Chapter 1: A Fresh Start


After The Geeky Bachelor, the Lamprights and their pets moved to an empty lot in the coastal town of Brindleton Bay. They managed to get a tent, a cooler, some food bowls for the dogs and pet beds. They immediately start browsing for jobs on their phones. Divan got a job as a tech guru and Lila got a job as a local entertainer.


Then, D.J. jumps into Divan’s arms and Cairo into Lila’s.


“So, I know our living situation isn’t ideal,” Divan says. “But I’m certain that we’ll make it work – together, we can achieve anything!”


“You probably didn’t sign up to marry a hobo,” Divan jokes. “But it’s too late now! You’re stuck with me forever!”


Lila bursts out in laughter.


Divan then grabs some yogurt from the cooler.


“Ah…fresh, smooth yogurt,” Divan says as he sits on the cooler and smells his bowl of strawberry-flavoured yogurt. “The strawberries are a nice touch!”


In the meantime, Lila tells Cairo not to pee on the bush next to the tent and not to pick a fight with a squirrel.


“Oh, well…I tried,” Lila says to Divan, while Cairo gets into a fight with a squirrel in the bush. “I feel like taking a selfie!”


She takes a selfie and posts it on Simstagram with a caption that reads: “Here’s to new beginnings.”


Cairo got injured in her fight with the squirrel and picked up some sort of disease. All Divan and Lila can do is hope that the disease goes away, as vet bills are the last thing they can afford right now.


“Let’s check out our new crib!” Lila exclaims and gets into the tent.


D.J. runs all over the yard, pleased with his newfound freedom.


Cairo on the other hand, drinks from a pee puddle that leaked onto the grass from the bush.


Divan, Lila and D.J. then visit Club Calico, the local lounge, which includes an outdoor pool that Divan proceeds to splash into. They left Cairo behind, not sure if her disease is contagious.


Divan and Lila swim together, enjoying the scenery around them.


“Beautiful isn’t it?” Lila asks Divan.


“Not as beautiful as you,” Divan replies and makes out with Lila in the water.


“I’m so happy to be here with you,” Divan says and embraces Lila after they get out of the pool.


“We’re not alone,” Lila replies and points to D.J. “Hey, let’s ask the bartender over there to take a pic of us!”


Divan spreads out his arms, while Lila holds him from behind in true Titanic fashion, as the bartender takes the shot.


“DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT URINATE ON MY SHOES!!!” an angry elderly man shouts to D.J.

“Calm down, Grampa!” Lila yells. “I’ve been holding it in for some time now and I might just pee on your precious shoes myself!”


“Did I ever mention how hot you look in those swimming trunks of yours?” Lila flirts with Divan at the bar.


They later head inside the lounge, where a paparazzi is busy capturing shots of world-famous actress, Judith Ward. “I’ll show that paparazzi real talent!” Lila thinks to herself, as she sits on the sofa.


She then sits by the piano and starts to play. Everyone’s attention is diverted and the whole lounge watches her, including Divan. “She has a lot to learn,” Divan thinks to himself. “But I see a star in the making, just waiting to be discovered.”

Day 8, Part 2: The Final Rose


Hello and welcome back to The Geeky Bachelor! Before the break, Divan seemed to have chosen Lila as the lady he wants to be with! Does she feel the same way? Let’s find out!

“Hello, gorgeous,” Divan greets. “Before we dive in head first, let’s just lie down for a while.”


They lie down and hold each other while looking at the sky.


“See those two clouds?” Divan asks. “I’ve seen them several times before – they always seem to be connected to each other, as if both of them form one big cloud. I want us to be like those two clouds.”

“Me too,” Lila agrees.


“I’m FREE!!!” Teulia, the butler yells as she runs into the ocean. “Free at last!”


“I love you, Lila,” Divan says and hugs her. “Unconditionally and unrelentingly.”


“I just hope you feel the same way about me…”


“Now this…this is PARADISE!” Teulia exclaims while relaxing on a floatee.


“Will you marry me, Lila Kaplan?” Divan asks and bends down on one knee. “Let’s start a legacy together.”


“Yes!” Lila answers and he puts a diamond ring on her finger. “Yes a million times and more! This ring is so beautiful, my love – it must have cost a fortune!”

“A queen like you deserves the best!” Divan shouts. “And I’ll be your king!”


She jumps into his arms and he gently swings her from left to right.


“One last question,” Divan says. “Will you accept this final rose?”

“Absolutely!” Lila laughs.


“Well Cairo, looks like it’s you, me, Lila and D.J. together forever,” Divan says. “We’re a family now!”


They stand under the wedding arch. “Never in a thousand years, would I have guessed that you’d be the one for me and that I’d meet the love of my life on a reality show,” Divan says. “But that’s how it happened and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”


They exchange rings. “This is such a nice ring!” Divan says as he looks at his new wedding ring. “I never wore rings before!”


They seal their elopement with a kiss and confetti gets thrown on them from a helicopter above.


“Forever?” Lila asks and embraces Divan.

“Forever,” Divan replies.

There you have it folks! Divan and Lila are married now! We’ve been told that Trish and Marshmallow found Fifi on their walk, which made Mildred really happy.  Apparently, Nikki took Fifi on a walk along the shores, as she was really missing her deceased pink poodle who was also named Fifi. We had to let all the other ladies know what happened with Divan and Lila and ask them to pack their belongings – some were sad, some were furious and everyone was shocked, or flabbergasted, as Mildred put it.

