GloPoWriMo – Day 22

Be Fearless


Take ears to the field,

Take eyes to the farm

There is no cause for alarm


Let me give you some advice:

There’s no cow on the ice!


Don’t go anywhere,

Just sit on your arse

This too shall pass


Nothing ever lasts.

Daily Prompt: find an idiomatic phrase from a different language or culture, and use it as the jumping-off point for your poem.” From Na/GloPoWriMo

I used these two idioms that I got from

The Swedish idiom: Det är ingen ko på isen
Literal translation: “There’s no cow on the ice.”
What it means: “There’s no need to worry. We also use ‘Det är ingen fara på taket,’ or ‘There’s no danger on the roof,’ to mean the same thing.”


The Thai idiom: เอาหูไปนา เอาตาไปไร่
Literal translation: “Take ears to the field, take eyes to the farm.”
What it means: “It means ‘don’t pay any attention.’ Almost like ‘don’t bring your eyes and ears with you.’ If that were possible.”