Monthly SimLit Short Story Challenge: October 2020 Theme

Everyone, please join this challenge! It’s so much fun and all the participants are incredibly supportive! ❤


I am back from a 3 month unplanned hiatus and hopefully can get this challenge back underway.

I missed you all and I missed this challenge.

Just to get us all back into the swing of things, here is a link to the forum thread (we are a forum based challenge):

We have some of great social media already in place:

Our Facebook Page:

How many of you know we have a shiny new Discord?

TY DivantheSimmer .. he is our boss man there.

Here is a link (If it does not work let me know)

We have a Twitter (I am not sure, but I think Divan is doing this one too)

I would also love an Instagram presence or even a Tumbler – looking for volunteers!

Please note:

Part 1of this blog will present the upcoming monthly theme, banner links and…

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