But love wins – love always wins! Congratulations to Divan and Lila – here’s to the start of a beautiful love story!

Author’s NotesI’m just as surprised as you are at what happened here…I didn’t see it coming at all! I had so many plans – I planned to have a group date at the beach, have some romantic one-on-one dates on the beautiful island of Sulani (maybe even a spa day!), etc. I wanted the last three ladies to go to Selvadorada! But nope, Divan made up his mind. 

A part of me thought that something like this might happen, but I didn’t think it would be this soon and that he’d choose Lila. They are so incredibly different, but maybe their differences complete them. I’ve noticed that in real life, I can’t date someone who is exactly like or too similar to me either. I personally wanted him to be with Gemma in the end, then when she was eliminated, I wanted him to be with Trish or Nikki! This goes to show that what you have in mind for your Sim(s), may not be what they want at all!

The funny thing is that they didn’t have such a high relationship when he decided to marry her. He was SOULMATES with Trish and Lila was the third lowest relationship! Immediately after arriving at Sulani, he whimmed to get to know Mildred, then he whimmed to embrace Mildred, then he whimmed to GET MARRIED TO LILA! You gotta love how it happened, though: Mildred made him realize who he truly wanted to be with!

Thank you to everyone who’s been a part of this one, whether you submitted one of the lovely ladies for the challenge or just followed along! Guess I’ll start the legacy challenge now!

Day 8, Part 1: A Shocking Twist


Hello and welcome to The Geeky Bachelor! We are here at the beautiful island of Sulani, where the ladies are staying this week.


Lila decides to stick a note and write on the board.


Fifi seems to have run away, which really upset Mildred. She’s placing ads on the web, asking other Sims to help find her.


“Some tea might help everyone relax,” Lila says as she brews some tea. “We sure need it!”


“This is a terrible start to this week,” Divan says. “Saying goodbye to someone, losing Fifi and the girls getting jealous over me!”


Trish has been chosen as the lucky lady to have her own room for the next three days! She seems really happy.


But in reality, she’s shattered. Losing a friend, seeing someone else’s dog get lost and having to deal with her boyfriend dating five other women is enough to make anyone cry.


Nancy chooses to distract herself with BlickBlock instead.


“Hey, Mildred,” Trish greets. “I’m really sorry about your dog. If you want, I could take Marshmallow for a walk and look for her.”

“Oh, thank you Trish,” Mildred replies. “You are too kind.”


A bit later, Divan joins Mildred on a bench. “Mind if I join you?” he asks.

“Not at all,” Mildred answers.


“I’m so sorry that Fifi went missing,” he says. “I promise to do everything I can to help you find her.”

“Thank you, sweetheart,” Mildred replies.


Lila’s note reads: “In every change, in every falling leaf there is some pain, some beauty. And that’s the way new leaves grow.”


“I’m so sorry that I haven’t paid much attention to you,” Divan says and embraces Mildred. “I’ve been a real jerk at times.”


“So this is what it feels like to have your heart ripped out of your chest,” Lila says as she notices Divan being close with Mildred.


“Come, Marshmallow!” Trish calls. “Let’s look for Fifi, shall we?”


As Trish and Marshmallow go looking for Fifi, Nancy decides to go snorkelling.


“You’re the one for me!” Mildred shouts.

“Aww,” Divan replies. There’s a moment of silence between them. “What am I doing?” he asks. “I know exactly what I want – who I want, I mean!”


“Guess I’ll go pack my things now,” Lila says and heads to her room. “Maybe this isn’t meant to be.”


He runs to Lila and kisses her passionately.


“It’s you!” Divan says to Lila. “It’s always been you!”

“I hoped you’d come around and realize that someday!” Lila replies.


Are you thinking what I’m thinking?


“Hello,” Divan calls the producers. “There’s been a change of plans – get the camera crew at Sand Simoleon Beach. I have something else in mind for today…”

Author’s Notes: Thanks for reading. If you’re shocked and confused, I am too. I’ll explain more in the next post, but you can probably guess what happened here on your own.

What do you think Divan is planning? Are you surprised or did you see this coming? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Day 7, Part 2: The Second Rose Ceremony


Hello and welcome back to The Geeky Bachelor! Tonight we are here with Divan and the ladies for the very last time in Del Sol Valley, where the second rose ceremony is taking place. Look at those tense-looking faces!


Everyone seems anxious tonight, except Nancy – it seems like she enjoys seeing the others sweat a little! Even Mildred isn’t looking so sure of herself!


“I just hate these things,” Divan says. “Why? Just why do I have to be the one who breaks someone’s heart?”


“Nikki,” he calls. “Nikki, will you please accept this rose?”

“I will,” Nikki replies. “Thank you.”


“Trish,” Divan calls. “Trish, will you please accept this rose?”

“Absolutely!” Trish replies. “Thank you.”


“Lila,” Divan calls. “Lila, will you please accept this rose?”

“Yes,” Lila replies. “Thanks, babe.”


“Mildred,” Divan calls. “Mildred, will you please accept this rose?”

“Why wouldn’t I?” Mildred replies. “Thanks, darling!”

The last rose remains.


“Nancy,” Divan calls. “Nancy, will you please accept this rose?”

“Of course!” Nancy replies. “Thank you.”


Divan calls Gemma and hugs her goodbye.


