Chapter 1: The Matson Family

How to stay calm during a thunderstorm“, Mya Cornwell types into the search bar on her computer’s browser. She’s always been tense during thunderstorms and today’s thunderstorm has taken its toll on her.

07-02-20_5-58-13 PM

How to come up with a convincing excuse not to do my homework”, Mya’s son, Dylan Matson, types into the search bar on the computer upstairs. When Mya and her husband, Reid Matson, got married, she opted to keep her maiden surname. When their son was born, they decided to let him use his father’s last name, though.

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It’s been almost ten years since Mya and Reid travelled abroad. They were once famous world adventurers who went backpacking from Granite Falls to Isla Paradiso. Once Mya fell pregnant with their first child, however, they decided to settle down in Brindleton Bay and retire from their adventuring.

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“This is some useful info on archaeology,” Reid notes while reading a book on archaeology. “Makes me want to travel again.” Reid now works as a local fisherman, while Mya is a stay-at-home mom.

07-02-20_6-36-26 PM

“Time to feed Mia again!” Dylan remembers and fills the automatic pet feeder. The family recently adopted Mia, their dog, from a nearby pet shelter.

07-02-20_6-50-21 PM

Mia is petrified of the thunderstorm, but naps peacefully on the front porch bench. The flowers are a calming presence.

07-02-20_6-38-06 PM

Reid reads his book, while Dylan completes his homework, both in total silence.

07-02-20_6-39-32 PM

“Hello, my dear,” Reid greets and kisses Mya on the cheek. “How are you holding up?”

07-02-20_6-41-20 PM

“I’m fine,” she answers.

“We all know that when a woman says that, she means she exact opposite. Now, tell me what’s bugging you.”

07-02-20_6-41-57 PM

“It’s that awful storm outside. You know I can’t stand it.”

“And eating chips calms you down a bit,” Reid replies.

07-02-20_6-42-09 PM

“These chips smell like heaven,” Mya says and holds the bowl closer to her nose.

“I have an idea!” Reid shouts and heads to the dining room.

07-02-20_6-43-11 PM

“Hey, bud!” Reid greets his son. “Need help with your homework?”

“Nah, I’m nearly finished,” Dylan replies. “But thanks, anyway.”

07-02-20_6-44-25 PM

“What if I told you you didn’t have to do homework for a whole week?” Reid asks.

07-02-20_6-48-17 PM

“No school?” Dylan asks.

“Nope,” Reid answers.

07-02-20_6-46-00 PM

“I’m in!” Dylan shouts.

07-02-20_6-47-04 PM

Back in the kitchen, Mya’s getting more anxious every second.

07-02-20_6-49-33 PM

Reid decided to make himself a salad. Quick and easy.

07-02-20_6-49-57 PM

Or so he thought. He accidentally cut his finger, but there’s no blood. “Plummit!” he shouts.

07-02-20_7-22-33 PM

The pain stops and he finishes making his salad. “I told you to be more careful in the kitchen,” Mya says. “We both know you’re no master chef.”

07-02-20_7-23-18 PM

She leaves to fetch Dylan’s bowl from the dining room and takes it to the dishwasher. “I’m so sick of having to clean up after everyone,” she mumbles angrily.

07-02-20_7-24-03 PM

“It feels like my head’s going to explode!” Mya yells and presses on her head to ease the tension.

“Come sit a while, dear,” Reid tells her.

07-02-20_7-25-12 PM

“So what happened while I was at work?” Reid enquires.

“Not much,” Mya replies.

07-02-20_7-25-55 PM

“Except when Mia tried to comfort me,” Mya remembers, with a sudden smile on her face. “She knows I’m scared of thunderstorms. Just one of the many things we have in common!”

07-02-20_7-26-12 PM

“She’s so sweet, isn’t she?” Reid smiles.

“The sweetest!” Mya laughs.

07-02-20_7-26-28 PM

“Not to blow my own horn, but your husband’s pretty sweet as well,” Reid says confidently.

“What do you mean?” Mya asks.

“I was thinking we should go back to Selvadorada,” Reid replies. “Dylan is older now and I think we could all use a break…”

“Are you insane?!” Mya shouts angrily. “We haven’t been there in ages and now you want to risk everyone’s lives!”

07-02-20_7-28-37 PM

She storms off and goes to bed. “What in Watcher’s name is he thinking?!” she thinks to herself as she climbs in.

07-02-20_7-29-21 PM

Mia decides to head inside and whine in front of the door.

07-02-20_7-31-27 PM

“Goodnight, bud,” Reid says and kisses his son’s head as he tucks him in. “Get ready for the adventure of your life!”

07-02-20_7-32-27 PM

He then takes out his phone to make a call. “Hello, this is Reid Matson,” he greets. “Yes, the Reid Matson. I’d like to book a seven day trip to Selvadorada.”

Author’s Notes: Thank you for reading. I was inspired to start this story after seeing the new(ish) Tiny Twavellers CC Pack. This story will basically revolve around seven different families (with young children), who all like to travel and explore the world. This chapter featured friendsfan367‘s submitted family, the Matsons. 

A different family will be featured in every chapter. I’m excited to see how different each family’s adventures will be and how they’ll interact with each other. I hope you enjoyed.


  • The Matson family by friendsfan367
  • The Matsons’ home was originally created by lilsimsie for the  SimsieSave, in which I’m playing. I slightly modified it to suit my liking, particularly Dylan’s room.
  • The Tiny Twavellers CC pack by Harrie and Felixandre. A lot of the pack’s items can be seen in Dylan’s bedroom.