Dinner with the Goths

Mortimer Goth had a shocking expression on his face when his wife, Bella, told him she was expecting their third child.

“Really?” he asked in disbelief. “You’re expecting again?”

“I am indeed!” Bella confirmed.

“Oh, I’m thrilled, my love!” he cried and embraced his beautiful wife. “I can’t wait to tell the children!”

At dinner, Bella struggled to finish her meal as she contemplated how she would break the news to the children. It has always been just the four of them and she feared they wouldn’t want another child in the picture.

Her fears came true. Cassandra was extremely displeased at the news. “Another child?!” she yelled. “Really, Mother…at your age?”

“I’m still young!” she defended. “Clearly there seems to be nothing wrong with my reproductive organs!”

“Yes, but soon you’ll be old and ugly!” Alexander mocked. “And your stomach will grow big too, so you’ll be fat, old and ugly!”

Bella was devastated. “I knew they would react like that, but I hoped for the best. Worse thing is, they’re right – we’re not getting younger, Mortimer. What were we thinking?!”

“All the reason why we should have another child,” Mortimer replied. “Children keep you young and you’re a wonderful mother. Things will change, darling…you will see.”

“I’m not too sure about that,” Bella sighed.

The next few months flew by and the Goth children were horrified to discover they’re having their new sibling for dinner.

“Eat your brother!” Bella scolded. “Bonehilda worked very hard to prepare this meal for us and you said you didn’t want another sibling!”

Cassandra couldn’t believe her eyes. “Our parents are cannibals!” she yelled. “Who’s next? Me?!”

She then stormed out.

Bella laughed. “Oh, sweet gullible children…”

“This is not your brother,” she explained to Alexander.

“Then who is it?” he asked.

“No one,” Bella replied. “It’s just a cake shaped like a newborn infant.”

“A few months ago, I heard strange noises outside,” Bella said. “When I went out to investigate, I witnessed a bright blue beam of light, which levitated me into the air.”

“A few days ago, I gave birth to a beautiful blue creature. It was then that I knew this child is an extraterrestrial and not your father’s son.”

“He realized it too when he saw the child. It took him a while, but he accepted him and he is a part of this family now – just like you and your sister.”

When Cassandra returned, Alexander explained everything to her and they were happy to meet their new brother.

“Aw, he’s kinda cute!” Cassandra squealed.

“I wonder what he’s named,” Alexander said. “I hope it’s Cozmo.”

Author’s Notes:  Happy Halloween and thanks for reading! This is my entry for the Monthly SimLit Short Story Challenge this month, organized by LisaBee, EA Game Changer for The Sims 4 and fellow SimLit writer. The theme of this month is “dinner”.

I kindly invite you to please read all the stories entered for this challenge at the end of the month and vote for your top choices in both categories. Your support would be greatly appreciated.


The Addams Family Manor by IvoryM13

Day 1: To Be Stranded on a Bright, Sunny Day

It was a hot Summer’s morning when eight passengers woke up to find themselves stranded on a deserted island. They were on their way to a luxury resort, which each of them won in a radio contest, but the plane crashed and now they’re here.

“Where the hell are we?!” Prissy Stratton shouted. “We are supposed to be on holiday, but instead we’re in the middle of freaking nowhere…just wait until my father hears about this!”

“I don’t know,” an older man replied. “Hell, I can’t even remember my own name!”

Royce Agarwal took out his phone. “It still works!” he shouted. “Let me see if I can find any signal…”

Much to everyone’s dismay, there was no reception. “Damn it!” Royce yelled.

Royce then picked up a fishing pole that was just lying around. “I figured we can at least try to catch some fish,” he told Neida who tried to see if she could spot anything.

Neida really had to empty her bladder, but didn’t feel comfortable doing it with so many people around. Neither was anyone else. “Oh, no!” she cried after soiling herself and feeling humiliated.

“I know this seems gross, but one of us needs to stay awake and keep watch,” Owen said, while doing sit ups in his own urine. “This should keep me awake!” Iris and Ruby just looked at each other in disgust.

It started getting dark. The confused old man asked Royce if he was able to catch something as his stomach was growling. “Do you see any fish, huh?!” Royce shouted in frustration. “Yeah, me neither. I’ve been fishing the whole fucking day and not a single fish in sight! If you see any, be sure to let me know!”

“Don’t be so hard on the old man,” Neida said to Royce. “He’s just starving like all of us. Look at how skinny he is – he needs to eat something. I know you’ve been trying to catch something all day and we appreciate your efforts. We’ll explore the island tomorrow and see if we can find something, okay?”

“Need to stay awake…need to stay awake,” Owen mutters while doing push-ups.

“This is really sweet and all, but hello, do you guys realize we’re slowly dying out here?!” Iris yelled. “We’ll probably drop dead before morning!”

Royce decided to try fishing again. He was luckier this time and managed to catch some fish.

“So…tired,” Ruby yawned.

Morning came and the survivors started dropping to the ground, no longer having any energy left. “Told you so,” Iris sighed.

Author’s Notes: This is my entry to this month’s Monthly SimLit Short Story Challenge and the first chapter of a new story, The Crumbling Isle. I’m playing a survival challenge and the rules for the first day was that Sims should be fully autonomous, trying to survive 24 hours on their own. Luckily there were no deaths! Hope you enjoyed and please check out the other entries for the SimLit Challenge, voting for your favourites.

