to get all these Sims to sit down, especially the toddlers. Their parents kept taking them out of the high chairs autonomously! I also had to make Betty prepare the food again, because enough time went by trying to get everyone in place that the food got spoiled!

I kindly invite you to please read all the stories entered for this challenge at the end of the month and vote for your top three choices in both categories (Novice and Veteran), meaning you will have a total of six votes. Any vote that doesn’t contain three votes in each category will be thrown out, so please vote for three Novice stories and three Veteran stories!