Chapter 1: A Fresh Start


After The Geeky Bachelor, the Lamprights and their pets moved to an empty lot in the coastal town of Brindleton Bay. They managed to get a tent, a cooler, some food bowls for the dogs and pet beds. They immediately start browsing for jobs on their phones. Divan got a job as a tech guru and Lila got a job as a local entertainer.


Then, D.J. jumps into Divan’s arms and Cairo into Lila’s.


“So, I know our living situation isn’t ideal,” Divan says. “But I’m certain that we’ll make it work – together, we can achieve anything!”


“You probably didn’t sign up to marry a hobo,” Divan jokes. “But it’s too late now! You’re stuck with me forever!”


Lila bursts out in laughter.


Divan then grabs some yogurt from the cooler.


“Ah…fresh, smooth yogurt,” Divan says as he sits on the cooler and smells his bowl of strawberry-flavoured yogurt. “The strawberries are a nice touch!”


In the meantime, Lila tells Cairo not to pee on the bush next to the tent and not to pick a fight with a squirrel.


“Oh, well…I tried,” Lila says to Divan, while Cairo gets into a fight with a squirrel in the bush. “I feel like taking a selfie!”


She takes a selfie and posts it on Simstagram with a caption that reads: “Here’s to new beginnings.”


Cairo got injured in her fight with the squirrel and picked up some sort of disease. All Divan and Lila can do is hope that the disease goes away, as vet bills are the last thing they can afford right now.


“Let’s check out our new crib!” Lila exclaims and gets into the tent.


D.J. runs all over the yard, pleased with his newfound freedom.


Cairo on the other hand, drinks from a pee puddle that leaked onto the grass from the bush.


Divan, Lila and D.J. then visit Club Calico, the local lounge, which includes an outdoor pool that Divan proceeds to splash into. They left Cairo behind, not sure if her disease is contagious.


Divan and Lila swim together, enjoying the scenery around them.


“Beautiful isn’t it?” Lila asks Divan.


“Not as beautiful as you,” Divan replies and makes out with Lila in the water.


“I’m so happy to be here with you,” Divan says and embraces Lila after they get out of the pool.


“We’re not alone,” Lila replies and points to D.J. “Hey, let’s ask the bartender over there to take a pic of us!”


Divan spreads out his arms, while Lila holds him from behind in true Titanic fashion, as the bartender takes the shot.


“DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT URINATE ON MY SHOES!!!” an angry elderly man shouts to D.J.

“Calm down, Grampa!” Lila yells. “I’ve been holding it in for some time now and I might just pee on your precious shoes myself!”


“Did I ever mention how hot you look in those swimming trunks of yours?” Lila flirts with Divan at the bar.


They later head inside the lounge, where a paparazzi is busy capturing shots of world-famous actress, Judith Ward. “I’ll show that paparazzi real talent!” Lila thinks to herself, as she sits on the sofa.


She then sits by the piano and starts to play. Everyone’s attention is diverted and the whole lounge watches her, including Divan. “She has a lot to learn,” Divan thinks to himself. “But I see a star in the making, just waiting to be discovered.”