Chapter 2: The Prince Family

07-04-20_7-24-05 PM

“I want to eat with Mommy,” Ali Prince tells his father.

“Okay, son,” his father replies. “Mommy is almost done cooking.”

“I want chips!” the toddler screams.

07-04-20_7-27-46 PM

Maximiliano Prince sits Ali down in his high chair and gives him the chips he demanded. He then leaves to grab his plate of mac and cheese, while his wife gobbles hers up.

07-04-20_7-28-55 PM

Ali becomes playful – a little too playful, and throws his bowl of chips right on the floor.

“Look, Mommy!” he calls. “My chips can fly!”

07-04-20_7-29-12 PM

Unfazed, Korinna Prince takes a few moments to smell her meal. “You first eat with your eyes,” she says. “Then with your nose…”

07-04-20_7-29-59 PM

“And finally with your mouth!” she exclaims while stuffing her mouth full of food. “Mmm…mmm…mmm…I love me some mac and cheese!”

Korinna stems from a long line of mermaid princesses. But when she met Max, he swept her off her fins and onto dry land. He’s a famous football player and Korinna left the sea to move in with him in his large mansion in Del Sol Valley. Now, they have three children and paparazzi following their every move.

07-04-20_7-31-14 PM

Hearing the commotion, Max returns and simply smiles as he lifts Ali out of his chair. “Oh, Ali,” he sighs.

07-04-20_7-31-59 PM

Just then, the other two children, teenage Raina, and her younger brother, Daquan, return from school.

07-04-20_7-33-54 PM

Max doesn’t feel like cleaning up right now, so he chooses to finish his meal instead. Raina is here anyway, so he can just leave it to her.

07-04-20_8-15-23 PM

“Now look what a mess you made!” Raina scolds her brother playfully. “Sit tight, Sissy will clean up and give you something else to eat.”

“I want fwoot loops!” Ali cries.

“Allright, allright,” Raina sighs and gets him some cereal.

07-04-20_8-16-49 PM

“So, how was school?” Korinna asks Daquan, as they play dolls in Ali’s room, which once belonged to Raina.

“It was okay,” Daquan replies. “But to be honest, I’m getting kinda tired of all the homework we’re getting lately.”

07-04-20_8-17-31 PM

Raina got an A for the school project she completed with some classmates recently, but her reward is chores, apparently. She couldn’t even tell anyone about it, because the first thing she had to do when she got home is clean up after her baby brother.

07-04-20_8-18-32 PM

“Cereal yummy!” Ali shouts. The high chair is still dirty, because Ali was adamant that he wanted his cereal right there and then.

07-04-20_8-20-35 PM

Luckily, Max didn’t leave everything to Raina and ran all over the house, picking up everyone’s dishes. Some ended up near the shark pond outside. “Must be Korinna or maybe Raina,” he thinks.

07-04-20_8-21-04 PM

Meanwhile, Ali falls asleep in the high chair – luckily not with his face inside his cereal.

07-04-20_8-21-34 PM

Korinna decides to take a dip in the pool. Being far away from the ocean, she needs all the time she can get in the water.

07-04-20_8-23-02 PM

She floats on her back…

07-04-20_8-28-47 PM

And falls asleep.

07-04-20_8-25-32 PM

Raina grabs a plate of mac and cheese from the fridge and sits down to eat. Max laughs at Ali sleeping in the chair, while Raina tries to hide the fact that she’s upset about no one paying much attention to her lately.

07-04-20_8-27-05 PM

Raina loves her siblings with her whole heart, but there are some days when she wishes she was an only child. Today is one of those days.

07-04-20_8-27-53 PM

Daquan can sense that there’s something wrong with his sister, but chooses to stay quiet until their father leaves.

07-04-20_8-29-13 PM

“Ready for bed, buddy?” Max asks Ali.

“Uh-uh,” Ali answers and shakes his head from left to right.

07-04-20_8-30-18 PM

Daquan hugs Raina when Max leaves with Ali. “I could tell you’re upset,” he says.

07-04-20_10-42-42 PM

Max decides to break away and feed the sharks. Ali’s been really difficult lately, much more than usual.

07-04-20_10-46-04 PM

The older kids do their homework together, while Raina talks about her feelings with Daquan. He’s a really sweet kid and always tries to cheer everyone up when they’re feeling down.

07-04-20_10-47-01 PM

Upstairs, Max is having a really hard time getting Ali to sleep.

“Go to bed, young man!” he orders.

“No!” Ali shouts.

07-04-20_10-47-43 PM

Max has had enough. “FOR PLUM’S SAKE, GO TO SLEEP RIGHT NOW!!!” he yells furiously.

07-04-20_10-50-09 PM

Ali soils his diaper. Max changes it reluctantly, while Ali laughs at the disgusted face his father pulls.

07-04-20_10-58-46 PM

“Did you also get something at school to celebrate Pride Day?” Raina asks Daquan and takes something out of her pocket. “I got this rainbow noise maker!”

07-04-20_10-59-38 PM

“I got this party horn!” Daquan replies and blows it. Raina smiles and finishes her homework.

07-04-20_11-00-21 PM

“Goodnight, my little monster,” Max says and kisses Ali goodnight.

07-04-20_11-00-38 PM

“What a day!” Max thinks to himself. He feels pretty proud of himself for finally getting Ali in bed.

07-04-20_11-01-28 PM

“Here’s some pixie dust for good luck,” Daquan says to Raina, who still hasn’t finished her homework, due to being distracted by her brother. “But you have to catch it or you’ll have bad luck for the rest of the year!”

07-04-20_11-02-20 PM

“I caught it!” Raina replies. “Thanks, little bro!”

07-04-20_11-04-21 PM

Raina realizes that her parents have been under a lot of stress lately, so she lets go of her anger and cleans the high chair.

07-04-20_11-05-54 PM

Max watches SuperKids: Cortex Catastrophe. He often watches that movie with the kids and became a fan himself. “It’s high time time for a family vacation,” he thinks.

07-04-20_11-07-31 PM

It’s already past his bedtime, so Daquan goes to bed. “Another boring school day tomorrow,” he thinks as he climbs in.

07-04-20_11-07-55 PM

Raina drinks a glass of water from the sink. It’s hard to stay hydrated when you’re a fish out of water.

07-04-20_11-09-40 PM

Max wanted to relax in the hot tub just before bed, but was too tired and drifted off.

07-04-20_11-12-49 PM

Raina also goes to bed, thankful for a brother like Daquan and regrets wishing she was an only child. “What a boring life I would’ve had if not for Daquan and Ali,” she thinks to herself.

07-04-20_11-13-35 PM

Korinna woke up from her slumber and is feeling frisky. While watching a romcom, she decides to surprise Max in the hot tub afterwards.

Author’s Notes:

Thank you for reading. This chapter featured the Prince family by pammiechick. Ali really was a handful and really stressed his parents out! I also had a bug in the beginning where Max and Korinna would talk endlessly and not do anything else, so I had to reset them – not sure why. I also think toddlers are bugged, because Ali kept wandering off and getting out of bed (though it might just be him being a fussy toddler). Hope you enjoyed.


  • Prince Family by pammiechick
  • The Princes’ mansion was originally created by lilsimsie for the  SimsieSave, in which I’m playing. I only gave them a few extra kitchen appliances – it was perfect for them!