Monthly SimLit Short Story Challenge: April 2020 Theme & March 2020 Submissions

Time to vote! This three months were really fun and all the stories were awesome! Also excited about the new theme!


Before I get started, I want to give some HIGH marks to the scribblers who jumped on this crazy idea of a 3-month-short-story writer’s collab.

I am pretty sure we all felt some degree of trepidation as we embarked.

But embark we did!

How would this end up looking for those who would stick it out for the three months?

Well, I can tell you!

For the ones with the audacity to start and the fortitude to finish,

as you are about to find out,

are looking mighty good!

NOT A BAD story in the lot.

Wonderful job!

00 art line

Please note:

Part 1 of this blog will present the upcoming monthly theme, banner links and challenge specifics for the current month.

Part 2 will contain links to the previous month’s submissions and a link to vote in each category (veteran or novice).

After the vote closes an update to this blog…

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