Also, a big thanks to the following Gallery creators whose awesome Sims are featured:

  • MamaShawn89 – Prissy Stratton
  • carolcolors – Neida Riscue
  • SoulGal7 – Fernando Bravo
  • ambahinvasion11 – Royce Agarwal
  • Jazmi1396 – Iris Sampson
  • SueSimming – Whisky Barrel
  • FighterWolf00 – Ruby Blunt
  • ema44068 – Owen Dickens

Freak For a Friend

Ita Mann and I were old friends, going back to kindergarten. So when she called me over the phone, sobbing over the death of her husband, Chuck, my heart bled for her. I wanted to be there for her and help in any way I can, so I asked her to come over for a weekend.

I was surprised how much weight she gained since I last saw her, but it’s not uncommon to eat more during quarantine. “You’ve gotten even skinnier!” she remarked when we greeted. “Need some meat on those bones!” Obviously I didn’t comment on her weight.

We sat down before the TV to binge watch some old soap operas we used to watch together decades ago. “Man, that guy is just as hot as I remember!” I commented on the male lead of one of the shows. “Delicious!” she joked. We had a great time catching up and exchanging stories.

She told me that she donated Chuck’s body for research, since she couldn’t bare to look at it. I sympathized with that, having lost my husband several years ago, though I wished Chuck received a proper burial. He was a good man and deserved that much.

A few days later, she invited me and a few other people over to her place for a barbecue. I found it odd, since Ita’s been on a strict vegetarian diet for over twenty years. Maybe she just wanted to spoil her friends, I thought.

When I arrived at her place, she was all dressed in black – as if this was Chuck’s funeral. I confessed that I felt a little under-dressed, but she didn’t seem to mind. When we sat down, I noticed a wall of huge raw meat just standing around. “Where’d you get all this meat and are you sure it’s safe to just let it stand out in the sun?” I asked.

“This is actually cruelty-free meat!” she explained. “I grew it myself – looks and tastes just like the real thing! You’ll see!”

The other guests arrived, also dressed in black, who I don’t recall ever seeing before. I wanted to ask Ita how she met them, but it didn’t seem appropriate. I couldn’t help but feel out of place – there I was, dressed casually, in the company of complete strangers. Something about them made me feel uncomfortable.

I was shocked when she served the food – she and everyone else ate their meat completely raw and only mine was cooked. I was starting to get really concerned. Ita was totally behaving out of character and I started to think that maybe she needs to see someone.

Weeks passed since that day and I tried calling Ita every day. I wanted to ask her why she’s behaving so differently and encourage her to get some help. But she returned none of my calls.

Life went on like before – I continued to arrange flowers for an extra income and sold some things I knitted on Plopsy. But I continued to worry about Ita, so I got in my car and went to her place.

I knocked on her door. “Hey, old friend,” she greeted with a hug. “Please come in!” She was very friendly…a little too friendly. “Good Watcher, Ita…what is that godawful smell?!” I shouted when I was greeted by a horrible stench coming from her refrigerator.

“Oh, you remember that meat we ate the other day at the barbecue?” she asked. “It was too much to eat all by myself and the fridge stopped working.”

“You should’ve told me,” I replied. “I could’ve stored it in my fridge and invited some of my family over.” The men in my family were big meat eaters. “Promise me you’ll throw that out,” I said.

“Yes, I will do that right after you leave,” she replied. “Could you excuse me for a second?” she asked. “Sure,” I said and she went to the bathroom.

I was very curious about the contents in that fridge, so I decided to take a peek while she was gone. Nothing could prepare me for the horror I experienced when I saw what was inside.

Inside Ita’s fridge was the severed head of her deceased husband, as well as some limbs and human organs. I screamed like never before.

“What’s going on?!” she yelled as she stormed to the kitchen. “Please tell me I’m not seeing what I think I saw inside your fridge,” I said, my whole body shaking.

“Okay, I killed Chuck and ate his body,” she confessed. “Why…why would you do that?!” I cried. “Are you one of the infected? Some kind of zombie freak?! Answer me, Ita!”

“No,” she answered. “But I am the leader of a secret cannibal cult. You know…the lovely folks you met at the barbecue.”

“I knew there was something fishy about them!” I yelled. “Chuck was a such good man…why would you kill him?”

“He was, but he was a little boring for my taste,” she replied. “The taste of his flesh, however, was totally out of this world…”

“You’re sick!” I yelled. “Well, if I’m sick, then so are you,” she shrugs. “You also ate Chuck…remember the barbecue?”

I threw up right there. “You can’t deny that you loved the taste,” she says. “Join us and you’ll never look back.”

“I’m sorry, Ita,” I replied. “I’ll keep your secret, but I would never willingly consume human meat.”

“I understand,” Ita said and reached out for a hug. “Friends?”

“Friends,” I replied and hugged her, reaching for the knife inside my pocket.

I stabbed her in the back.

“I’m sorry, Ita,” I said. “But I can’t let you do this.” I then set her trailer alight and rushed home. I packed my things and left town, with no plans to ever return. The remaining cannibal cult members are still roaming around and I sincerely hope they get caught one day, but my part in this is over. It’s time to start a new page.