“So this is it, then?” Gemma asks.

“Unfortunately, yes,” Divan replies. “Our relationship isn’t what it was once and it breaks my heart to break yours.”


Gemma begins to cry. “I’m so, so sorry,” Divan says and tries to console her. “I know it’s a cheezy thing to say, but it’s not you – it’s me. You are absolutely wonderful and you are going to meet the perfect guy for you. It’s just not me. And on the bright side, you can finally spend more time with Pixel and take her to a vet clinic – there was no time in our hectic schedule for that!”


Goodbye, Gemma! Leaving the mansion like the gorgeous champ you are! We will miss you and wish you all the best with your journey to find love!


Aww…Pixel is heartbroken to be leaving D.J. behind. Even Izzy seems really upset, as he escorts Pixel out of the mansion.

That was it, folks! Tune in tomorrow, where the ladies will be somewhere a little more…tropical.

Author’s Notes Thanks for reading. It’s one of those times again, unfortunately. I thought it’d be Gemma in the end, but it didn’t happen that way. Now all the geeky girls are gone! Luckily, Divan managed to cheer Gemma up before she left the mansion. Poor Pixel!

What do you think? Did Divan make the right choices? Will you miss Gemma as much as I will? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Day 7, Part 1: Goodbye, Del Sol Valley

09-30-19_8-19-34 PM

Hello and welcome back to The Geeky Bachelor! On the last episode, we saw Divan go on dates with Trish and Gemma. Today, our ladies will spend their last day in Del Sol Valley and pack their bags for the next destination!

Mildred decided to go for an evening swim the night before the last day. D.J. enjoys observing her.

09-30-19_8-19-59 PM

Lila watches some TV outside. “It’ll be so funny to see myself on TV – it’ll be awesome, but it’s still crazy how this is all a show!”

09-30-19_8-20-30 PM

“I didn’t know Divan is a weatherman,” Izzy comments while watching the weather broadcast on TV, noticing that the weatherman looks a lot like Divan.


Trish also went for an evening swim after her date. “I needed to cool off a bit,” Trish says. “Things got really steamy during that date!”


Mildred and Lila then browse the web for properties – hey ladies, you won’t be moving into an actual house if one of you wins in the end!


Nancy dances like there’s no tomorrow – hey, it’s her last day in Del Sol Valley! You do you, girl!


Gemma, the dance machine, also dances the night away. Can I join the party?


Even Cairo goes for a swim – everyone’s either swimming or dancing it seems!


Poor Marshmallow and Pixel are just waiting for someone to fill the food bowl.


“I’ll miss the place,” Mildred says. “So many great memories!”


Nikki joined the club and is also dancing now! I just wonder why they’re all dancing on their own…


“Guess it’s time for bed now!” Trish says as she heads to her room. “That date is unforgettable…”


Fifi is looking nervous…what did you do, Fifi?


The next morning Mildred is telling the butler how the breakfast should be made. “Make it snappy!” Mildred shouts. “I’m starving!”


The ladies then sit down for breakfast. “This tastes like nothing,” Nancy says, as Mildred heads to the bathroom.


“So, this is goodbye then,” Nikki says as she has one last view of the city. “The bright lights…paparazzi…the glitz and the glamour…fame and fortune – I’m kissing all of that goodbye if I end up winning.


Are you scared of going home tonight, Mildred?

“Who? Me?” Mildred asks. “Honey, I’m not going anywhere!”


Trish has a quick nap before the rose ceremony tonight.


Fifi just made a mess and is sleeping in it.

“Ugh…I should just throw this dog away with the trash…” the butler mumbles.


Are you aware that Fifi is misbehaving, Mildred?

“My Fifi is an absolute angel,” Mildred replies. “She’d never put a paw wrong!”


“Are you ready to leave the city?” Divan asks Nikki.

“I guess so,” Nikki smiles. “You’re worth it!”


Lila plays some BlickBlock before getting ready. Pixel seems to love all the pixels floating up in the air…

Author’s Notes Thanks for reading. The ladies seemed to know it was their last day in Del Sol Valley – they all swam, danced and had a blast on their last night and day. Mildred and Fifi cracked me up with their behaviour! 

Do you think this is the last time Nikki will see Del Sol Valley? Who do you think will go home at the rose ceremony later in the evening? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Day 6, Part 2: Solo Date With Trish

09-30-19_7-43-07 PM

Hello and welcome back to The Geeky Bachelor! Before the break we saw Divan and Gemma go on their date, which went quite well. The question remains whether it was well enough to repair their broken relationship.

Today, we are here with Divan and Trish at Stargazer Lounge in San Myshuno, where their date takes place.

09-30-19_7-44-08 PM

“Beautiful day, isn’t it?” Trish asks Divan.

“Indeed,” Divan replies. “But not nearly as beautiful as you.”

09-30-19_7-44-32 PM

They blow some bubbles at the bubble blower while the sun sets.

09-30-19_7-45-13 PM

“Could we stand up for a sec?” Divan asks. “I think this is the perfect time to do a certain thing…”

“Uh, sure,” Trish replies.

09-30-19_7-48-07 PM

They stand up and have their first kiss. Isn’t this just the perfect moment?

09-30-19_7-49-28 PM

“So, can you envision our lives together yet?” Trish asks. “Can you see me as your wife?”

09-30-19_7-49-54 PM

“I’m sorry,” Divan replies. “We haven’t had much time together yet, but if all goes well tonight, I might have a better answer for you.”

