GloPoWriMo – Day 28

My Very First Room


Before I had a brother, I had a room

But I lost it as soon as my brother left our mother’s womb

Its walls were white

Colours so bright

Blue and red

Were the colours of my bed

A closet full of toys

Soon there would be two boys

Many stains were made on the floor

When he was born, I was shown the door

I had a new room

But it was dark and full of gloom.

Daily Prompt: First, read this brief reminiscence of Emily Dickinson, written by her niece. And now, here is the prompt that the museum suggests:

Martha Dickinson Bianchi’s description of her aunt’s cozy room, scented with hyacinths and a crackling stove, warmly recalls the setting decades later. Describe a bedroom from your past in a series of descriptive paragraphs or a poem. It could be your childhood room, your grandmother’s room, a college dormitory or another significant space from your life.”

From Na/GloPoWriMo