Author’s Notes:  Thanks for reading! This is my entry for the Monthly SimLit Short Story Challenge this month, organized by LisaBee, EA Game Changer for The Sims 4 and fellow SimLit writer. The theme of this month is horror/suspense/thriller.

I kindly invite you to please read all the stories entered for this challenge at the end of the month and vote for your top choices in both categories. Your support would be greatly appreciated.


A Fairy’s Tale

I always knew I was different. Back in elementary school, other kids would call me “Elf”, “Pointy Ears”, “Freak” and all sorts of names. I was told that I had an ear condition that made my ears look pointy and I was forced to wear a uniform to school, which made me an easy target to bully.

The insults got worse each year. I later started wearing my hair loose to try and cover my ears, but they were too long and still stuck out. I begged Mother to send me to a surgeon to have them fixed. She refused and said that there’s nothing wrong with me – I just had to ignore the other kids.

Then I started having dreams. I dreamt of a beautiful place with lots of trees and even a waterfall. It was magical. A place I’ve never seen before, yet it felt strangely familiar.

The next time I dreamt of a beautiful fairy queen wearing a sparkly silver dress, which matched her hair. She sang the most beautiful song – I wasn’t familiar with the language, but somehow I understood every word.

She urged me to seek out a certain tree, which would lead me to her. The tree was located in Willow Creek and would be easy to spot. It was huge and had strange things around its trunk, and there were red mushrooms at the bottom of the tree.

So I made my way there when my parents went away for work. They went away a lot and were very secretive about what exactly they did for a living, but I thought that it was none of my business, so I never asked. I found the tree, but I could’t find an entrance.

So I tried lots ridiculous things, like watering the tree, complimenting its leaves and talking to it about nature. I went there every week for the next four years, but still, there didn’t seem to be a way to enter the tree. I thought I was going mad – maybe my imagination was a bit too wild and none of this was real.

But one day, something told me to go back and try again. This time, a hole appeared in the tree and I entered. The trunk was a lot bigger than I anticipated. Everything was dark inside – a faint glow the only light, a rolling burble the only sound. I followed the sound and got distracted by an ethereal mist glowing ominously.

I entered the mist, which was warm and friendly. I suddenly felt the sensation of being spun around. I reached the Glade and spotted the fairy queen.

It was even more beautiful and magical in person. The fairy queen told me the truth – my real parents were fairies and the imposters who raised me murdered them, as well as most of faekind when I was an infant. The remaining fairies were captured and placed in orbs, to be used as spellcasters’ familiars.

She told me my “parents” were actually powerful sorcerers and keep the orbs containing the fairies in our attic. They also casted a spell on me, which took away my wings. It was up to me to save them and defeat the evil sorcerers.

The fairy queen trained me on how to wield magic and perform magic duels. It took a while, but I managed to win the duel. It was time to confront my parents.

I found Mother outside, looking completely different than the woman who raised me. I confronted her about what she did and challenged her to a duel.

I won the duel, which killed her. I felt bad that things have come to this, but she and Father had to be stopped.

I then challenged Father to a duel, who was enraged when he learnt that I killed his wife. He fought really hard and knocked me down several times.

But I couldn’t just give up, so I stood up and fought with every ounce of my being. I eventually defeated him and went to the attic, where I found the orbs.

I took them to the fairy queen, who freed the captured fairies. They flew around in joy and I envied them.

But then the fairy queen commended me on my bravery and blessed me with my own set of wings. I spread my wings and went up in the air, feeling like a bird learning how to fly and like I finally knew who I am.

Now, I watch over the forest of Glimmerbrook, keeping an eye out for lumberjacks and polluters. It’s good to finally feel like I have a purpose and a place I can belong to.

Author’s Notes:  Thanks for reading! This is my entry for the Monthly SimLit Short Story Challenge this month, organized by LisaBee, EA Game Changer for The Sims 4 and fellow SimLit writer. The theme of this month is to write a fairy tale, since 26 February is Tell A Fairy Tale Day in America.

I kindly invite you to please read all the stories entered for this challenge at the end of the month and vote for your top choices in both categories. Your support would be greatly appreciated.

New Residents

I remember life before death. I used to be a world-renowned paranormal investigator in the late 1970’s. Yes, the one and only Claude René Duplantier Guidry. People worshiped me – they took my photos, asked for autographs and even made a painting of me. Years later, that same painting would become my permanent residence.

I had a girlfriend. Her name was Temperance. She couldn’t stand seeing me with anyone else, even when it was just a friend or acquaintance. She was really jealous and over-possessive, yelling at me every night I came home late and sometimes she got violent as well.

So I left her. Finally I was free. I could go out whenever I wanted, wherever I wanted, with whoever I wanted and I did. Every night, I had a different lover and half the time, I didn’t even know their names. I realized one thing – the monogamous life was not for me.

Temperance, however, was still obsessed with me and proceeded to follow me around wherever I went. I even got a restraining order against her, but she still managed to show up every now and then. Even in my last moments, after I was crushed in one of my lovers’ murphy bed, I saw her in the corner of my eye. Seeing me in someone else’s bed drove her over the wall. She had a cardiac explosion, which killed her moments after me.