“Oh, okay,” Trish says, disappointed.

09-30-19_7-50-02 PM

“Are you allright, dear?” Divan asks. “You look so sad.”

“I’ll be fine,” Trish answers. “Hope I didn’t ruin our date with that question…”

09-30-19_7-51-01 PM

“You didn’t!” Divan replies. “It was just a little soon, that’s all. The night is still young and so are we.”

“You are so sweet,” Trish says and strokes Divan’s cheek. “You always care about how everyone else is feeling and you can turn a frown upside down in a matter of seconds!”

09-30-19_7-52-46 PM

They then sit on one of the sofas and stare into each other’s eyes.

09-30-19_7-56-24 PM

“How are you so beautiful?” Divan asks. “Can one guy be so lucky to have a girl like you each day of his life?”

“Well, I take good care of myself,” Trish responds. “And I’d take even better care of you!”

09-30-19_7-58-06 PM

They stand up again. “I thought about it again and I can see a future with you,” Divan says. “Do you want to start this journey with me?”

“Um…” Trish hesitates.

09-30-19_7-58-18 PM

“Absolutely!” she answers. “I’m ready when you are, babe!”

“I’m so happy!” Divan exclaims.

09-30-19_8-01-52 PM

He then kisses her passionately.

09-30-19_8-02-31 PM

They embrace each other.

09-30-19_8-06-58 PM

Oh, look who’s here! Why is she looking so mad and what is she doing here? Shouldn’t she be at the mansion cleaning it and cooking for the ladies?

“All I ask is one night…one single night where I don’t have to cook or clean after other Sims and their pets – or should I say pests,” she tells an older gentleman. “Is it too much too ask?!”

09-30-19_8-08-05 PM

Divan proceeds to sing a song for Trish.

Baby, I’m dancing in the dark, with you between my arms…

09-30-19_8-09-03 PM

“…I whispered underneath my breath – you heard this: Darling, you look perfect tonight.”

Trish turns on her phone screen and waves it in the air like a true fan.

09-30-19_8-11-33 PM

Divan heads home after the date, looking head over heels in love…

That was it, folks! Tune in tomorrow, where we check in with the ladies at the mansion, before heading to the next rose ceremony.

Author’s Notes Thanks for reading. This date was so wonderful – I almost couldn’t believe it! All I’ll say is that Nikki has some serious competition now! In the beginning, Trish whimmed to go steady with Divan, so I had her ask Divan to be her boyfriend and he rejected her. Later, he whimmed to go steady with her and of course she said yes! It was hilarious when I saw the butler angrily walking around the lounge – I think she needed a break!

Are you happy with how the date went? Are Trish and Divan a good match? Do the other ladies need to step up their game? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Day 6, Part 1: Solo Date With Gemma

09-30-19_6-27-34 PM

Hello and welcome to The Geeky Bachelor! On the last episode, we saw Divan and the ladies throwing a black & white bash at the mansion, which ended in total disaster.

Today, Divan will go on solo dates with some of the ladies. We are here at The Old Salt House, an old house in San Myshuno that’s recently been converted into a seafood restaurant, where Divan and Gemma’s date takes place.

“Hello,” Divan greets the hostess. “A table for two please.”

“Right this way sir,” the hostess replies.

09-30-19_6-32-49 PM

“Hello Gemma,” Divan greets. “You can order whatever you like for us. Surprise me.”

09-30-19_6-33-58 PM

“Hi there,” Gemma greets the waiter. “Could both of us have some grilled salmon and glasses of lemonade, please?”

“Sure thing,” the waiter replies.

09-30-19_6-34-41 PM

“You look like a real gem today!” Divan compliments.

“Aw, thank you,” Gemma replies. “You don’t look too bad yourself!”

09-30-19_6-36-09 PM

“Nice place, isn’t it?” Divan asks.

09-30-19_6-36-44 PM

“It’s beautiful and so cosy!” Gemma replies.

09-30-19_7-08-58 PM

“How are you feeling today?” Divan asks. “With everything that happened yesterday…”

“Much better,” Gemma replies. “We’re here now and that’s all that matters.”

09-30-19_7-09-38 PM

“Lila is really unpredictable at times,” Divan says. “Every time she kisses me in front of you other girls, I don’t see it coming and I just want to scream “Stop it, Lila! This is really inappropriate!”

09-30-19_7-10-08 PM

They are interrupted by the waiter who arrives with their meal.

“Bon appetite,” the waiter says.

09-30-19_7-10-54 PM

“This looks amazing!” Divan says.

“It really does!” Gemma agrees.

09-30-19_7-16-58 PM

“Anyway, I couldn’t tell her that, because I didn’t want to hurt her feelings, which ended up hurting all you other girls’ feelings. It’s not what I wanted at all.”

Gemma just listens in silence.

09-30-19_7-17-37 PM

“This smells absolutely devine, doesn’t it?” Divan asks and smells the food.

“It does,” Gemma replies.

09-30-19_7-18-23 PM

“Are you guys okay?” the waiter asks.

“Yes, thanks,” Divan answers.

“Glad to hear that,” the waiter replies and leaves.

09-30-19_7-19-10 PM

“This lemonade goes really well with the meal,” Gemma says.

“It does,” Divan agrees. “Though it’s a little cold on my teeth.”

