Day 1: To Be Stranded on a Bright, Sunny Day

It was a hot Summer’s morning when eight passengers woke up to find themselves stranded on a deserted island. They were on their way to a luxury resort, which each of them won in a radio contest, but the plane crashed and now they’re here.

“Where the hell are we?!” Prissy Stratton shouted. “We are supposed to be on holiday, but instead we’re in the middle of freaking nowhere…just wait until my father hears about this!”

“I don’t know,” an older man replied. “Hell, I can’t even remember my own name!”

Royce Agarwal took out his phone. “It still works!” he shouted. “Let me see if I can find any signal…”

Much to everyone’s dismay, there was no reception. “Damn it!” Royce yelled.

Royce then picked up a fishing pole that was just lying around. “I figured we can at least try to catch some fish,” he told Neida who tried to see if she could spot anything.

Neida really had to empty her bladder, but didn’t feel comfortable doing it with so many people around. Neither was anyone else. “Oh, no!” she cried after soiling herself and feeling humiliated.

“I know this seems gross, but one of us needs to stay awake and keep watch,” Owen said, while doing sit ups in his own urine. “This should keep me awake!” Iris and Ruby just looked at each other in disgust.

It started getting dark. The confused old man asked Royce if he was able to catch something as his stomach was growling. “Do you see any fish, huh?!” Royce shouted in frustration. “Yeah, me neither. I’ve been fishing the whole fucking day and not a single fish in sight! If you see any, be sure to let me know!”

“Don’t be so hard on the old man,” Neida said to Royce. “He’s just starving like all of us. Look at how skinny he is – he needs to eat something. I know you’ve been trying to catch something all day and we appreciate your efforts. We’ll explore the island tomorrow and see if we can find something, okay?”

“Need to stay awake…need to stay awake,” Owen mutters while doing push-ups.

“This is really sweet and all, but hello, do you guys realize we’re slowly dying out here?!” Iris yelled. “We’ll probably drop dead before morning!”

Royce decided to try fishing again. He was luckier this time and managed to catch some fish.

“So…tired,” Ruby yawned.

Morning came and the survivors started dropping to the ground, no longer having any energy left. “Told you so,” Iris sighed.

Author’s Notes: This is my entry to this month’s Monthly SimLit Short Story Challenge and the first chapter of a new story, The Crumbling Isle. I’m playing a survival challenge and the rules for the first day was that Sims should be fully autonomous, trying to survive 24 hours on their own. Luckily there were no deaths! Hope you enjoyed and please check out the other entries for the SimLit Challenge, voting for your favourites.

Also, a big thanks to the following Gallery creators whose awesome Sims are featured:

  • MamaShawn89 – Prissy Stratton
  • carolcolors – Neida Riscue
  • SoulGal7 – Fernando Bravo
  • ambahinvasion11 – Royce Agarwal
  • Jazmi1396 – Iris Sampson
  • SueSimming – Whisky Barrel
  • FighterWolf00 – Ruby Blunt
  • ema44068 – Owen Dickens