Monthly Simlit Short Story Challenge – May 2019 AND the Winners are …

Thank you to every person who voted for me and congrats to all the winners! Everyone had amazing stories! ❤


This was a tight month In both categories.  In the veteran’s catagory, the winner was decided by one vote in the last few hours (we had a 3-way tie for first all day).  And as for the novices .. well you will see when you get to that part! It was tight all month but I literally gasped when I opened the poll for the final tally.

To me, this is a true testimony of the caliber of scribblers involved.  What an awesome job!

To the readers who invested the time to read and vote, we honestly thank you for your support.  This is a FAB group of writers and you are an encouragement to them!

✮✮✮✮✮ ❤ ✮✮✮✮✮

Let’s start with the novices:

1st Place NoviceA Letter to Mom novice @MenaBuchner

Ward novice @breckenridge

A Broken Mother novice @MummaSimma 

2nd Place NoviceMother May I (Don’t You Say it!) 

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