09-30-19_7-19-37 PM

“I might need to use the bathroom soon,” Divan says. “Stomach full, bladder empty – that’s how it goes with me and my fast metabolism!”

“No problem,” Gemma smiles.

09-30-19_7-20-24 PM

They finish their meal in complete silence.

09-30-19_7-21-40 PM

Then, waiters arrive to take their dishes and Divan leaves to use the bathroom.

Gemma smiles, pleased with how the date went.

09-30-19_7-22-27 PM

She proceeds to post on Simstagram, which reads: “Best. Date. Ever.”

09-30-19_7-24-02 PM

Divan returns and asks Gemma if she’s ready to leave.

“I am,” she replies. “This was great – I wish every day could be like this…”

That was it, folks! Tune in after the break to see how Divan’s next date with Trish goes!

Author’s Notes: Thanks for reading. This date went surprisingly well, even though they didn’t have much time to talk things out. We’ll just have to wait and see if the date made up for the previous day’s troubles.

What do you think? Did the date go well enough to fix things with Gemma or is their relationship doomed to fail?

Day 5, Part 2: Black & White Bash

09-30-19_4-01-12 PM

Hello everyone and welcome back to The Geeky Bachelor! Before the break, Divan and the ladies were seen hanging out at the mansion and Gemma getting jealous about seeing Lila and Divan being intimate, slapping Divan in the face several times.

We’re here at the mansion, where a black and white bash will take place this evening. For those who don’t know what it entails, all the guests basically dress in black, white or a combination of black and white and enjoy classical music – something Mildred would definitely enjoy!

Divan just got dressed in a black suit jacket and white shirt and pants, looking classicaly handsome.

09-30-19_4-01-26 PM

Izzy is rocking a black suit with a white polo neck sweater underneath. What’s wrong with Pixel’s paws and nose? I don’t think they’re supposed to glow like that and I’m sure Izzy’s thinking the same thing…

09-30-19_4-01-34 PM

Nancy put on a white dress with black straps, black stockings and white heels. Looking good, Nancy!

09-30-19_4-02-16 PM

Trish looks stunning in a little black number with matching black stockings and heels.

09-30-19_4-02-39 PM

Mildred looks elegant in a black and white shoulder dress with white stockings and black heels.

09-30-19_4-03-12 PM

Gemma looks pretty in a black dress, white stockings and black heels.

09-30-19_4-03-31 PM

Lila looks gorgeous in a little black dress with matching stockings and heels.

09-30-19_4-04-16 PM

Trish decided to get down to some classical tunes while waiting for the pianist to arrive. Nikki joins her while waiting for Izzy.

09-30-19_4-04-46 PM

“Uh, you’re a celebrity stylist, right?” Nikki asks Izzy.

“I think I’ve made that obvious several times,” Izzy replies.

“Then why is another lady wearing the exact same dress as me?” Nikki asks angrily. “Look at Trish here – she probably looks the best tonight with her unique outfit! Maybe I should ask her to be my stylist next time.”

09-30-19_4-09-14 PM

Divan, Izzy and the ladies all gather around in the living room, checking each other out.

09-30-19_4-11-26 PM

“Well, first of all, all of you ladies look absolutely beautiful,” Divan begins.

09-30-19_4-13-35 PM

“Tonight there will be no loud music, gaming, watching TV or using cellphones – we will listen to classical music, have a formal dinner and have intelligent conversations.”

09-30-19_4-14-29 PM

“I know your wardrobe choices were limited and that some of you look very similiar, but don’t fret – everyone looks absolutely stunning in their own way.”

09-30-19_4-15-33 PM

“Well, I for one am absolutely delighted to be a guest at this bash, which includes some of my most favourite activities!” Mildred exclaims. Trish and Nikki smile at each other, as if they’re thinking the same thing.

09-30-19_4-21-25 PM

Some of the guests leave to use the bathrooms, while the rest stay seated and talk. “We all know I’m the best looking lady tonight,” Lila says. “But you girls look good, too!”

Gemma tries to hide her pain, sitting next to the Sim she currently hates.

09-30-19_4-27-05 PM

“Isn’t the point of sitting at the dining table to have dinner?” Mildred asks later. “We’ve been sitting here for hours and the special caterer hasn’t even arrived yet!”

09-30-19_4-29-08 PM

“Patience, Mildred,” Divan answers. “I’m sure he’s on his way!”

“Well, excuse me for wanting to live!” Mildred says sarcastically.

09-30-19_4-29-30 PM

Trish and Nancy leave to watch the pianist perform. There’s just something so timeless about classical music and it always sounds beautiful.

09-30-19_4-35-03 PM

The caterer finally arrives to whip up the meal. I wonder what it is…

09-30-19_4-35-54 PM

“I’m done,” Gemma sighs and heads to bed. “Worst. Day. Of. My. Life.”

09-30-19_4-36-34 PM

Everyone else is getting really tired, too.

09-30-19_4-37-00 PM

“This is preposterous!” Mildred shouts. “Totally unacceptable!”

09-30-19_4-38-46 PM

“Where’s a bed when you need one?!” a drowsy Trish asks.

09-30-19_4-39-59 PM

Looks like everyone called it a night and went to bed.

09-30-19_4-40-25 PM

Poor Gemma…we hope she feels better tomorrow and that her date with Divan goes well!