The house I lived in was haunted. Nobody wanted to deal with the specters floating around the place, but I didn’t mind. Sure, the evil, vengeful spirits would keep coming back and they really got on my nerves, but the friendly, peaceful ones were delightful and always put a smile on my face. After my death, the house was abandoned for several decades – until the Rivers family finally bought the house and moved in.

They were happy-go-lucky Bohemian folks who seemingly didn’t mind living in a haunted house, except the daughter, Rain. There was something different about her. Unlike her parents, Rain was pale skinned, wore dark clothing and was sad all the time. I could sense that she was a medium, like me, and the spirits really brought her down. She wasn’t afraid of them – she just felt horrible about how they died and that they couldn’t go to rest in their afterlife and that she wasn’t able to give them that peace they desperately sought.

So I showed and introduced myself to her. I thought that maybe all she needed was a helping hand; a guide if you will. I helped her perform séances and showed her how to deal with the dead. Eventually she lightened up and we got to know each other better. When Rain was a toddler, she would tell her parents about “invisible” people who talked to her about their lives. No one believed her then and thought that she just had a wild imagination.

A few years later, she created a séance circle at school and people knew something was up. They called her a Satanist and she was expelled from the school. Her parents had to home-school her and she felt very alone. She was never truly alone and sometimes she had dead relatives who kept her company, but she missed having real human contact. She felt like an outcast and became completely miserable.

When she was nearly finished with high school, she and her parents moved to Willow Creek and she tried to fit into society again. But she was home-schooled most of her life, always stuck at home. It was hard to adapt, especially in a new town with strange faces. But she trusted me.

We started to form a romantic relationship after she graduated high school and later she became a freelance paranormal investigator. I didn’t join her on the job, but I was always anxiously waiting for her at home. We were very happy together, enjoying every moment in each other’s presence. Even her parents were happy that their daughter had someone special in her life.

But that happiness didn’t last long. One evening, Temperance showed up out of nowhere. She made the Rivers’ lives a living hell and it had a huge toll on our relationship. Eventually Rain couldn’t take it anymore and ended things with me. The family decided that it was best to move out and find a new place.

So now I’m all alone again, with my past haunting me every second in this gloomy mansion. At least until it gets a new owner.

Author’s Notes:  Thanks for reading! This is my entry for the Monthly SimLit Short Story Challenge this month, organized by LisaBee, EA Game Changer for The Sims 4 and fellow SimLit writer. The theme of this month is “new beginnings”.

I kindly invite you to please read all the stories entered for this challenge at the end of the month and vote for your top three choices in the Veteran category. Your support would be greatly appreciated.


Households and builds:

Guidry Before His Death by me

Temperance by me

(Male) Bases w Paranormal CAS by lisabeesims

(Female) Bases w Paranormal CAS by lisabeesims

Tiny Living Micro Reno by lisabeesims

Duplantier Dwelling by Doctor Ashley (can be found in the game library if you purchased Paranormal Stuff)

A Mother’s Love

Vet Participant june

People often call me crazy. I’m that crazy lady who in a post-apocalyptic world, has a lush roof garden and talks to her plants every single day.

06-11-20_10-57-59 PM

I’m that annoying lady who constantly tries to convince others to vote for change. To go green, clean up the town and make it a better place for everyone.

06-13-20_1-31-43 PM

No one seems to care about that, though.

06-12-20_9-37-54 PM

Except my husband, Stuart. When we got married 22 years ago, we never thought Evergreen Harbor would end up in the horrendous state it’s in now. We’re both passionate about the environment and made it our mission to keep this town green.

06-12-20_9-45-43 PM

Obviously, the exact opposite happened. The town became more and more industrial each year, robots and cyborgs started taking over and things couldn’t get any worse. Even the town’s name was changed to Hazard Harbor, because it truly is hazardous to live here.

06-11-20_10-55-17 PM

Stuart and I now have four children and a robot of our own. I work as a freelance crafter, making fizzy juice, fabricating furniture and producing candles. Stuart works as a civil engineer and he created Cyclo 2.0 in his spare time – a robot who helps out around the house and Stuart hopes that one day, the town will be restored to its former glory with the help of his beloved robot. I fear this is the beginning of the end.

06-11-20_11-01-49 PM

Having a big family is both a blessing and a curse. My youngest, Chelsey, loves wearing anything with flowers and really enjoys reading flash cards. She’s my little ray of sunshine in a time when the skies are always grey.

I try to teach all my children to live an eco lifestyle and reduce their carbon footprint. Luckily, most of them do.

06-13-20_5-33-00 PM

Except my eldest daughter, Caroline. I wouldn’t exactly call her the “black sheep of the family”, as I love all my children with every ounce of my being and treat them equally, regardless of their behaviour. However, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to be under the same roof as her and she’s busy destroying everything Stuart and I built up over the years.

She loves living in her own filth and wants this town to remain in its current smoggy and polluted state. Her room is something straight out of a horror film and I don’t even dare to set a foot in there anymore.

06-12-20_8-56-24 PM

She wasn’t always like this, though. As a child, she always took out the trash and did all her chores. She had a great relationship with her younger sister, Carla, and they always played together.

06-11-20_10-56-51 PM

Now, these siblings have a typical love-hate relationship. When they’re not fighting, Carla visits Caroline in her room and they start chatting like good old friends. She even offers to clean up her sister’s room every now and then, much to the annoyance of Caroline.

