Dinner with the Goths

Mortimer Goth had a shocking expression on his face when his wife, Bella, told him she was expecting their third child.

“Really?” he asked in disbelief. “You’re expecting again?”

“I am indeed!” Bella confirmed.

“Oh, I’m thrilled, my love!” he cried and embraced his beautiful wife. “I can’t wait to tell the children!”

At dinner, Bella struggled to finish her meal as she contemplated how she would break the news to the children. It has always been just the four of them and she feared they wouldn’t want another child in the picture.

Her fears came true. Cassandra was extremely displeased at the news. “Another child?!” she yelled. “Really, Mother…at your age?”

“I’m still young!” she defended. “Clearly there seems to be nothing wrong with my reproductive organs!”

“Yes, but soon you’ll be old and ugly!” Alexander mocked. “And your stomach will grow big too, so you’ll be fat, old and ugly!”

Bella was devastated. “I knew they would react like that, but I hoped for the best. Worse thing is, they’re right – we’re not getting younger, Mortimer. What were we thinking?!”

“All the reason why we should have another child,” Mortimer replied. “Children keep you young and you’re a wonderful mother. Things will change, darling…you will see.”

“I’m not too sure about that,” Bella sighed.

The next few months flew by and the Goth children were horrified to discover they’re having their new sibling for dinner.

“Eat your brother!” Bella scolded. “Bonehilda worked very hard to prepare this meal for us and you said you didn’t want another sibling!”

Cassandra couldn’t believe her eyes. “Our parents are cannibals!” she yelled. “Who’s next? Me?!”

She then stormed out.

Bella laughed. “Oh, sweet gullible children…”

“This is not your brother,” she explained to Alexander.

“Then who is it?” he asked.

“No one,” Bella replied. “It’s just a cake shaped like a newborn infant.”

“A few months ago, I heard strange noises outside,” Bella said. “When I went out to investigate, I witnessed a bright blue beam of light, which levitated me into the air.”

“A few days ago, I gave birth to a beautiful blue creature. It was then that I knew this child is an extraterrestrial and not your father’s son.”

“He realized it too when he saw the child. It took him a while, but he accepted him and he is a part of this family now – just like you and your sister.”

When Cassandra returned, Alexander explained everything to her and they were happy to meet their new brother.

“Aw, he’s kinda cute!” Cassandra squealed.

“I wonder what he’s named,” Alexander said. “I hope it’s Cozmo.”

Author’s Notes:  Happy Halloween and thanks for reading! This is my entry for the Monthly SimLit Short Story Challenge this month, organized by LisaBee, EA Game Changer for The Sims 4 and fellow SimLit writer. The theme of this month is “dinner”.

I kindly invite you to please read all the stories entered for this challenge at the end of the month and vote for your top choices in both categories. Your support would be greatly appreciated.


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