Chapter 1: Kaylynn’s First Day in Willow Creek

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Hello everyone! I’ve been suffering from writer’s block again (as I often do) and I’ve been busy mostly building and creating Sims, which you can all find on the Gallery (my ID is divanthesimmer). I realized that I’ve probably only played 10% of the game, so I decided to make a random Sim and do as much in the game as possible (complete all the aspirations, max their skills, try every career and so forth). I’ll write about her journey/progress, keeping the story very informal (might help making me feel less pressured to write). I’ll continue my other stories as well – I just need a breather from them every now and then.

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This is Kaylynn Wang, my story created Sim (from answering some random questions to determine your Sim’s personality, career, skills and starting funds). I didn’t change her that much and really liked her look. Her traits are Good, Cat Lover and Glutton, which is kinda fitting when you think about it. I imagine she has a “zest for life” and wants to experience everything life has to offer. She’s a writer at Level 3 and has 3 points in Charisma and Mischief and 2 in Writing. I also cheated to give her the “Chopstick Savvy” trait – something I like doing for Asian Sims. She has standard starting funds.

08-14-20_11-02-26 PM

This is her house, which I downloaded from the Gallery, built by zero_doll999. I thought it was very cute and fitting for a cat lady like Kaylynn. I keep thinking her name is Kathlynn for some reason.

08-14-20_11-05-16 PM

It was a rainy Sunday morning, so I decided to let her read a book to pass the time.

08-14-20_11-09-26 PM

Later the welcome wagon started and her neighbours, Travis Scott, Liberty Lee and Summer Holiday showed up. Summer brought a fruitcake.

08-14-20_11-10-01 PM

“Hey,” Kaylynn greeted. “Nice of you all welcoming me to the neighbourhood on a rainy day like this. Please, come in!”

08-14-20_11-12-19 PM

“I like your shoes,” Kaylynn said to Travis.

“Thanks,” Travis laughed. “I’ve had them for a few years now, but I never get tired of ’em.” Summer and Liberty looked out of the window to see if the rain has started to settle down. It didn’t.

08-14-20_11-13-12 PM

“So, where are you originally from?” Travis asked.

“I was born in Shang Simla and lived there until I became a teen,” Kaylynn answered. “Then my parents moved to San Myshuno and we lived there until my parents passed away in a car crash recently. I decided I needed a change of scenery, so I moved here!”

“I’m sorry,” Travis said sympathetically. “You’ve seen a lot of the world, though, haven’t you? I’ve always wanted to see the Great Wall in Shang Simla!”

“I guess so,” Kaylynn replied. “It’s quite a sight, I can tell you that!”

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“But the journey is exhausting,” Kaylynn continued. “After I reached the end of the Wall, I decided that that was the first and last time I’m ever going up there.”

Summer and Liberty had their own conservation.

08-14-20_11-20-36 PM

“What about you?” Kaylynn asked Travis when Summer and Liberty went outside. “How did you three meet each other?”

“Oh, we met each other at college,” Travis replied. “After graduating, we all needed a place to stay, but couldn’t afford rent on our own, so we decided to move in together.”

08-14-20_11-23-28 PM

“Travis, I think we can go home now.” Summer said. “The rain is a lot lighter and I wanna leave before it starts pouring again.”

“Sorry we didn’t really get to talk,” Liberty apologizes. Cats started entering the house from nowhere.

08-14-20_11-25-10 PM

“I guess we’ll see you around!” Travis said. “Nice meeting you, Kaylynn!”

“Bye Kaylynn!” Summer and Liberty greeted simultaneously.

08-14-20_11-26-53 PM

After the trio left, Kaylynn introduced herself to the cats who barged in. “Hey Kitty, I’m Kaylynn!” she said to Cleo, reaching out her hand. I don’t know why Catarina Lynx’s cats are walking around like strays in Willow Creek.

08-14-20_11-30-03 PM

She then greeted Josie.

08-14-20_11-30-29 PM

And finally Bartholomew A. Bittlebun, Sr., who actually belongs to the Delgato family in Brindleton Bay.

08-14-20_11-32-04 PM

I wanted to see if she could adopt them and the game made it seem like she did, but they weren’t added to the household. My game might be bugged – likely due to a mod.

08-14-20_11-35-26 PM

She also greeted Doc, who I didn’t see until then.

08-14-20_11-36-41 PM

I had her fill the dish in the kitchen, since I didn’t know how often random cats would visit the house.

08-14-20_11-38-35 PM

She gobbled up a piece of the fruitcake Summer brought earlier.

08-14-20_11-42-39 PM

She has the Friends of the Animals aspiration and one of the tasks is to own a pet, so I had her browse the adoption agency. There were three kittens with adorable names I can’t remember now, so I had her adopt them.

08-14-20_11-46-39 PM

While waiting for the social worker, she read a book to pass the time.

08-14-20_11-47-59 PM

The kittens started showing up and she introduced herself to each of them, but a lot more cautiously than she did with the older cats.

08-14-20_11-49-10 PM

08-14-20_11-49-50 PM

The social worker, who’s a PlantSim (I have a few mods to improve them), showed up and I thought the adoption process was over, so I had her go to bed when she became tired.

08-14-20_11-52-59 PM

No cats joined the household, so the social worker either decided Kaylynn was unfit to be a cat owner or I did something wrong.