06-12-20_9-21-53 PM

When Caroline came out, I was the first person she told. I simply wrapped my arms around her and promised that I’ll always support her – no matter what. Little did I know how difficult it would be to keep that promise years later.

She thinks because she’s an “adult” now that she can do whatever she pleases and won’t look for a job or go to college. When she’s not sleeping until late in the afternoon, she dives into dumpsters and finds new things to clutter up her room.

06-11-20_11-11-18 PM

I probably shouldn’t blame her. Most colleges were destroyed in the apocalypse and work is really hard to come by nowadays. Still, she could study or work online.

Sometimes we all gather around the kitchen table and pretend we’re not just another dysfunctional family. The other day, I announced my fifth pregnancy to everyone and they were all ecstatic at the news.

06-13-20_1-04-47 PM

The baby will be here in a few days. I’m really excited and petrified at the same time. I can only hope he decides to follow in his parents’ footsteps and not his eldest sister’s. But a mother’s love is unconditional and unwavering. I’ll always love my children, even if they choose a different path in life.

Author’s Notes:  Thanks for reading! I have decided to participate in the Monthly SimLit Short Story Challenge this month, organized by LisaBee, EA Game Changer for The Sims 4 and fellow SimLit writer. The theme of this month is “love”. I also created this family in honour of #BlackLivesMatter and Pride Month. We’re living in difficult times and it’s more important now than ever to be kind and accepting of each other, despite our differences.

I kindly invite you to please read all the stories entered for this challenge at the end of the month and vote for your top three choices in both categories (Novice and Veteran), meaning you will have a total of six votes. Any vote that doesn’t contain three votes in each category will be thrown out, so please vote for three Novice stories and three Veteran stories!


The family and their home were created by me for RethaSim’s fantasysave and can be found on the Gallery:


A Zest For Life

Vet Participant april

Once upon a time, there was a young boy named Malcolm. Malcolm Landgraab.

04-17-20_9-14-56 PM

He was the son of a detective named Geoffrey, who changed his surname to his wife’s when they got married. Malcolm’s mother, Nancy Landgraab’s family were old money. Nancy always got anything and everything she wanted growing up, and absolutely nothing changed as an adult.

Nancy was an infamous criminal. She started off as a highly successful businesswoman, but later grew tired of it and wanted to do something more exciting with her life – maybe even dangerous. So, she chose a life of crime. Nancy was everything to Geoffrey, so he covered up all of her crimes and ensured she never got caught. Eventually, Geoffrey and Nancy took over all of Oasis Springs and nobody dared getting in their way.

Malcolm, being the sole heir to the Landgraab fortune, would grow up to take over the throne and start his own family, preferably with a beautiful young woman with long locks of golden hair and eyes of sapphire blue or emerald green. He wanted none of it, though. He wanted the fame and fortune, just not the responsibility that comes with it. He also was a decent person who didn’t want to be another dirty politician with a closet full of skeletons.

04-17-20_9-05-30 PM

As a child, Malcolm loved watching the famous comedian, Johnny Best, on TV after school. That was after all his afterschool activities and having done his homework, with strict supervision from both his parents. He had a very busy schedule, being who he was.

He idolized Johnny Best, wanting to be just like him. So when he turned 17, he told his parents he wants to be a famous comedian after school.

“Surely he’s joking!” Nancy laughed.

“Actually, Mother, I am dead serious. I want to start a career as a stand-up comedian,” Malcolm replied.

04-17-20_6-41-32 PM

“I will not have my son behaving like a complete buffoon!” Nancy shouted. “You’ll continue the Landgraab legacy and I will hear no more talk of this “stand-up comedian” nonsense!”

Malcolm didn’t seem to have a choice in the matter. He abandoned the idea and went on with his week as usual.

Until the following Monday.

“Malcolm, why are you still in your sleepwear?” Nancy asked that morning. “You should’ve been dressed by now.”

04-17-20_8-43-56 PM

“Mother, I’m quitting school,” Malcolm announced. “I’m also going forward with my career as a comedian. I’ve had enough of being told what I should and shouldn’t do. I’m making my own decisions from this point forward.”

04-17-20_8-48-22 PM

“Then you’re out!” Nancy shouted. “Get out of this house right now and never set a foot here again! You’re dead to both me and your father!” Geoffrey objected to this at first, but after Nancy threatened to leave him, he reluctantly agreed.

04-17-20_10-37-35 PM

So Malcolm left and bought a cheap trailer home with the last money he had in his bank account. He changed his name to Johnny Zest, after his idol, Johnny Best, who recently died from Hysteria. He also dyed his hair and got a new wardrobe.

04-17-20_9-36-18 PM

Of course, the Landgraab line had to continue, so the Landgraabs used one of Johnny’s hairs to try and clone him. However, the cloning backfired and they ended up having the most despicable creature to have ever existed as their new son. They pretended that the clone was the original Malcolm and nobody batted an eyelid – mostly out of fear for a family this powerful, but also because they really looked alike.

04-17-20_10-50-55 PM

Johnny started to perform at the local lounge and everyone absolutely adored the waggish young man. He became incredibly famous and eventually, even wealthier than the Landgraabs.

