Chapter 3: The Hayes Family

07-06-20_6-23-12 PM

After doing her homework with her twin brother, Louie, Leah Hayes sits down in the living area of her family’s apartment in the Arts Quarter of San Myshuno to watch some television.

07-06-20_6-23-59 PM

“Mom!” Louie calls. “There’s a monster under my bed!”

“Calm down, sweetie,” Saoirse says and hugs her son. “I’ll go check in a bit.”

07-06-20_6-24-53 PM

First, she greets her husband, Connor, who just returned from work, with a kiss on the cheek. Connor is a painter and art has always been his biggest passion.

That and photography. Saoirse shares the same interests and works as a freelance photographer.

07-06-20_6-26-38 PM

“Allright, let’s see this monster!” Saoirse says.

“Hmm,” Louie thinks. “It must be hiding. I think it knew you’re coming!”

07-06-20_6-27-36 PM

“Maybe it left,” Saoirse says.

“No!” Louie cries. “It’s definitely still there! Please Mom, please spray it away!”

07-06-20_6-28-19 PM

“Allright, where are you, monster?” Saoirse asks with the spray bottle in hand. “There you are!”

07-06-20_6-29-24 PM

She sprays the monster. “Begone, vile creature!” she exclaims. “No monster shall enter this house, er apartment, ever again!”

07-06-20_6-29-48 PM

“Feels pretty awesome to have Superwoman as your mom,” Louie thinks.

07-06-20_6-30-58 PM

“What are you watching?” Saiorse asks Leah.

“Just a kids’ show,” Leah replies. “It’s pretty good, though.”

07-06-20_6-31-51 PM

Louie joins them. “Whew,” he says and holds his chest. “Almost missed the show!”

“Where’s he been?” Leah asks. “Still cared of the “monster” under his bed?”

“Yeah,” Saiorse replies. “I sprayed it back to Oblivion, though.”

07-06-20_6-33-10 PM

Leah claps her hands at the show she’s watching.

07-06-20_6-35-12 PM

“How many times do I have to tell you that monster is real?” Louie asks, annoyed at his sister. “Mom saw it. Tell her, Mom!”

Connor joins everyone and sits next to his wife.

07-06-20_6-36-46 PM

“Oh, I saw it allright!” Saiorse exclaims. “It had big, green tendrils and glowing red eyes! Scariest creature I ever did see!”

07-06-20_6-38-49 PM

“Why didn’t you ask me to spray the monster?” Connor asks.

“You weren’t here,” Louie replies. “Mom always is, though.”

07-06-20_6-39-14 PM

“But you’re still cool!” he exclaims. “As cool as a sidekick can be, that is!”

07-06-20_7-58-58 PM

Saiorse starts preparing dinner.

07-06-20_8-01-09 PM

Cooking is another activity she really enjoys. She decides to make Spaghetti Bolognaise.

07-06-20_8-02-16 PM

“Come one, come all!” Saiorse calls. “Dinner is served!”

07-06-20_8-03-39 PM

The family sits down at the dinner table. Louie, however, is missing in action.

07-06-20_8-04-05 PM

He decided to take a nap.

07-06-20_8-05-06 PM

“Where’s Louie?” Connor asks angrily.

07-06-20_8-07-26 PM

“In our room, sleeping,” Leah replies. “I don’t know what’s going through his mind these days!”

07-06-20_8-05-38 PM

“My neck is so stiff,” Saiorse complains and holds her neck.

07-06-20_8-08-05 PM

“You prepare a delicious meal, kill monsters and that’s the thanks you get!” Saiorse yells and slams the fridge after putting away the leftovers. Leah helps with the dishes to help tame her mother’s anger.

07-06-20_8-08-35 PM

“Thank you, Mom,” Leah says while washing the dishes. “It was lovely.”

She gets no reply, however.

07-06-20_8-09-02 PM

Saiorse decides to lie down. It’s been an exhausting day at work.

07-06-20_8-09-24 PM

Connor stays in his chair and watches television.

07-06-20_8-09-45 PM

“I need to have a talk with that boy,” Connor grumbles.

07-06-20_8-10-44 PM

Leah decides to join her father. They enjoy watching cartoons together.

07-06-20_8-11-09 PM

“You’re a milk-drinker!” Leah yells. “You hear me, Louie?!”

07-06-20_8-12-29 PM

“You look so pretty,” Louie says to Leah sarcastically. “Not at all gross, today.”

07-06-20_8-13-01 PM

“You bring everyone so much joy,” Leah replies. “When you leave the room.”

07-06-20_8-13-47 PM

Leah decides to take a nap this time.

07-06-20_8-14-16 PM

So does Connor.

07-06-20_8-15-07 PM

Cereal for dinner is the best,” Louie thinks as he eats a bowl of cereal while everyone’s asleep.

07-06-20_8-15-30 PM

Much better than spaghetti.”

Author’s Notes: Thank you for reading. This chapter featured the Hayes family by Simslover163, Watching them in-game was quite amusing. In reality, everyone was just tense from the thunderstorm, but I decided to be creative with the story. Hope you enjoyed.