09-30-19_4-41-15 PM

“This bash was an epic fail,” Divan says as he climbs into bed. “Oh well, I tried…”

09-30-19_4-47-36 PM

Lila can’t go to bed with an empty stomach, so she grabs some leftover sandwiches from the fridge.

09-30-19_5-52-47 PM

The dogs all gather together by the door like they’re plotting something…

That was it, folks! Tune in tomorrow to see Divan go on solo dates with the ladies. These dates will be a make-or-break for some of the relationships…

Author’s Notes: Thanks for reading. As you probably noticed, this wasn’t exactly the party of the year. The caterer and pianist took forever to arrive and the butler couldn’t make the specific meals required for the party goals. Eventually, everyone got tired and autonomously went to bed. It was quite amusing, though.

What are your thoughts? Who wore it best? Is Izzy not as fabulous as he claims to be? What did you think about the party? Let me know in the comments!


Day 5, Part 1: Home, But Not Alone

09-29-19_2-36-55 PM

Hello and welcome back to The Geeky Bachelor! Yesterday Divan chose six lucky ladies to stay and unfortunately Jessica and her dog, Alaska, were sent home.

Today, Divan and the ladies will stay at the mansion and get ready for a party tonight with a special dress code.

09-29-19_2-37-10 PM

Marshmallow is still seeking attention from Trish.

09-29-19_2-38-23 PM

While Pixel heads over to Gemma in order to wake her up. These poor pups – they aren’t getting much time with their owners, are they?

09-29-19_2-38-48 PM

Fifi is drinking out of the toilet! Bad girl! The ladies have a point – Mildred might have to look into training for this naughty doggie!

09-29-19_2-39-31 PM

Cairo is sleeping on the couch, which seems really comfortable for a dog of her size!

09-29-19_2-40-38 PM

D.J. is barking – we’re just not sure whether he’s barking at the wall, the other dogs or the ladies trying to sleep in their beds.

09-29-19_2-42-03 PM

“I’m still sad about last night,” Nancy says after getting up. “I can’t get the sight of Lila kissing Divan like that out of my head.”

09-30-19_2-23-45 PM

“Ugh…Pixel!” Gemma shouts. “Why’d you have to wake me up this early?”

09-30-19_2-24-11 PM

Poor Nancy is crying it out in bed while Fifi watches.

09-30-19_2-30-58 PM

It looks like Fifi is flirting with D.J. here! They look so cute in their outfits – almost like they’re on their own little date or something!

09-30-19_2-31-24 PM

Pixel doesn’t like the music blasting on the stereo. Why’s it still on in the first place?

09-30-19_2-32-43 PM

Cairo and Daisy are playing with each other. So adorable!

09-30-19_2-34-57 PM

“Guess it’s time to get ready and wipe away my sorrows,” Nancy sighs.

09-30-19_2-41-18 PM

After getting ready, she fills the dogs’ food bowls. Fifi was busy emptying them all! Thanks, Nancy!

09-30-19_2-43-11 PM

Gemma seems really happy so early in the morning. We wonder why…

09-30-19_2-43-27 PM

Could this guy be the reason? We’d hope so! Divan just woke up. “I’m just happy to be spending time with all the ladies again,” he says. “Yesterday was fun and everything, but after a while it gets tiring. At least here, I’m close to bed!”

09-30-19_2-45-07 PM

Speaking of beds, Nikki just woke up. “This bedroom is wonderful,” she says. “But I’m a little lonely up here being away from the other girls and I miss Jess. So bummed she had to go home.”

09-30-19_2-49-33 PM

Nancy got the inspiration to do some painting. I’m excited to see the end result!

09-30-19_2-51-29 PM

“I need a toilet ASAP!” Divan shouts, trying to hold it in while heading to the nearest bathroom.

09-30-19_2-53-09 PM

Nancy’s painting is beautiful! But it looks a little gloomy with that structure looking so isolated in the middle of the ocean. Are you trying to tell us something, Nancy?

09-30-19_2-54-33 PM

Even though the butler’s busy preparing this morning’s meal, the ladies are snacking on popcorn while they wait.

“I’m so hungry!” Lila shouts. “A girl’s gotta eat, you know!”

09-30-19_2-55-05 PM

Nikki’s bathroom is so fancy! Heck, even I’m jealous of her!

09-30-19_2-56-33 PM

A lucky girl indeed…

09-30-19_2-58-28 PM

“I’m certain that the butler’s “breakfast” won’t fill me up for the rest of the day,” Mildred says. “I’ll have to eat some popcorn, so I don’t starve to death!”

09-30-19_3-05-00 PM

While everyone’s sitting down for breakfast, a special guest stops by. Anyone recognise him?

09-30-19_3-06-45 PM

“Hello, ladies,” the pink-haired man greets. “For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Izzy Fabulous – the most well known stylist in Del Sol Valley! It’s my job to make sure one lucky lady looks absolutely fabulous for every three consecutive days!”

09-30-19_3-07-37 PM

“Today, that lucky lady is Nikki!” Divan shouts.

“Nikki, girl, that outfit is cute…don’t get me wrong,” Izzy says while eating his food. “But I have something else in mind for tonight.”

09-30-19_3-14-14 PM

“You look really cute,” Divan compliments Trish.

“Thanks!” Trish replies. “I had to change to a little less clothing – it’s like a hundred degrees outside!”

09-30-19_3-15-22 PM

Lila plays some Blickblock. Maybe she’s trying to level up her gaming skill to impress the bachelor?