He then moved to Del Sol Valley and fell in love with a Simstagram star who frequently came to his shows and swooned over it online. Her name was Penny Pizzazz and she was originally from San Myshuno.

04-17-20_11-38-24 PM

They got married there and Penny moved in with Johnny. Several months later, Penny gave birth to their first child – a daughter named Zera, which means “new beginnings”.

04-18-20_12-17-04 AM

Together, they started the Zest legacy.

Author’s Notes:  Thanks for reading! I have decided to participate in the Monthly SimLit Short Story Challenge this month, organized by LisaBee, EA Game Changer for The Sims 4 and fellow SimLit writer. This month, we had to pick one of these “funny” words and use it in a humourous story:

  • Jocose           
  • Waggish           
  • Wisecracker           
  • Farceur           
  • Buffoon           
  • Larker

I used more than one! 😉

I kindly invite you to please read all the stories entered for this challenge at the end of the month and vote for your top three choices in both categories (Novice and Veteran), meaning you will have a total of six votes. Any vote that doesn’t contain three votes in each category will be thrown out, so please vote for three Novice stories and three Veteran stories!


The Life of Veronica Grey: Part 3


I don’t know why I thought stealing and sailing a boat to an unknown location would ever be a good idea, especially since I didn’t know anything about sailing. Heck, I’ve never even been on a boat before.

I guess desperate times call for desperate measures and I thought this was my only chance to escape and create a better future for my young son.

I was a fool. As soon as I started to figure out the controls, a huge storm appeared and I lost control of the boat. A few days later, Gabe and I washed ashore on some island. In reality, it was worse than that. Much, much worse.

03-02-20_7-53-21 PM

See, I lost consciousness at some point and I don’t remember anything that happened after that. I only remember seeing Gabe and two individuals surrounding my body on a beach and I was shocked to see my ex-boyfriend Jaden being one of them. I had so many questions, yet I found myself unable to utter a word.

“Veronica?! Is that you?” Jaden began. “Oh, I hoped you’d find your way here, but this is not what I wanted at all! Please, be alive…I need you now more than ever. Don’t leave me like I left you. Moon, please call the others – we need help.”

03-02-20_7-29-24 PM (2)

I proceeded to follow the young woman I presume is Moon to wherever she she was heading. When she reached the others, I found myself standing in a seemingly off-grid area that looks like nothing I’ve ever seen before. “Sun! River!” Moon called. “A young woman is lying unconscious on the beach! Please come help!”

03-02-20_8-04-52 PM

The elderly couple rushed to the beach, where the old man knelt down and tried to revive me. “No pulse,” he said. “I’m sorry…she’s dead.”

I thank the Watcher that Gabe is still alive. He was sobbing now and I just wanted to fold my arms around him and hold him close. Tell him that I’m not really gone. That everything will be okay.

02-08-20_1-23-41 PM

Jaden was shattered, too. After burying my body in the garden, Moon tried to console him. “Her physical body is no more, but I can feel her spirit around us,” she said. “She’s not truly gone.”

02-08-20_1-14-50 PM

“Hey buddy,” Jaden greeted and embraced Gabe. It was the first time they spoke to each other. “What’s your name?” Jaden asked.

“Gabe,” Gabe answered. “Ga-biel.”

“Gabriel,” Jaden corrected with a smile. “Do you know who I am?”

Gabe shook his head.

“I’m your daddy and my name is Jaden. Daddy promises he’ll always be here for you and that he’ll never, ever leave you again.”

02-08-20_2-07-54 PM

As time passed, I started to puzzle the pieces together: Jaden told his parents about my pregnancy right after he found out, whereafter they disowned and kicked him out of their house.

He later read about Serenity Isle in the Newcrest Observer, an island whose inhabitants were seeking fresh new residents who don’t really fit in in the outside world. Those who have no place they can call home and want to form new bonds with a group of people who welcome them as family.

He decided to leave to Serenity Isle and learnt about my whereabouts, sending a letter and a treasure map my way. In the letter, he told me what happened with his parents and asked me to come with him. The letter was lost, but the map miraculously found its way to me.

02-08-20_1-38-13 PM

It was hard seeing Jaden and Moon getting close. It was a tight friendship at first, but over the years it blossomed into love. I was happy for them, though – Jaden deserved someone special in his life and Moon was that person for him. She was also a great caretaker for little Gabe.

02-08-20_2-21-56 PM

The years flew by and Gabe was no longer a helpless baby, but a young boy of seven. He often stood in front of my grave, looking really glum. Little did he know that I was there all along, watching him every step of the way. He grew up to be such a sweet young boy and I’m incredibly proud of Jaden for raising him the way he did.

02-08-20_2-33-45 PM (2)

Gabe had everything he needed and more: a doting dad, a nurturing mother, a fun-loving grandma and all the playtime a boy of his age could only dream of. I no longer felt the need to watch over him – I know he’s in great hands.

03-01-20_10-16-57 AM (2)

As for Jayne, it turns out she was arrested after one of her contacts tipped off the police. “I will get whoever betrayed me,” she groaned while getting her hands cuffed by a police officer. “Of that you can be sure…”

03-01-20_5-43-20 PM

I decided to pay her a visit. First, I possessed and broke the toilet. A few days later, I broke the sink. Jayne became more paranoid each passing day and thought she was completely losing her mind.

