The Life of Veronica Grey: Part 2


I realized that if I don’t want my parents to ever find me, I’d have to actually leave town and go somewhere they’d never think of looking. I always hated coastal towns – they were always reeking of raw fish and just generally disgusted me.


So, I took the last Simoleons I stole from my parents to book a one-way ticket to Brindleton Bay. As I explored the town, which I hated by the way, I met a red-headed woman named Catarina Lynx. She was the kind of lady who’d constantly adopt stray cats and let their kittens sleep in the same bassinet she was born in.

She seemed nice enough, though, and invited me to her home. There, I told her my sad little life story and she immediately offered to let me stay for as long as I needed to. She was also the proud owner of the Salty Paws Saloon and suggested I play my guitar there – perhaps I could earn some tips.


I started playing there every Friday and Saturday night, when people would flock the place. They really seemed to enjoy my music and tipped well. It looked like things were finally looking up for me.

One evening a particular tipper caught my eye. She was young, around my age, and drop-dead gorgeous. She seemed to have appeared out of nowhere and was really mysterious to me.


A few weeks later, my water broke and I went into labour. Neither I or Catarina could afford to go to the hospital, so I had no choice but to give birth at Cat’s home. I didn’t know anything about the whole process and Cat, who assisted with the birth of Josi’s kitten, didn’t know much either.

It was a long and exhausting day, but eventually my little nooboo entered the world. I named him Gabriel (and nicknamed him Gabe), because he was my gift from heaven. I cradled him in my arms and promised to love and protect him until my dying breath.

I felt that it was the perfect time to count my earnings, as the day finally arrived for me to buy diapers, bottles and all sorts of baby necessities. I could recall the mysterious young woman throwing quite a handful the other day and I also found a note in my suitcase, where I kept all my tips. It read:

There’s plenty more where that came from. If you’re interested, meet me at the abandoned boathouse.


Intrigued, I made my way to the boathouse. It seemed isolated, but still I knocked on the door. “Come in,” a voice called.

The young woman was sitting on a blue sofa in the poorly lighted living room. Quite frankly, the whole place was really dark and sparsely furnished.


“Sit,” she said and pointed to the couch. She introduced herself as Jayne Ayer and told me what she actually does for a living. I wanted to make a run for it, but she piqued my interest when I realized just how wealthy she was.

She taught me all the tricks of the trade and soon we were robbing malls, stalls, grocery stores and even people’s pockets. Nobody ever caught us. We were the dream team; we were unstoppable.


The days flew by and before I knew it, it was Gabe’s first birthday. It was the day where I would finally stop worrying about money and start planning our future. Gabe had his father’s eyes and nose, but otherwise, he looked just like me.

Jayne had a big heist planned for the evening. The biggest one the Bay has seen in years. We would rob one of the biggest jewellery stores in the world and we’d be billionaires in the next few days.

Jayne planned everything to the finest detail and made sure the store would be quiet. No one was there. It was practically a piece of cake.


Jayne handed me a baseball bat and commanded me to start smashing the jewellery displays. I followed her word like it was law. We took everything and escaped without a trace.


I snuck into Cat’s home like I did every other night on duty. This time was different – in her PJ’s, Cat awaited me at the door.

“WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!” she started yelling. “And don’t even think of another lame excuse – I know you’ve been lying to me.”

She started pointing out what a horrible mother I was and that she was practically raising my son. Worst of all, she was completely right. I also haven’t been doing my part around the house and she’s had enough.

“You have a few days to prepare and then you’re out,” she said and went back to bed. I didn’t have a home, but soon I could buy my own one. I could afford the biggest, fanciest house in Del Sol Valley. Who cares if the crazy cat lady throws me out into the streets for a couple of days?

The day arrived where Gabe and I had to part ways with Catarina and my bank account was still empty. Worried, I called Jayne.

“Hello, Jayne,” I greeted. “Didn’t you say the money would be in my account in no more than five working days?”


“I did,” Jayne answered. “But I lied. Next to stealing, lying is one of my primary talents. I took all the money for myself and now I’m living my best life. Oh, and don’t even bother looking for me – you’ll never, ever find me.”


“When you go to hell, send my regards to my parents,” I said, boiling with anger, and ended the call.

Starting to lose every sense of hope, I noticed a piece of paper, half buried in the snow. It was a map, leading to a destination not far from here.


I grabbed Gabe, stole a boat at the docks and made my way there. I didn’t know whether this was a sign or not, but it had to be. It just had to.

Author’s NotesThanks for reading! I have decided to participate in the Monthly SimLit Short Story Challenge this month, organized by LisaBee, EA Game Changer for The Sims 4 and fellow SimLit writer. The theme for this month is to continue the story of your protagonist from January and include another writer’s character as an antagonist. I have decided to use breckenridge‘s Jayne Ayer. I had a blast with this character and wrote something I would never have written otherwise – I really love this theme!

I kindly invite you to please read all the stories entered for this challenge at the end of the month and vote for your top three choices in both categories (Novice and Veteran), meaning you will have a total of six votes. Any vote that doesn’t contain three votes in each category will be thrown out, so please vote for three Novice stories and three Veteran stories!



Here’s a few images just for the fun of it. I really like this image of Veronica jamming her guitar.


Jayne looking at me deviously before she threw her tip in Veronica’s suitcase. You can also notice Qnshr5’s Wendy Charring as the bartender in the background. I added everyone’s Sims to my game, lol.