09-30-19_3-23-04 PM

Gemma’s also getting her geek on, playing the PC version of Blickblock. Everyone’s just having fun today!

09-30-19_3-24-31 PM

“You look even cuter in that swimsuit,” Divan says to Trish as she joins him in the fountain pool.

09-30-19_3-25-32 PM

They stare into each other’s eyes while Gemma dances behind them.

09-30-19_3-25-47 PM

“So, where’d you like to go on our date tomorrow?” Divan asks.

“Maybe the Stargazer Lounge in San Myshuno,” Trish replies. “I hear it has a really romantic vibe and being Asian, I’ve been meaning to go to San Myshuno to get back to my roots and see where I really come from.”

09-30-19_3-28-14 PM

“Hey, sexy,” Lila greets Divan and kisses him on the cheek. “I’ve been thinking about you all night and and have been missing you since our date.”

09-30-19_3-28-52 PM

Nancy seems to have cheered up – I’m so happy to see that!

09-30-19_3-29-17 PM

“I think I get why Mildred likes these shows so much,” Trish says while watching an old TV show in the living room. “They’re surprisingly entertaining!”

09-30-19_3-29-41 PM

Lila seems really pleased with herself after greeting Divan. Gemma, however, seems furious.

09-30-19_3-30-04 PM

“I can’t believe you keep letting her do that in front of everyone!” Gemma says and starts to cry.

09-30-19_3-31-57 PM

“This is how it feels!” she shouts and slaps Divan in the face multiple times. “Like a big slap in the face!”

09-30-19_3-32-53 PM

Divan then goes to Nancy to try get his mind off what just happened. “Hey, cutie. I hope your day’s been better than mine…”

09-30-19_3-35-46 PM

He later goes to Nikki who just went to the bathroom. An awkward place to be intimate, but who are we to judge?

09-30-19_3-37-58 PM

Poor Gemma is crying in her bedroom. My heart breaks to see her like this…

09-30-19_3-39-19 PM

At least Divan and Nancy seem to be having fun watching the clouds outside.

09-30-19_3-42-33 PM

Nancy is having a nap on the bedroom couch – probably getting her beauty sleep before the party.

09-30-19_3-47-45 PM

“Hello, my love,” Mildred greets Divan. “I’ve been missing you!”

“Hi, Mildred,” Divan greets awkwardly.

09-30-19_3-49-49 PM

“Can I get a kiss?” Mildred asks.

“Not now!” Divan shouts. “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I really need to get ready for tonight. I suggest you do the same.”

09-30-19_3-51-55 PM

“I like your style and how you stay true to yourself – I really do,” Izzy tells Mildred. “But what if I changed your look for just one night? The bachelor wouldn’t be able to keep his eyes and hands off you and all the other girls would envy you…”

“Never!” Mildred answers. “I won’t change for anyone – not even the bachelor!”

09-30-19_3-52-13 PM

Nikki’s also playing some Blickblock. It seems like the gaming bug has bit everyone last night!

09-30-19_3-52-41 PM

Gemma seems heartbroken. I wonder how’s she going to fare tonight – she doesn’t seem like she’s in the mood for a party, especially with Divan and the other ladies around.

09-30-19_3-53-08 PM

Lila’s also napping before the party. I hope these girls are planning to get ready soon! The party’s about to begin!

09-30-19_3-53-50 PM

“I can already envision me and Divan getting married,” Nancy says. “Him in his wedding suit, waiting anxiously for me to walk down the aisle in my wedding dress…it’ll be a dream come true!”

09-30-19_3-54-22 PM

“Guess it’s time to get ready for the party,” Divan sighs. “Each day’s just getting harder and harder…”

09-30-19_3-57-22 PM

Nikki seems like the only one who’s really excited for the party! Get to to your room, Nikki! It’s time to get ready!

Author’s Notes: Thanks for reading. A lot happened here: some good things, some awkward things and some really terrible things. I didn’t expect Gemma to react the way she did after Lila flirted with Divan. Their relationship took a huge hit after she slapped him – I’m not sure whether they can fix things before the next rose ceremony. Divan seems so disinterested in Mildred for some reason, but it could also be because of the incident with Gemma. She always catches him at the wrong time! Nancy on the other hand, is already whimming to get married to Divan.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments. Is Divan and Gemma’s relationship irreparable at this point or will they be able to go back the way they were before the rose ceremony? Will there ever be a moment that’s not awkward between Mildred and Divan? Are the other ladies better suited for him perhaps?

Day 4, Part 2: The First Rose Ceremony

09-24-19_10-49-44 PM

Hello and welcome back to The Geeky Bachelor! Today, we’ll just hang out at the mansion with Divan and the ladies. Tonight will be the first rose ceremony and one lady will have to leave the house, unfortunately.

“Hello, Trish,” Divan greets and hugs Trish. “I missed you yesterday and I’m so sorry we couldn’t go on a date – I would’ve loved that.”

“Me too,” Trish says. “I’ve had a lot of time to think and I really want to be here – I really want to be here with you.”

09-24-19_10-50-24 PM

“Really?” Divan asks. “I’m so happy to hear that! Next time, you’ll be the first girl I go on a date with and I’m sure it’ll be magical!”

“I can’t wait!” Trish exclaims.

09-24-19_10-56-07 PM

“Hi Jess,” a bare-chested Divan greets and embraces Jessica. “I’m so sorry we didn’t have a chance to go on a date yesterday and I’m sorry you had to witness me and Nikki kissing. I really didn’t mean to hurt your feelings.”