03-01-20_6-14-56 PM (5)

Floating above her and looking into her eyes, I made sure she was aware of my presence. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. Jayne was absolutely petrified.

“Hello Jayne,” I proceeded to speak. “We seem to have some unfinished business…”

Author’s Notes:  Thanks for reading! I have decided to participate in the Monthly SimLit Short Story Challenge this month, organized by LisaBee, EA Game Changer for The Sims 4 and fellow SimLit writer. The theme for this month is to continue the story of your protagonist from January and February and include another writer’s character as a supporting character to help resolve the conflict between the protagonist and the antagonist from last month. I have decided to use Charliimai‘s Moon Beam as the supporting character and including breckenridge‘s Jayne Ayer as the antagonist again.

In my story, however, the conflict was never really solved between Veronica and Jayne. It was more that the conflict caused Veronica to die tragically, leading to Moon taking Veronica’s place as Gabe’s caretaker. I knew from the start that this story would have a bittersweet ending and not everyone may like it, but that’s just where I decided to go with it.

I kindly invite you to please read all the stories entered for this challenge at the end of the month and vote for your top three choices in both categories (Novice and Veteran), meaning you will have a total of six votes. Any vote that doesn’t contain three votes in each category will be thrown out, so please vote for three Novice stories and three Veteran stories!


The Life of Veronica Grey: Part 2


I realized that if I don’t want my parents to ever find me, I’d have to actually leave town and go somewhere they’d never think of looking. I always hated coastal towns – they were always reeking of raw fish and just generally disgusted me.


So, I took the last Simoleons I stole from my parents to book a one-way ticket to Brindleton Bay. As I explored the town, which I hated by the way, I met a red-headed woman named Catarina Lynx. She was the kind of lady who’d constantly adopt stray cats and let their kittens sleep in the same bassinet she was born in.

She seemed nice enough, though, and invited me to her home. There, I told her my sad little life story and she immediately offered to let me stay for as long as I needed to. She was also the proud owner of the Salty Paws Saloon and suggested I play my guitar there – perhaps I could earn some tips.


I started playing there every Friday and Saturday night, when people would flock the place. They really seemed to enjoy my music and tipped well. It looked like things were finally looking up for me.

One evening a particular tipper caught my eye. She was young, around my age, and drop-dead gorgeous. She seemed to have appeared out of nowhere and was really mysterious to me.


A few weeks later, my water broke and I went into labour. Neither I or Catarina could afford to go to the hospital, so I had no choice but to give birth at Cat’s home. I didn’t know anything about the whole process and Cat, who assisted with the birth of Josi’s kitten, didn’t know much either.

It was a long and exhausting day, but eventually my little nooboo entered the world. I named him Gabriel (and nicknamed him Gabe), because he was my gift from heaven. I cradled him in my arms and promised to love and protect him until my dying breath.

I felt that it was the perfect time to count my earnings, as the day finally arrived for me to buy diapers, bottles and all sorts of baby necessities. I could recall the mysterious young woman throwing quite a handful the other day and I also found a note in my suitcase, where I kept all my tips. It read:

There’s plenty more where that came from. If you’re interested, meet me at the abandoned boathouse.


Intrigued, I made my way to the boathouse. It seemed isolated, but still I knocked on the door. “Come in,” a voice called.

The young woman was sitting on a blue sofa in the poorly lighted living room. Quite frankly, the whole place was really dark and sparsely furnished.


“Sit,” she said and pointed to the couch. She introduced herself as Jayne Ayer and told me what she actually does for a living. I wanted to make a run for it, but she piqued my interest when I realized just how wealthy she was.

She taught me all the tricks of the trade and soon we were robbing malls, stalls, grocery stores and even people’s pockets. Nobody ever caught us. We were the dream team; we were unstoppable.


The days flew by and before I knew it, it was Gabe’s first birthday. It was the day where I would finally stop worrying about money and start planning our future. Gabe had his father’s eyes and nose, but otherwise, he looked just like me.

Jayne had a big heist planned for the evening. The biggest one the Bay has seen in years. We would rob one of the biggest jewellery stores in the world and we’d be billionaires in the next few days.

Jayne planned everything to the finest detail and made sure the store would be quiet. No one was there. It was practically a piece of cake.


Jayne handed me a baseball bat and commanded me to start smashing the jewellery displays. I followed her word like it was law. We took everything and escaped without a trace.


I snuck into Cat’s home like I did every other night on duty. This time was different – in her PJ’s, Cat awaited me at the door.

“WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!” she started yelling. “And don’t even think of another lame excuse – I know you’ve been lying to me.”

She started pointing out what a horrible mother I was and that she was practically raising my son. Worst of all, she was completely right. I also haven’t been doing my part around the house and she’s had enough.

“You have a few days to prepare and then you’re out,” she said and went back to bed. I didn’t have a home, but soon I could buy my own one. I could afford the biggest, fanciest house in Del Sol Valley. Who cares if the crazy cat lady throws me out into the streets for a couple of days?

The day arrived where Gabe and I had to part ways with Catarina and my bank account was still empty. Worried, I called Jayne.

“Hello, Jayne,” I greeted. “Didn’t you say the money would be in my account in no more than five working days?”


