Why I Whinge


This week didn’t exactly start well. I went to the park last Sunday to hear the birds chirping and have a beautiful view of nature. Instead, I found two teenagers smooching on a bench! Who do they think they are?! This park does not belong to them and they should respect their elders.


I went over to them and gave them a piece of my mind. “Hey, you hooligans! Shall I smack the both of you over the head?! This is a public space – bedroom activities should stay in the bedroom! Besides, you are way too young to be sucking at each other’s faces like that!”


“Leave us alone, you old hag!” I heard the boy scream. With that, I gave him a good slap in the face and went home. Kids these days have no respect.

I may be old, but I’m certainly not cold. On Monday, I was asked to have dinner with a rather handsome young man at A Slice of Italy. It is said to be the best restaurant in town, but I had a very unpleasant experience there, to say the least.

First, we had to wait fifteen whole minutes for the host to come back from his bathroom break. Back in my day, he’d hold it and put customers first. Second, the place was so loud with noise that I could barely hear myself thinking. Thirdly, the waitress, who clearly just started, didn’t listen to me when I placed my order (she probably couldn’t hear me with all the noise) and I had to send my meal back, only to have a slug in my salad upon her return. Absolutely disgusting!


That was the final straw. “If you don’t call your manager right now, I’ll have the health department close this dump down!” I yelled angrily. “I suggest you start moving.” When the manager finally arrived, he asked what the problem was. I told him his fortune and he started with “I’m sorry, sir…I mean ma’am…”

“SIR?!! What part of me suggests I am NOT a fine looking older woman?!” I screamed. “That’s it, we’re going and I’ll be sure to leave my remarks on our experience here and give you a poor rating on your Simbook page – you should consider yourself lucky I’m obligated to give you one star!”


We finally left and I quickly whipped something up for my date and I when we arrived at my place. We were starving. As we ate, he flattered me with compliments on my appearance and cooking skills. We talked for hours, but he was so dreamy that I only looked at him and didn’t pay any attention to his words.

A lady doesn’t kiss and tell, but we sure did have a spectacular evening, despite what happened earlier.


Now, THIS is something I don’t need to whinge about…

Author’s Notes:  I have decided to participate in the Monthly SimLit Short Story Challenge this month, organized by LisaBee, EA Game Changer for The Sims 4 and fellow SimLit writer. The theme is using the word “whinge” at least once in the story. I used the infamous Gladys Morse as the main character in this story and thought it would be fun to write about how a self-centered, cranky old lady views the world.

I kindly invite you to please read all the stories entered for this challenge at the end of the month and vote for your top three choices in both categories (Novice and Veteran), meaning you will have a total of six votes. Any vote that doesn’t contain three votes in each category will be thrown out, so please vote for three Novice stories and three Veteran stories!


The original version of Gladys, created by Maxis, can be found here.

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KateEmerald – Blossom Vine Cottage

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Thank you to all my readers and I hope you enjoyed this story.