09-24-19_10-58-31 PM

She joins him in the swimming pool, whereafter they dip their feet into the water and chat for a while.

“That’s a cute bikini – I mean you look really cute in it,” Divan compliments.

“Thank you,” Jessica replies. “There’s something I need to tell you.”

“Yes?” Divan asks, concerned.

“I’ve been thinking that maybe we’re not meant to be together,” Jessica says. “I mean you’re a great guy and all, but dating someone with several other girlfriends is not for me. I hope you understand.”

“That’s a bit of a bummer,” Divan says. “But I understand completely and I respect that, too.”

09-24-19_10-59-21 PM

Mildred hugs Divan as he plans to head inside the mansion. “I apologize for my obnoxious behaviour this morning,” Mildred says. “I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me and maybe give us another chance.”

09-24-19_10-59-51 PM

“Of course I forgive you!” Divan shouts. “Just take things one step at a time, allright?”

“Absolutely,” Mildred replies. “Baby steps.”

09-24-19_11-28-14 PM

It’s time for the rose ceremony and Divan is feeling sick. “I really can’t stand this whole affair,” Divan says. “I really don’t want to break anyone’s heart, but I understand that it needs to be done. Let’s just get it over with.”

Gemma and Nancy have already received roses during their dates, so both ladies will not be going home tonight.

09-24-19_11-29-09 PM

All the ladies are looking gorgeous this evening. They all seem anxious about what’s to come. Divan, when you’re ready, you can call the first lady’s name.

09-24-19_11-31-17 PM

“Nikki,” Divan calls. She walks over to him.

09-24-19_11-33-12 PM

“Nikki, will you accept this rose?” Divan asks, while holding out the rose.

09-24-19_11-33-25 PM

“Of course,” Nikki answers and takes the rose.

09-24-19_11-40-07 PM

“Lila,” Divan calls. She walks over to him.

09-24-19_11-44-09 PM

“Lila, will you accept this rose?” Divan asks.

“Of course I will,” Lila replies. “Will you accept this kiss?”

She then spontaneously kisses him.

09-24-19_11-45-10 PM

…to the other ladies’ dismay.

“I’m not fazed at all – not even one bit,” Mildred smiles confidently.

09-24-19_11-47-43 PM

“Who should I call next, boy?” Divan asks D.J. He then seems to make up his mind.

“Mildred,” Divan calls and she walks over to him.

09-24-19_11-50-14 PM

“Mildred, will you accept this rose?” Divan asks.

09-24-19_11-50-22 PM

“Absolutely,” Mildred replies. “There’s  nothing like the scent of fresh flowers. Remember that for future reference…”

The last rose remains.

09-24-19_11-53-11 PM

“Trish,” Divan calls. She walks over to him.

09-24-19_11-54-22 PM

“Trish, will you accept this rose?” Divan asks.

“Yes,” Trish replies. “Thank you!”

09-24-19_11-54-33 PM

“I love roses,” Trish says. “I love everything about nature, as a matter of fact.”

09-24-19_11-58-06 PM

“Sorry boy,” Divan says and pets D.J. “I know you had a crush on Alaska…”

09-24-19_11-58-33 PM

“I’m so sorry,” Divan says to Jessica. “This is what you wanted, right?”

09-24-19_11-58-53 PM

“Yes, it is,” Jessica replies.

“Friends?” Divan offers. “We could always play some Blickblock together as fellow geeks!”

“I’d love that,” Jessica says.

Aww…Alaska! We can all see your heart was set on D.J.!

09-25-19_12-19-01 AM

“I just want to go to bed now,” Nikki walks out sadly. “Seeing him with all the other women…it’s all too much for me.”

09-25-19_12-20-04 AM

Bye Alaska! We (and D.J.) will miss you, girl!

09-25-19_12-22-15 AM

Goodbye Jessica! We wish you all the best with your future endeavours and hope you meet someone as special as you are! It was great having you!

09-29-19_2-32-02 PM

“I’m so sorry if I made you upset,” Divan tells Nikki. “I might have something that’ll cheer you up!”

“What?” Nikki asks and wipes her tears.

09-29-19_2-32-26 PM

“The key to your own bedroom!” Divan shouts. “I meant it when I said we have something special – you’re the first girl I fell for in the first place and I’d like to see where this goes.”

09-29-19_2-32-43 PM

“Aw…thank you!” Nikki replies. “Are you kidding? It’s almost too good to be true!”

“Not at all,” Divan answers. “I hope you like it – it’s just a tiny fraction of what a girl like you deserves…”

09-29-19_2-34-49 PM

Nikki climbs into the queen size bed of her new quarters. The other ladies must be green with jealousy right now!

09-29-19_2-35-32 PM

“At least that’s done,” Divan says as he climbs into bed. “Only time will tell whether I’m making the right choices here.”

Author’s Notes: Thank you for reading. This was an interesting turn of events. Divan had the highest relationship with Nikki and the lowest relationship with Jessica, which is why she went home. Luckily she didn’t seem upset when Divan asked her “to just be friends”. 

The ladies were furious and heartbroken while watching each other receive roses – especially when Lila received hers. I now remember that Lila actually rejected the rose during her and Divan’s date, which is why she received one here.

Are you happy with the choices Divan made? Anyone you’re rooting for yet? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.