“I did,” Jayne answered. “But I lied. Next to stealing, lying is one of my primary talents. I took all the money for myself and now I’m living my best life. Oh, and don’t even bother looking for me – you’ll never, ever find me.”


“When you go to hell, send my regards to my parents,” I said, boiling with anger, and ended the call.

Starting to lose every sense of hope, I noticed a piece of paper, half buried in the snow. It was a map, leading to a destination not far from here.


I grabbed Gabe, stole a boat at the docks and made my way there. I didn’t know whether this was a sign or not, but it had to be. It just had to.

Author’s NotesThanks for reading! I have decided to participate in the Monthly SimLit Short Story Challenge this month, organized by LisaBee, EA Game Changer for The Sims 4 and fellow SimLit writer. The theme for this month is to continue the story of your protagonist from January and include another writer’s character as an antagonist. I have decided to use breckenridge‘s Jayne Ayer. I had a blast with this character and wrote something I would never have written otherwise – I really love this theme!

I kindly invite you to please read all the stories entered for this challenge at the end of the month and vote for your top three choices in both categories (Novice and Veteran), meaning you will have a total of six votes. Any vote that doesn’t contain three votes in each category will be thrown out, so please vote for three Novice stories and three Veteran stories!



Here’s a few images just for the fun of it. I really like this image of Veronica jamming her guitar.


Jayne looking at me deviously before she threw her tip in Veronica’s suitcase. You can also notice Qnshr5’s Wendy Charring as the bartender in the background. I added everyone’s Sims to my game, lol.

The Life of Veronica Grey: Part 1

Vet Participant jan 20

I wish I weren’t me. I wish I had a different life. I wish I knew what the future holds and if there’s any hope at all. These are the thoughts running through my mind on a daily basis.

A few days ago, I left home and I don’t know where to go or what to do next. As you’re reading this, you’re probably wondering: “What’s this chick on about?


It all started with my parents who never wanted kids in the first place. Father hated children as a matter of fact and Mother was so absorbed with herself that it blows my mind how she got a man anyway. They hated me – not because I was disobedient or did anything wrong, but because I wasn’t a part of their plans. Because I was a child who constantly sought their attention and tender loving care. I was an accident; a gift no one asked for.

They used and abused me. I’d work like a slave cleaning up after them and had to hear what a pathetic dissapointment I was every single day of my miserable life. Some days, they’d physically shove me around and violently hit me when I wouldn’t listen. Behind these stoned walls, no one could hear me scream.


Luckily they were wealthy, so they signed me up for multiple afterschool classes so we’d see each other as little as possible and planned every aspect of my life, like what I would wear, which subjects I would choose, who I could be friends with, which college I would go to after graduating high school, which career path I would take – you name it.

I was enrolled in the University of Britechester, only the finest educational institute for young adults who want to be successful in life (according to my parents, anyway), where both my parents were back in the day, as well as their parents and grandparents. I saw it as a chance to escape from them and truly be myself. I changed my wardrobe and even got a few piercings. It felt liberating.


I met a guy there who I fell in love with. He was the first person who really got me, you know? After having way too many drinks one night, one thing led to another and we hooked up. When I started getting sick in the mornings, I took a pregnancy test which confirmed my suspicions.

I knew my parents would tell me to abort the baby or worse, have us both killed by one of their many contacts, so I dropped out of college, headed back home to collect my last belongings and take some money from my parents while they weren’t there and now I’m on the road to nowhere.


I’m glad to finally be rid of those hateful monsters and having to meet all their expectations, but now I have other problems. My boyfriend suddenly had to move away and I don’t believe in long-distance relationships, nor do I want to trouble his parents with this mess. Maybe he just wasn’t up the task of being a father. I guess I’ll never know, but I do know that he’s out of my life for good.


I learnt quite a lot of skills growing up and I’m a creative spirit, so you’d think getting a job wouldn’t be that hard, right? Wrong. I’ve already sent hundreds of applications on job listings online with no results. I guess I’ll just have to keep looking – my last Simoleons are running out and and my unborn child needs a real home to grow up in.

If I need to resort to stealing things I can sell for a profit, so be it. It’s not about me anymore –  my child deserves a bright future in this dark world and I’m going to do whatever I can to make sure that happens.

Author’s NotesHappy new year and thank you for reading! I have decided to participate in the Monthly SimLit Short Story Challenge this month, organized by LisaBee, EA Game Changer for The Sims 4 and fellow SimLit writer. The theme for this month is to create a character and write their backstory, which another writer will include in their own story in the next few months. I will also continue my own version of Veronica’s story and include other writers’ characters.

I look forward to reading what other writers do with Veronica! If you plan to include her in your story, all I ask is that you credit me (a link to my blog would be nice). Feel free to contact me on The Sims forums with any questions you may have – otherwise, the rest is up to you! She is uploaded to the Gallery under the hashtag #MSSSC (my Origin ID is divanthesimmer and the household name is Grey).

I kindly invite you to please read all the stories entered for this challenge at the end of the month and vote for your top three choices in both categories (Novice and Veteran), meaning you will have a total of six votes. Any vote that doesn’t contain three votes in each category will be thrown out, so please vote for three Novice stories and three Veteran stories!


Veronica’s childhood home, Family Mansion, was originally created by findjoo and modified by petrucelli76, which can be downloaded from the Gallery.